Bass Interview #50 : ASDEK (Eng)

A few days before he came to the last Composite, we’ve met ASDEK… Here’s the results! 

For starters, who is ASDEK ?

My name is Thomas, I’m 25 years old and I’m living in South Paris. I got an art director formation, which is my job since 5 years now. I switched for part-time for having more time to spend on doing music.

At the beginning, the project had a « chillest style », with Future and even Deep inspirations… What happened ?

Haha, not really. Actually, at its first months, the project was more oriented Bass Music, Dubstep… Then it grew more House and « Chill ». And it was a massive hit : more plays, more visibility. I had – we had – a real pleasure producing new tracks, but it was complicated with the shows, where I always wanted playing uplifting songs. That’s why now, I’m kind of halfway between House, Bass Music and even sometime Techno influences.

However, one word can describe those two styles : hybrid. How did you find your recipe ?

As I was saying in the previous question, the project has quite a seniority, and I listen to music since childhood. I always as much listened to the trendy songs as I searched the weirdest musical trends… I like almost every style and I try to be inspired by everything I like. For instance, I like the energy of Bassline Garage, I’m gonna feed from it, and associate it with a reese DnB, while mixing it with an Atlanta rapper vocal for the top line… I think every current producers work like that. Walls betweens genres has fallen – or at least, are falling.

During the past three years, this recipe allowed you to sign in some of the best Bass House labels such as Pinnacle CollectiveFeature, Confession… How have you lived this ascension ?

I’m very glad I found my place and sign with labels I like. It gives me big exposure and it’s always a strong feeling to see artists such as Tchami, Malaa, Alok or even more recently DJ Snake, support the tracks you produced on your little laptop. It gives you strenght and motivation to keep going.

Since then, the Bass House genre has begun to find success in France. In your opinion, how can we explain this craze ?

Very good question ! Honestly, I think that no one can answer that. Musical trends happen to be unpredictables, especially in France. The best and latest example I can think of is Jul : he has been criticized a lot at the beginning of his career, has been labeled and no one really believed in his music. Few years and 15 albums later, he’s one of the most listened artists, often by people who bashed him before. And the same goes for Daft Punk (that’s even the story of their name). It’s difficult to bring new sounds or mix different styles, we have a lot of different publics, and I’m really glad we’re starting to be understood.

In France, artist anticipated the public : Malaa, Dustycloud, Tony Romera, Koos… or even yourself, you followed this trend even before it comes to our country… Bets or strategy ?

I think we just produced music we like naturally. From all the names you quote, I think we’ve been considerably influenced by the same great artists, whom we fed from to create our own tracks. In my opinion, this « trend » has been brought by French artists, so we’re in it since the beginning.


It seems like there is a real brotherhood between all of you, following your performance at the ADE 2019. A lot are supported by Habstrakt, Tchami, or even DJ Snake, how did that happen ?

The « big names » of the House French movement – noisy those days – are extremely caring. They came to us by themselves, interested in our music. Instead of just playing our songs without feedbacks, they supported us, made us connect with each other, signed us, and offered us some remixes, some first parts… They raised us, and we raised those after us… Now, we stand together and there’s a real community spirit between French people, it really is a strong point for us all.

In your opinion, could Bass House become the new banner of Bass Music for the public who likes more traditionnal styles ? 

I don’t really like the « Bass House » word. It’s like creating a category whereas we try to get out of these cases. I just hope those hybrid styles will allow people who have a specific style to open up to new sounds. And it’s already the case I think.

Unfortunately for us, it is time to end this interview… Do you have one last word for your fans, at the beginning of this new decade ?

Well, thanks for those interesting questions. Thanks for all the support I have, it’s overwhelming and giving me a lot of energy ! Let’s this decade be musically as incredible as the one we just lived.

A big thank you for ASDEK and Ohlala Productions to let us do this meeting. We’ll see you at the next Composite !


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