Relive with us our extraordinary journey at Lost Lands!

A few weeks ago, after discovering the Bass Canyon, a part of our team flew to the Lost Lands Music Festival. We invite you to relive this amazing journey with us! 

After walking around the streets of Chicago all day long, the trip finally begins once we head to the airport to fly to Ohio.
As soon as we arrive at the airport, we came face to face with American Bassheads with whom we start talking and getting to know each other while waiting for our plane. Anything better while waiting?
After an hour flight, we land at Columbus and once again meet some festival-goers. Finally, we make it to the famous school bus to end our long trip to the Lost Lands. No need to say that everyone on the bus is definitely excited and ready!


We drive in the middle of nowhere for something like 30 minutes, driving through forests and agricultural fields, then we finally get to Legend Valley where we can see part of the camping sites and the booths to get our bracelets.












They’re here, we have our bracelets, we can finally start heading to our camping spot so we can install our tent (we’re not the only ones with a tent but almost, everyone else is sleeping in their SUV, RV or even their big American car). Right after that, we get right to the point and it’s the beginning of the full immersion into the festival, I mean look at that amazing Stegosaurus right at the entrance of the camping site.


Things are getting serious. Once we settle down and walk around the Excision and Lost Lands official merch, we decide to head to the well known Prehistoric Paradox. Surprisingly, they’re playing DnB before the beginning of the Pre Party, party that was really awaited!
Here’s a sneak peek of our arrival in front of that beautiful stage:











That’s it, it’s finally here! They said they would wait for a majority of people to get here but it’s 20h15, it’s time for this crazy weekend to begin.
Our dear friend Sullivan King grabs the mic and starts listing the artists that are gonna mix tonight for a mega b2b! The man himself, Excision, Dion Timmer, Dirtyphonics, Ganja White Night, FIGURE, Wooli and many others.
Obviously, the master of ceremonies, Excision starts the festivities with a remix of Duscribe by the amazing «Rocket Fuel»!

As we can see it on the video above, the atmosphere is crazy from the first few minutes of the festival! Regarding the stage, we’re right in front of it, and we can promise you that this stage is huge, it’s unbelievable.
Followed by a crazy set, defying every single law of the Back 2 Back. There’s absolutely no rule, the sets have no time limit, artists go by just like that, one after the other, sometimes for a couple songs, other for just one or two!
There’s crazy visuals on the main screen, framed with dinosaurs bones, accompanied by the artists’ name, but also waterfalls on the two other screens where we can see the Lost Lands logo.

We’re staying at the rail for half of the Pre-party and it is unbelievable, the atmosphere is crazier than any other festival we’ve been to so far. Unexpected artists like Svdden Death, Kill The Noise or Space Laces show up and it is delightful. And it is with 24 artists that Mister X offers us a remarkable b2b during this day 0!

We then decide to walk around the festival and go to the merch, food and drinks booths, so we can get our strength back and go back to the stage and end this crazy night the best way possible. As you can guess, it is obviously Excision back behind the turntable for a few last songs before wishing us a goodnight before the real and official first day of the festival starts, the day after!


Official Pre-party recap:

After spending our first night in our tent, the sun rises and so do the festival-goers. Most people are heading to the village, located in the middle of the camping where we can find all the booths we might need as well as the showers. You know what? Let’s talk about the showers, even though they’re generally free in France, here they cost $10!

Everyone is full, everyone is fresh and clean, it’s time to go back inside the festival for our crazy three days to come. We’re walking around and talking with a lot of people during the first hours, while we’re also unwinding ourselves during the sets of Wooli, MODESTEP and Svdden Death, that really starts off this festival right. 16h comes, time for the new stage to open, the «Wompy Woods», we’re heading towards it then, to check it out and come face to face with a second MainStage just as impressive as The Paradox!


From the Pteranodons perched in the trees to the huge Diplodocus located right behind the artists on stage, we’re right into the theme. Performance wise, it’s the duet Akylla who is in charge of opening the festivities. We’ve never seen them before and we can clearly say that it is straight fire! LOUDPVCK also shows up and just drop a «Fuck Donald Trump» at the beginning of his set, but also Ookay shows up and he is here, giving us a great live set and honestly they both are good discoveries for us!

We then assist to every single sets of the day, going from one stage to another so we see half of each. From Kai Wachi to Kill The Noise, through Midnight Tyrannosaurus or even SKisM b2b Trampa, honestly it is quite the adventure. We are just telling ourselves that at this pace (spending most of our time headbanging), the festival will soon be exhausting, so we decide to chill out a little (laughs).
It’s now time for the headliners and while we’re enjoying the first half hour of Zomboy’s set, we decide to go see the second half hour of Herobust, but we miss his intro, the one that has become mythical by now!

