Noisia and Pendulum : 2 holy trinities at Rampage

For the 11th edition of Rampage Indoors in Belgium, we would like to give you a special look on the two headliners down to destroy the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Recap or discovery, here are some facts about these holy trinities.



It is the very first time in the decade and in Europe that the three members of the band will perform under the name of Trinity. Pendulum has indeed officially split in 2012, when Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen teamed up to create the well known Knife Party duo. Back then, we had hope to see Pendulum again, with awesome shows like Dreambeach in 2017, or at the Ultra Music Festival in 2016. In the end, the DJ set contained a very few Pendulum tracks, against a lot of Knife Party‘s. A half-comeback, without the visibility we expected, and the band haven’t reformed after that, even with some appearances (Dour, Bordeaux…). In 2019, Paul Harding, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen finally announce their comeback as Pendulum Trinity. Then, they played a show at the South West Four, Ultra Japan.

About a month ago, Rob Swire shared a 30 sec demo, teasing their fans on a perspective to see the band play in live again. Then the trio played this unreleased in Perth, Australia on the last February the 13th. Here is the excerpt : 

So it is obviously thrilling to see them playing this year at Rampage, and we expect a lot from them, as we are impatient to see the artistic result.


After seventeen years of Noisia, the mythical Dutch trio has announced their separation on September 2019. Their appearance at Rampage goes without saying, for a very last goodbye show at the Sportpaleis during their Farewell Tour. We can remember their absolutely stunning Outer Edges show back in 2017, which still let us starry-eyed. 

“ We didn’t want to quit just short of 20 years, round number fetish, hahaha! No, but seriously, being Noisia has been a lot of fun. We want to do a proper round of farewell, for ourselves and for our audience. We just owe the world a proper goodbye, we think. We are so grateful for everything we’ve been able to do and see and experience. We wouldn’t just want to disappear suddenly. So yes, we want to take until the end of 2020 to go to all our favorite places again, for one last time. New Year’s Eve 2020/2021 should be the last blast. We still have a bunch of cool music to finish and release as well. We’re not gonna let this go without a proper last year. ” Noisia – Billboard

Let’s go back to the musical legacy that Noisia leaves to the Bass Music movement. These three are some of the greatest producers in the history: they changed, even broke musical codes. Here is Skrillex talking about it during a Billboard interview :

« If you look at their aesthetic and their imagery and their sound and music, it’s just pure art,” he says. “In EDM you hear a lot of drops and people aren’t really saying anything. It’s just a loud moment, y’know? And sometimes that’s effective live, but when you’re hearing what they’re making, they’re saying something. Like, a good guitar solo — some of it just sounds like noodling, but some of it you’re following. They think about what they have to say and they say it in every song. Without words. It’s not randomness. It’s calculated. » Skrillex

A sweet praise from one of the artists who helped to make Dubstep popular, who confesses that Nik has strengthened him in his musical productions: « Nick from NOISIA was one of the first guys who made me feel like the stuff I was making wasn’t just some demo potentials.”

And to start this last year, they revealed the Armajet project: 5 tracks suiting with the eponym video game. 

To conclude with, those two (or 6) headliners promises us a memorable night, probably sprinkled by some tears because of the Noisia’s last Rampage show, but also with big smiles on our faces to celebrate Pendulum’s return. When a band goes, another rises: the cycle of life at Rampage, it’s coming on the next 13th and 14th of March !


Photos : Pendulum, philippewuytsphotography



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