Rampage goes Outdoors with its first festival !

It just celebrated its 10 years anniversary, it’s already known as the biggest indoor bass music party in the world, and it’s not planning to stop there : Rampage is lauching it’s first open air festival on the 26th & 27th of july ! And it plans on consolidating its place as the leader of bass music events with a line-up gathering titans of Dubstep and Drum&Bass ! Let’s dive into it.

Version Indoors

This time, the takeover won’t be in the Sportpaleis Antwerpen, but at the Lommel Kristalpark. One thing doesn’t change. It’s stil in Belgium.

For this new direction, Rampage will present us 3 stages, named Fury, Farout and Frenzy. One will be the mainstage and the two last ones will be specialised into Dubstep and Drum’n’Bass. This time, the timetable will be differently settled compared to other festivals that we came in (Dreambeach or Let It Roll), with the beginning on friday at 4pm to end at 3am. Saturday, our bodies and ears will be butchered from 2pm at 3am.

And while one night at Rampage Indoors is priced at 56€ (Third Wave), this festival is incredibly cheap, coming in at 54€ for TWO DAYS. Of course, you’re gonna have to take in account camping, but the prices are still reassuring for our bank accounts ! To be frank, the organization knows how to handle its business : for their very first outdoor edition, they cut off their prices to have a reach and to be attractive for the kick-off. And it’s working, we’re charmed. 

But there’s still one question left unanswered : what about the lightshow ? We are full of wonderings and we are curious to see what is going to happen, given that we know the incredible previous performances they did.


Rampage – and you, our readers already know that – is well known for its big names, its classic ones, its rising stars… in short : the beloved headliners. In this area, the organisation always did the job right ! After bringing, for its 10th anniversary artists like Excision, Mastadon, Dion Timmer, Andy C, Dimension, Herobust or Spag Heddy, we can confirm they set high standards…

But Rampage is not get flustered easily, because they choose as headliners 12TH PLANET, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Spor, Feed Me and Dirtyphonics… No less !

Concerning the “smaller artists”, Rampage chooses to play the originality card and put big efforts to bring us Danny Byrd, Etherwood, Mollie Collins, Current Value – who will introduce us to his CVAV 2.2, GDUB (Original Sin & Sub Zero). These names are big news for us, French ravers, because we don’t have many opportunities to see them often.

Straight after, Disciple will present Barely Alive B2B PHASEONE, and our dear Virtual Riot. They will show up netx to Midnight Tyrannosaurus, The Prototypes, Annix, Hybrid Minds, Pegboard Nerds… Also, we will say hello again to the incredible SVDDEN DEATH (no, we still haven’t forgot his closing set at Animalz October 2017 !). You can find the full lineup below, but we warn you, this edition should be gigantic !

Rampage Line Up
Line Up complet – Rampage Open Air 2019

This is a weekend well expected, as the first Rampage Open-Air festival should be. A beautiful lineup which thrills us ! We know that it is certainly the most important thing about a festival. We can’t wait to see what will be the result, but with Rampage’s experience to make us dream every single time, we are more than confident!

Tickets still available HERE !


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