The game is over, Ivory and SampliFire went to the next level !

Christmas is over, but the French duo Ivory and SampliFire had a nice surprise in store for us with this Termination EP released today on Never Say Die Records.

What better way to start the year than the first EP of our Frenchies? After many collaborations, the two horsemen bring us an extraordinary project, enough to start the French dubstep on very good tracks in 2019. Since they met, the duo has never stopped to bring us out of the tracks, each one crazier than the next. We recommend «Drug Dealer», «ANIMALZ» under their project Four Horsemen with Ecraze and Graphyt, «Baguette» in collaboration with Ganon or a Drum&Bass track, «Dead Peoples». Individually, the two Frenchies had pleased us in 2018, with two completely surreal EPs, for Next Level EP on the Ivory side and Mancubus EP on the SampliFire side.

Sensitive souls refrain, listening to Termination EP begins with «Game Over», and it is not an easy thing to do. With a first drop of a rare violence, this track is undoubtedly the biggest banger of this EP. Some of you will have heard it already, exclusively in the latest Lost Lands mix by Excision!

«Hustlers» is a relatively similar track with very big kicks, trebles murderers on the last drop, accompanied by a very wonky rhythm.

As for «Power», the track is much more melodic, with very pronounced variations on the drops.

«Riddim Killa» is definitely the heart of this EP, the melody accompanied by the voice harmonize perfectly, the drops are of great qualities, everything is in it. At large we recognize very well the two artistic legs, on one side the very bouncy rhythmic of Ivory with extremely pronounced high notes and on the other side the very fat synthesizers of SampliFire.

This is a confirmation for the French duo who have demonstrated that they are serious contenders on the world dubstep scene. France can be very proud to have such representatives, who we hope will shine in this year 2019.

Very big week for Never Say Die Records with the release of this project but also of Knockout EP of Trampa on the Black Label.


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