Bass Interview #44 : Barely Alive (Eng)

During the last Focus at the Glazart in Paris, we had the pleasure and the honor of interviewing Willie, member of the iconic Barely Alive duo who was kind enough to answer our questions! 

Hi Willie! Thank you in advance for your time.
We know that you are doing most of the tour dates solo and that you are the one representing the Barely Alive helmet but we were wondering if Matt, will come again with you on a live show or will you always be by yourself?

Well I’ve been doing the tours myself for 5 years now but it is not impossible that in the future Matt will join up again but there are not any current plans right but it’s definitely possible, we hope!


SO if this happens will he have the helmet like you then?

That’s for sure (Laughs)

By the way, was it hard to create this «head»?

Uhm I didn’t make it, the person who built it is really smart and know way more about building stuff than I do and maybe it wasn’t so hard for him to build it because he is a rocket scientist!


Where did you find this idea to create this head?

Actually we had the logo since we started the project and since it looked like a face we’ve always kinda had the idea to turn it into a helmet that you can wear and it was just like a natural progression and we thought that it would look cool so we did that yeah.

After your new EP, is there a new album on the way for the times to come?

Yeah I mean I played a lot of new stuff tonight, the new EP and some unfinished stuff that we’ve been working hard on as always you know. There’s always something new, always.

So you have specials music made for show or will you release them after?

Yeah there’s definitely some remixes and bootlegs that we’ve done that are probably never gonna be finished and were only ever played at our shows and that’s a good reason to come see us cause you won’t ever hear anywhere else.

Every time we come see you, we are always surprised to hear what you play, all those remixes and bootlegs.

Yeah that’s the idea.

Can we hope for a comeback of Chodegang?

Who said that Chodegang would be back? Definitely not (laughs)

Chodegang aka Willie of Barely Alive, Virtual Riot and Dubloadz

Will you ever make a new EP that will sound like Domain? This type of Bass Music.

Honestly I don’t know. We always make the kind of music that we are interested in and a lot of it is just kind of like «what’s the next sound and what’s new and different» and we’re not gonna ever just keep making the same sound over and over again so honestly probably not. Also we’ll probably never make an EP that will sound like Chodegang because there’s no point because we already did that.

It will depend on the inspiration that you will have at the moment?

Yeah exactly, like that was an EP and the next ones will be different but still like heavy Bass Music, always.

Of course, I know that you will be at the Rampage Open Air, are you hyped about it?

If it’s anything like Rampage in Antwerp then I’ll be having an awesome time and it’s gonna be insane because Rampage is amazing and I’m really excited.

We have one last question, will you be at the next Lost Lands festival?

I don’t know.

We love the smile! (Laughs)

(Laughs) I honestly don’t know.

Thank you for your time! As usual we are very happy to see a Barely Alive’s set!

Photos Credits : Ruggiero Sarah, Barely AliveDrew Cutting, JeyHump Photography


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