RAMPAGE : A new titanic weekend incoming!

After its 10th birthday last year, Rampage is back for a titanic weekend in Anvers ; focus on a breathtaking lineup. 

We start right away with Pendulum Trinity ! Used to do Rampage solo, our three protagonists will be there for once, and will offer us an exceptional show that wouldn’t be missed since it’s not common to see them play together.

It will be their last Rampage in Anvers : Noisia will be there as part of their Farewell Tour. Indeed, the group announced their breakup at the end of 2020 and it will be a set  full of emotion that we’ll probably be watching, trying not to cry. With their mixes always close to perfection, they’ll surely deliver a wonderfull goodbye gift.

Two other artists will present an exclusif audio visual show, just like FuntCase did last year: Virtual Riot in Dubstep and Delta Heavy in DnB. The german DJ is eagerly awaited and it’s gonna hurt good, whereas we can count on the English group – who are releasing their remix album on the 31/01 – to do a quality set, as they’re used to.

Two live shows will be presented thanks to Modestep and Dirtyphonics. As we’ve already seen our Frenchie’s at Toulouse and at the Open Air last July, we can assure you it’s worthwhile! Concerning Modestep, it’s whithout a doubt that their powerfull Dubstep will be magnified by the live performance.

Also an important date for Koven, since the duo will be releasing their album on the same day! They’ll prepare a special show just for the occasion. Between their breathtaking vocals and their Dubstep and DnB style, we expect to spend a crazy a hour!

DnB won’t be forgotten either, since a lot of big names will be there too. We’re thinking Black Sun Empire – Blackout’s boss – and each of their set are mind-blowing with a very large panel of styles. Mefjus and Camo & Krooked will deliver an anthological B2B, their last collaboration during the past year already makes us hungry for more of them together !

In a more classical – but still efficient – style, the mastodon with 20 years of experience DJ Marky will show us he still got the technic in spite of the years passing.

Obviously, Murdock, our host for the weekend, will present us his album released at the end of last year. And Rampage won’t be Rampage without the classical Jump-Up set of SASASAS.

One last set but not least, Matrix & Futurebound will make us travel elsewhere with an motley set, which should perfectly match the night.

Dubstep has nothing to be ashamed of, with big names presented too. Belgium’s child Eptic – who didn’t come since 2017 – will represent his country with probably a lot of exclusives tracks. Midnight Tyrannosaurus will be well expected, especially after he had to cancel his last two dates in Europe. His unique style will consume the whole Sportpaleis.

Crazy B2Bs are expected. We’re thinking the powerfull takeover of DPMO with Definitive, Flakzz and Sweettooth, the real complementary Franky Nuts B2B Chime B2B Oliverse, or even one of our favorite set at the Open Air : P0gman B2B Point.Blank.

A lot of other artists will take control of the deck, like the showcase of three Disciple, one takeover of Radar Records, or even Doctrine and a lot more…

To conclude this amazing lineup, one surprise guest has been announced ; bets are open ! At the redaction, we’re betting on SVDDEN DEATH Presents VOYD…

Some will be angry with this lineup lacking surprises and originality, but it remains a good crazy programmation giving Rampage the « biggest Dubstep and DnB party indoors worldwide » status. Add the mind-blowing visuals and the perfect organisation… We can’t wait to see you there !


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