Bass Interview 46 : Apashe (Eng)

Almost 3 weeks ago during the second edition of Hallow, we spoke with Apashe for a new interview. Learn more about this genius of Bass Music!

We’ve met you a little over a year for a first interview and now can you tell us what changed the most for you?

I feel like musically I assume a little more my let’s say atypical influences in the Dubstep scene, I really like to mix classical music, to mix every kind of musical influence with electronic music and before, I was just doing whatever I wanted to, now I really choose the influences I like and then I just fully go along with it.

How do you see the Bass Music evolve this year ?

I think that a lot of things are gonna change, just like we see it already as the years pass. Dubstep is a wide theme, it just slightly defines what a BPM is. Because when you talk bout melodic Dubstep, Riddim, Brostep, Deathstep, there are so many variations that came out over the past few years and they’re still evolving. I mean, if you listen to Seven Lions or Code: Pandorum, it’s so different but still they both go into Dubstep. And that’s what’s amazing and I do think that it will just get wider and wider.
I’ve always been part of the old Joker trend and to me it’s Trap. It sounds like today’s Trap, it’s just that the guy was some kind of forward thinker et at theta time, Trap didn’t exist so we just called it Dubstep.
I just think that all those styles just mix up together, they muddle and as time will go by it’ll keep going everywhere like that. Also, when people are gonna like one specific direction, they’re gonna name it and something will come out of that. Just like Trap music was born, or Dubstep…

You just released a new EP not so long ago, where did this title’s idea « The New The Bad & The Fake » come from?

Actually «Fake News» is a song that’s at least 2 years old and I just thought it’d be funny to create some kind of concept with it. When producing this song I wanted to add something orchestral and lots of other influences and I actually realized that I couldn’t mix everything together otherwise it would have been a totally incoherent track when you go through a lot of different phases in only 3 minutes. So people wouldn’t have been able to follow, even if I enjoy that time in the song when you’re on the rise and you go from one style to another, if it’s a Bass House track, people just get lost. So I just told myself that there was so much content in this 3 minutes track, that we could actually tear it up and make multiple songs out of it, and that’s when I told myself «why not make an EP with the same basis, the same chords, the same mood but with 3 different styles».

And so I kept «Fake News» very basic in Bass House, very club with a lot of percussions. I extracted the orchestral side I had put in it to create «Good News» that is a lot more Trap, more classical and more epical, you really feel the classical music in the song. And while producing «Good News», I really went into hardcore and I thought that I could actually make the «Bad News» and just create and dirtier and harder version of «Good News». That’s the reason why there are similar elements in all 3 of those songs.

Theo from DubstepFrance intervened and started talking about «Good Bye», his favorite song.

For the record, you see the voice in the song, it comes from Kandle, a rock oriented artist and I actually was working in a studio where I found the voices of her album, that she recorded at the same place. I was just looking for voices to put on the song to see what it’d sound like and while going through everything I found Kandle and I started cutting her voice.

Finally I kinda fell in love with those cuts I had made so I contacted her to ask her if it was okay with her if I used her voice and she thought it was super cool and finally the song came out. Then, I contacted het again and I told her that we could work together again and that’s the story of «Fuck Boy».
At first, it just came from a theft of my own but since I really want to release the song, I contacted her and here we are.

At the moment, who’s your favorite artist?

I think Mastadon has been blowing up lately in the heavy side of the music. Otherwise Alon More is great, it’s insane how talented he is.

Is he the one artist we need to keep an eye on in 2019 ?

Definitely, and by far. But he is the album type of guy so you’ll go a few months without hearing from him then, bam, new album gets released. He’s actually working on his next one, and that’s why we haven’t heard about him for a while, he’s in his cave, producing. I already know that his album is gonna be unbelievably amazing cause everything he released has just been insane.


A few days ago, you announced a featuring with Ganja White Night. How did the collab with them go?

Well, I’ve known Ganja White Night for something like 12-13 years cause before moving to Canada I actually lived in Bruxelles and they came from Mons. At first, they were 3 and I was actually really close to the third member and if you really look into the archives, before 2012, I had already made a track with one of the member of the Ganja White Night, I’d say it was in 2009. Its name was LeBelgeElectrod and we’d made a track named «Teleport Me» where it was once again a musical adventure with lots of influences, there was some funk in it, some robot like songs, Dubstep. We had made a hot mess, there’s a piano solo at one point, anyway, we had put all our influences in this track and it was like a 7 minutes track… (laughs). It was funny, we really enjoyed it, and yeah, this was with the third member of the GWN.

I’ve always kept I touch with them even after I left for Canada, when I made my album, I asked them to remix «Fire Inside». So it’s something that had to happen one day or another, I knew it had to happen, I was waiting to see what was gonna happen. They are currently super busy cause they killed it in the US, they’re doing big shows with unbelievable long sets, very intense, so I thought to myself that i’d start by myself.
At one point I made a track that I though had some kind of spirit, in the intro… that I could have seen with their song so I sent it to them in November, it took a while but Ben from GWN sent back the song to me a few weeks later to make me listen what they had made and it honestly was way cool. And it was perfect timing wise cause I was on my way to Belgium to visit some family so I went to his place et we finished that in the studio. It should come out in a bit.

After iDynamite and Trap Requiem, will there soon be a 3rd round with Tha Trickaz?

Yeah that’s for sure. It’s to on the way yet, we had already worked on something just for fun but you know with them, they really are like friends so we can do 2-3 loops for fun and then nothing serious is gonna come out of those because we’re just gonna do that for fun.
We don’t really have a serous relationship in the way that, if we’re working on something, we’re gonna have fun and we’ll keep doing that and something serious will come out of it one day, that’s for sure.

Finally, what do you think about Soltan? Between your melodious and orchestral style and his oriental side, would a collab be possible?

I love Soltan! So no one really talked to me about it but it’s true that it’ll really work out, I’d totally be for a collab with him. For sure!
I actually really encourage artists like that who have an different artistic vision in the way they approach the way they’re gonna produce something that’s common. He really is a Dubstep artist, but who really put his own print in his music.
Anyway, it’s a really nice suggestion, then there is a lot of cool artists now that it makes it impossible to collaborate with everyone.

A big thanks to Regarts for allowing us to do this new interview and to Apashe for answering our questions again!


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