Bass Interview #48 : Soltan (Eng)

Nearly three weeks ago, we went to the new Hallow‘s edition. Back there, we had the chance to talk with the mysterious Soltan for his second Bass Interview!

It’s your first time in Toulouse, how are you feeling? Have you seen the place, the public?

I haven’t seen the place yet but I am very excited! Not only because I’m playing in Toulouse, but also because I’m back in France, the country where everything began! First time I got out of Iran, first time I played as SoltanSo whether it’s Toulouse or Paris, there will always be a place in my heart for France. So yeah, really glad I’m back playing for the french public.


A year and a half ago we interviewed you, what has changed since? We know you’re in Canada now, has there been others changes? In your personnal life, your music…

Back then, I always stayed in my room, cut off from the outside world… I worked on that side of me, to get out my comfort zone.
Another important change is that I began talking in the mic, and tonight is the first time I’ll speak french with the mic!
Last weekend at Bootshaus was the first time the public heard Soltan talking.


How did you feel about that? Was it something you wanted to do for a long time?

It’s not really something I wanted to accomplish in my life, because as I said I was in my room and didn’t really know how were people in other countries.
So during the past year and half, I worked on my communication, learned English and French, moved to Canada and I have big suprises about my music incoming in 2020. I didn’t have much time with everything that was going on… But now I can say that I’m currently working several new projects…

As you said, we’ve noticed your discretion about releases… Should we expect a new EP or new tracks in 2020?

Yes, you’ll see! It was just a little hard between immigrations, tours, and everything around me, but I’m glad I’m doing all of this because it only happens once in a lifetime. I’m meeting great people, making friends, talking with people who love my music, but the people in my country don’t know what it’s like.
It’s a lot to take in for one person, but I appreciate it now. I am happy.

During our last meeting, you confided that the Soltan project wasn’t mature enough. Is he now?

We’re starting to get there, with the end of the year 2019. With the mic, new styles… I’m only wearing a t-shirt now, I’m cooler like you.

Your first outfit was cool though…

At Animalz, I couldn’t even see bro! Its was just water on my mask. Even though there’s still fog on my glasses, it’s better now.


We feel you more relaxed today… Does keeping your idendity a secret stil remains important to you?

Yes, even though I moved out, I won’t forget my past. What you see is representative of who I am, an ambassador of the people, of artists of Iran. Artists who can’t go out their country to play, like Jool as a example, they’re all bloked in their countries.

About the Soltan project, we worked very hard side by side with laywers to get me out of Iran. So I don’t want to put my face out there and say «Ok I’m in Canada now so I can forget everything». No, I’m keeping myself hidden to honor the project, like it’s a brand, in addition of all the reason I just presented to you.

Speaking about Canada, last time you told us you weren’t gonna leave you country. What made you change your mind?

It’s mostly tours and opportunities, because trust me, you don’t want to do the runs to Los Angeles (35hours flight) every weekends !

Are you keeping touch with your family easily?

That’s someting I wanted to discuss with you. You know I played at Bootshaus last weekend, and it was so beautiful I sent photos to my friends, without any answers. Then I played in Amsterdam at Ignition and when I woke up I saw on TV that they cut off the internet everywhere in Iran : I had no way to contact my family.

Currently in Toronto, there’s a large community of Persians and they helped me make me feel at home. There’s Persians restaurants, immigration help centers… I’m fitting in the Canadian society, but I won’t drop my origins.

Would you like to try and succeed making your family move in with you in Canada?

Yeah, I’m trying to but that’s hard. If I can do that one day… it’ll be a dream coming true! We’ll make kebabs everyday (laughters)

Now, let’s find a less heavier topic. You’ve done several tours, seen a lot of places, what would be your best memory?

Animalz. When I played «Face Slam» for the first time, it was like I took acids, I was like «wooow ok I’m really doing it!» And I was shocked, I told myself maybe I should have began with something smaller than that, but it only lasted one minute. Now, when I play I’m just happy.

You know, in Iran, it’s not the same… You know all of that since you’re kids, with your parents, you had nightclubs… In Iran, it’s just a dream, and when you’re doing that for real, it’s amazing. Like a orgasm (laughter)


ANIMALZ, my best memory ever.

2019 is coming to its end, which artist should we focus on, the one who’s gonna shine in 2020 to your opinion?

NAZAAR, it’s the one you should focus on.

Do you have something to say your french public?

Please, respect people, don’t be eager to judge. Respect people who’re coming from Middle East because most of us had lived really hard moments in our lives. I know there’s an immigration crisis in Europe, and that’s why I’m saying that. Anyone could be the next Soltan, someone like me, you can see I’m just like you. We have to respect everyone.

Thanks a lot to Soltan for accepting this 2nd Bass Interview, and to Regarts for allowing this meeting to happen.

Photos credits: Kaka Lee, Louis Derigon, Blacklist, Wozniak


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