Rampage 10th year anniversary in the best possible way

This year, we are celebrating the 10th year of what has become the biggest Dubstep & Drum’n’Bass night in the world. A particular event, organised, yet again, at the Antwerp Sportpaleis, at our friends and neighbours: the Belgians. If the previous editions have conquered the heart of many of us, thanks to crazier line-ups and lightshows from year to year, the coming one intends to make the counters explode… Notably because of the 30 000 participants. So, let’s start with the announcements of the artists! 


Friday, a departure in the colours of the X.

Of course, you were all waiting for it, the great Excision is back less than a year after his performance at the Lollapalooza in Paris (our article is still available here). As headliner (obviously), expect an extraordinary spectacle with all his biggest Paradox visuals inside a venue until today!
We’re announcing it, the show will probably be the most impressive one of the weekend.

On the Dubstep side, he will be accompanied by his little protected Dion Timmer, coming to represent the style alongside Fox Stevenson. Their EDM influence and the plurality of the styles that they master should lead to technical and colourful sets, enough to take a real breath of oxygen!
The German Infekt and the British Mvrda will also be part of the show bringing a true dose of violence to the Friday line up thanks to their more Heavy and Riddim oriented styles. The slap we need!

Now let’s talk about Drum and Bass, the scene will be directed by the three steel handed British artists: Sub Focus, Wilkinson and Dimension. A trio that will provide a strong vibe in the middle of the night as these prodigies are not at their first attempt and accumulate by themselves over a billion views on Youtube (yes, we counted). They will be accompanied by the English man SP:MC, strong with fifteen years of experience behind him.

Muzzy, Skeptical and Signal will be assuring the Neurofunk part of the night. We assure you, your little calves will be facing a tough ordeal by these boys whose violence only equals their rhythmic complexity. You’ve been warned!
Your calves will not be spared by the Jump Up artists of the night: Macky Gee, D-Nasty and the unavoidable Doctrine. They’ll be coming, as usual, to make you sing all the key tracks you’ll keep in mind for the next six months.

You’ll be able to rest later (or earlier) thanks to the Liquid touches brought by Alix Perez, Feint or Andromedik. All of them are present at the biggest DnB festivals, their heady ballads will make you travel through all the corners of your imagination in the face of one of the coolest lightshows in the world.


Little aside for the aliens of the night: Koven and Culprate, two artists with originality that often leaves us stunned. Full and complete Bass artists and probably visionaries. Particularly appreciated by the expert public, you will, without any doubt, live an incredible experience watching their performance.

And finally, they deserved their own paragraph: Harriet Jaxxon, Liz-E and Tekitoka will be representing women DJs. An appreciated initiative from Rampage who, even if they aren’t a majority, will probably enable some of them to gain experience and kick off their own adventure. We take our hat off for that one!

Saturday, the main and the pudding.

We were waiting for him because of his legendary and nearly systematic presence: the great Andy C will be there to smash your ears with a set, as usual, legendary. Was it worth specifying this? It will by the way not be the only legend to be present this Saturday as he will be alongside DJ Hazard and DJ Hype. A trio of mythical artists you shouldn’t miss for any reason.

Meanwhile, it will be Dancefloor sonorities that will take the lead, thanks to a music set more than abundant: Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire, Phase or even Scepticz. Pure festival DnB sublimes by some artists closer to Deep and Roller: Benny L, Bredren, Simula, One87 and the super band Distress Signal for a Neurofunk touch. A great touch of eclecticism in order to sustain passionate people as well as neophytes. A real lesson in the line-up!


The inevitable Murdock will hold the Jump-Up colours, alongside Kanine and M-zine in order to assure drops of sweat to the skankers of any hair! They will most surely be supported by an armada of MCs: Youngman, MC Mota, IC3, Tonn Piper and Carasel MC. This will, for sure, hoarse you all night as you’ll face anthems that are at the heart of these great events.

Dubstep will not be resting for the Saturday night, it’s all the opposite! The unbelievable FuntCase will be accompanied by Herobust on their search for the most violent set. With their incredible technicity and strength, we urge you to come and headbang in front of these bona fide stage space monsters!

You’ll have to prepare yourselves for a fat dose of Heavy, distributed with enthusiasm by Dubloadz, Mastadon, Spag Heddy or even Bukez FineztFour multi-faceted artists, sometimes melodic and gentle, sometimes heavy and rhythmic like a Transformers battle. For those who were wondering, the chaos is this way.

How not to end with one of the most iconic Riddim duos: Obey & Shiverz will come to treat us with knocks of chop-chop and flame guns. Enough to awake two or three demons on their way! Our interview with them is available here.


Complete already since about two months, this edition is already announced to be felt like a cult. For those who had the chance to buy themselves or win a ticket, we will find you with all our undisclosed pleasure all along this crazy weekend! A big thank you to Rampage for their invitation, words are failing us (we are completely overjoyed). 



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