Bass Interview #52 : Herobust (Eng)

A few weeks ago, we were in Toulouse for the first Underdogs, the new dubstep gig from Regarts, and we met Herobust ! Here is what we talked about.


So, thank you for receiving us. It’s your first time in Toulouse, how do you feel about that ?

It’s awesome, I mean anytime you have to bring your culture into a new group of people, to a new city, it’s always super fun.

Did you see the club etc, are you excited about it ?

I just got here, and I didn’t have the chance to see anything I’ve just seen this room (the stage).


We can observe that the biggest European festivals as Dour, Rampage, Tomorrowland has booked massive Bass Music names such as Excision, Svdden Death etc… Also, you play this summer at the Lollapalooza with Spag Heddy. Do you think the genre, the scene, revitalize themselves in Europe ?

I think it works in the opposite order. I think the scene is getting revitalized, and the bookings on the festivals just reflect that. Like this is culturally what’s popping, what people currently looking for, like Bass Music is growing. It’s not as big as it used to be, it’s on the rise, we are finally seeing it reflecting on the bookings.

Do you think Europe could welcome a Lost Lands festival type ?

Yeah, definitely. For example, Rampage is already really close to it. Lost Lands is a little bit more, and not really focused on Drum and Bass side. This is dope because I heard songs I’ve never heard of before, it’s a different culture and it’s very cool to see.

Did you enjoy Rampage last year ?

It was so amazing, I knew nothing about it. When I got booked and when I went to play and then I got there I was like “Holy shit”.


You’ve been pretty quiet last year (with 4 releases), do we expect more from you in 2020 ? Will this decade be yours ?

I don’t know, when I go on the studio, I’m not really in control of what comes out. I don’t really create with intent, I could be slow or fast, it depends of how inspired you are. It really stands for your life, because when you put yourself pressure, you can hear it in your music.

Speaking of this, back in 2016 when you dropped the «I’m aloud» EP, which is a masterpiece, how can you define your evolution ?

I think the biggest thing is me embracing Dubstep more. I think when I first heard Dubstep, I just heard the music, I didn’t see it in the context. I was always more a Trap person, the music to me was so intense, obnoxious. Then, the more I started to see it, in the right context, with the energy of the crowds, I finally got that. Little by little, I just wanted to add a little more of that, a little bit more of that into what I do.

A lot of these artists incorporate a lot of metal elements for example, this is dope and reflects the energy of Dubstep. It inspires me for my new tunes, but I’m not going that direction because I’m coming from Trap. So if I do Dubstep, I usually bring more Hip-Hop elements than Rock and Roll and all. That it is gonna make my music the most unique in 2020.

Would you like to put some Metal or Rock and Roll stuff in your productions ?

Not really, this is not my vibe. I understand many artists listen to these genres and want to show their identities through Dubstep, like revisiting the nostalgia from high school tunes buy my own influences are rappers, that’s why my Dubstep sounds like this. Even if it’s not Trap, you’ll always hear Hip-Hop elements.

Which rapper would be your favorite one ?

Andre 3000, I guess. He’s a legend.


Let’s talk about your «Smoke» Remixes EP. How did you choose the featuring artists ?

I usually try to choose artists depending of my love for their music, and also thinking people have to discover them. I feel like as a bigger artist, I can have a platform, I can take an opportunity to show people how dope are these guys and how they gonna blow up. For example, on the «WTF» Remixes EP, you can see that every single producer of the EP had a huge year.

I’m not saying I’m the reason why, but we clearly choose the right ones. Subtronics, Hekler are going crazy right now. Ivory is huge, Kai Waichi is crushing, Marauda as well… This year’s line up is equally awesome, like He$h is gonna have a huge year, same for Yookie. Carbin is super dope, he makes a lot of Deep House that people don’t really know about.

You have your own VIP on this EP, what’s the idea behind it ?

I did it once, I like having multiple versions to play in live, it makes your set more dynamic. If you have a Dubstep version, and then a VIP one, it’s a little bit different but also the same one, you can read the crowd and take it to a new direction, if you flip it through a whole new genre, people are surprised. It’s funnier to me as a DJ.

Would you make a Bass House tune, not as a VIP ?

I never thought so, I was afraid to put something like that out, because I thought I was relevant in Dubstep and Trap only. I did the first VIP and they liked it, then I did the second one and they liked it. So now there’s a demand and I will experiment that for sure.

Your logo has all the letters of your name in it, how did you create it ?

It was a designer, I put this logo out before I was even making Trap or Dance music. It was during my very experimental, weird and chill Downtempo time, it was like Flying Lotus. I was still in college, maybe in high school. A label from Hamburg, Germany just messaged me on Soundcloud to promote my stuff, and they were asking me if I had any visual assets like press photos or a logo, which I didn’t. This wasn’t my job, I was just putting music on Internet for fun and they said to me « look, we have a designer and he’s gonna make a logo for you ». His name is Thomas Well, I liked his logo so much that I use it for my entire career, and the dude is totally cool about it. He’s a super dope artist.


Which artists do you think we need to focus on this year ?

I don’t know, certainly like Dubstep more than any other genres, has a ton of skillful artists, even if they are unknown, they are waiting to get their chance but they are already super dope. I couldn’t name any. For example, Yookie can make everything and they are crushing. They are already pretty big, we were talking about them playing in Europe maybe. Also Soltan, he’s very positive.

You have been touring a lot, do you want to share your best memories ?

Going to the other side of the planet and meeting people, speaking the same language (music) since it’s incorporated in their lives. The fact that you can communicate through music, and not verbally, is totally huge. I just had a show this past year in Saudi Arabia, I saw so many cultures wrapped in one night…


It’s not your first time in France, do you have any words for your French fans ?

Just keep it doing, you are good at everything, you are detail oriented, whatever you do : you are killing it. French artists need to be more recognized.


Thank you so much Herobust for this interview and thanks to Regarts to allowed us to realise it.


Photo’s Credits : Rampage, Alexis Paoleschi



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