Bass Interview #47 : Figure (Eng)

Before the Dream Nation Festival, we had the chance to meet the one and only Figure! Check out there our discussion. 

How are you feeling before your first appearance at the Dream Nation Festival ?

I’m really excited, I love playing in France .. The crowds are always so crazy!


We haven’t seen you in France for a while, is there a reason for that ?

Well, actually make sure to do a run of shows in France once a year, it’s that time of year again!

You got a pretty violent style whether it’s in Dubstep or DnB, where do you find your inspiration ?

I pull most of my inspiration from movies, if I’m not in the studio working .. I’m always trying to find any horror movie I haven’t seen before. I grew up around older cousins always watching scary movies and listening to old Heavy Metal .. so it’s in my blood at this point.

There’s always some kind of raw, beastly theme around you (artwork, track songs…), why is that ?

It all comes from my interests outside of electronic music. Rather it is artwork I admire to movies and books. I like when I know who’s work it is I’m looking at, listening to, or reading .. without having to be told who created it. I like to keep that for another that comes out as Figure.


You played b2b with Midnight T at Rampage Open Air how was it ?

It was really crazy! That crowd had so much energy you could always see it in the air.

During all those stage years, what was your favorite festival ?

That is a very hard question, my answer changes each time I’m asked. Dour festival and my first EDC Vegas really stand out in my head.


What project of yours are you the most proud of ? You’ve been on stage for a while now, what do you think about the way Dubstep and Bass Music in general have evolve?

My entire Monsters series will go down as my best work (to me) .. it represents so much about myself even outside of what music I’m making. My friends and family always tell me that it sounds like if I were music .. that is what I would sound like.

From the nutty craziest to the sometimes a bit too loud and in your face. I enjoy how things are changing, not always exactly what they change into in the scene .. but seeing any type of art always evolving and rebirthing itself is extremely healthy.

What artist do you think we should keep an eye on this year?

The one and only Code: Pandorum. He is a really good friend of mine, I think he is making music on a whole other level than everyone else at the moment. Not only does he have a sound that stands out from everyone .. miles and mile always from everyone .. but he is making the heaviest bass music that has ever existed.


Finally, is there a new project or a new tour on the way?

That there is! I’m releasing a new album on October 4th. It’s the 10th chapter of my Monsters series. Monsters Volume 10! I also have a single «Monster Squad» coming out on August 2nd! it features my friends DMISE & HEHVY!

Thank you Figure and the Dream Nation‘s team who allowed us to realise this interview. We will be waiting for you on the 21st of september for a madness !


Photos credits : Rabbit Photography, Dubstep CN


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