Rampage Open Air : Debrief

It was their very first festival and this one was well expected ! With that reputation, high standards were set. After 6 years of devastating the Sportpaleis, Rampage decided to cook a brand new formula, so let’s discover or remember the Open Air edition on 26th and 27th of last July !

10 Years of Rampage : the biggest worldwide Dubstep and Drum & Bass party wins (again) ! (Eng)

As you knew it, and we told you in our latest article : it was the 10th Rampage anniversary almost two months ago. And for this second two-days edition, Belgian organisators though on a grand scale in a full two nights Sportpaleis, about 50 artists and more than 30000 attendants. Lets get back in one the most impressive parties in the Bass Music history.

10 Years of Rampage : La plus grande soirée du monde (re)décroche le titre (Fr)

Vous le saviez sûrement déjà et nous vous en parlions dans notre dernier article : Rampage fêtait il y a bientôt deux mois son 10e anniversaire ! Et pour sa 2e édition en tant que week-end, les Belges ont vu les choses en grand dans un Sportpaleis blindé sur deux soirs, une cinquantaine d'artistes et plus de 30 000 participants. Retour sur l'une des soirées les plus dantesques de l'histoire de la Bass Music.