And finally what’s best to end the day with the man himself, and even though some decide to go to NGHTMRE and SLANDER, we, agree that we can’t miss Excision’s set that lasts for 2 hours!
He starts and drops an exclusivity on us right at the beginning, allongside new visuals and we’re just admiring them, we’re assisting to his set like we are in a movie theatre.

A well diversified set is coming, going from melodic to heavy Dubstep, but not only those, also Drumstep, Trap and Bass House, and all of those styles make the perfect selection of songs! Amazing lights, CO2 cannon, and a beautiful flame row above the stage and outside the volcanos.

We are having a blast, it honestly is a living dream. And we are far from being the only ones amazed. Emma, Jeff’s (Excision) girlfriend is right next to us and is going crazy on that show we are assisting to!
What a surprise and so much pride when we hear an exclusivity from our Frenchies IVORY and SampliFire. We are so excited for this song to come out and honestly, we aren’t the only ones…

And it isn’t even the only made in France songs ! We also have the chance to hear «Blow This» from Nost and Mashok ! We stay astonished until the end and filmed the whole set, that’s how unbelievable it is.
We hear the three same ending songs as the ones he played when he came to Lollapalooza Paris, but this time it is even better cause the show is at its peek.

As you heard it at the end of the video, Jurassic Park, Excision’s favorite movie, is projected on the Paradox stage. We decide to stay for a couple minutes just to see what it was like, and honestly, seeing a movie on a screen this big is quite the experience!

But we still prefer to head towards the camping site so we can join the Sound Camps. 6 stages side by side, each one separated from the other by a soundproof wall. One of the stages is the Rockstar, but there are also the Neon, Dion Timmer’s stage and especially The Excutioner, X’s former stage. Amazing stages with a high quality sound where we find a lot of b2b secret guests including FIGURE x Kill The Noise x Space Laces or Blunts and Blondes with Boogie T, Wooli, Ubur and Ookay!











Due to some health problems on Saturday morning, we spend our morning and part of the afternoon with the rescue team with whom everything is going well. We even are lucky enough to find a french nurse, which really makes things easier.

We then go back towards the stages in the middle of the afternoon so we can see the only French DJs of the festival : Dirtyphonics. And once again, we are so proud ! They really nailed it, and if we have heard a lot of negative things about them, it’s all wrong because everyone in the public is enjoying himself.


Then we spend most of our time admiring The Paradox, chilling under the trees with hammocks enjoying incredible sets as Boogie T or Rusko. Special mention for Ganja White Night who literally put us on our asses with his astonishing liveset!

After a kind of chill night where we stayed at our camping spot and missed the Sound Camps, tiredness was taking control, here we are at the last day of this festival.
We could definitely see that we’re not the only ones that are tired but most of the festival-goers are, it is definitely different than the day of the pre-party (laughs).

But this tiredness is the least of our problems, we hear that hurricane Florence hit Florida and is heading towards Ohio and might hit us too. The festival tell us that the timetable is changing and that the night Sound Camps is cancelled, and ask the campers to pack their tent. A few moments after the announcement below, the total evacuation of the site is announced, there isn’t gonna be a last night in the campsite.


After that non very pleasant surprise, which is clearly out of our control, we try thinking about something else and go back on the festival site so we can enjoy our last moments there.
Second big surprise of the day when the secret guest is revealed, good surprise for some, not so good for others. It’s DJ Diesel, aka Shaquille O’Neal, the former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player! It’s true it isn’t the best set but the tracklist is well chosen and it was quite amusing to see Shaquille behind the turntable.

How can’t we talk about the following set, it is Excision’s famous Detox set. Third time this weekend that we see him and we’re excited to hear his performance which is a US exclusivity!


And it’s with no surprise that we end up facing a great set once again, well mixed, with visuals just as crazy and psyche as the performance and an amazing tracklist where we can hear Peekaboo, G-REX or YOOKiE. So a deep and dark oriented set just as usual!

Other sets that really mark us on this third and last day, are Phiso, KJ SAWKA or Feed Me’s sets. But the one that really impresses us, even though we have already seen him many times, was our dear FuntCase and Cookie Monsta!
Those two sets really are unbelievable, the sets are perfectly mixed and have true treasures, all that with amazing visuals effect on stage. WE LOVE IT!


And that’s it, the dream’s over and it’s time to wake up. After taking appart, cleaning and packing our camping spot, it was time for us to get to the bus (buses that made us miss Subtronics b2b Dirt Monkey, but we didn’t really have the choice) and head to Colombus. It had been the craziest festival, for a basshead it is clear that there isn’t a better place to be… well maybe Lost Lands 3 (laughs).

Even though some health problems came up andkind of slowed us down at some point on Saturday and Sunday, we can’t argue, it certainly was amazingly crazy. Every single artist was amazing even those we couldn’t name as you may guess. The theme was clearly here and well represented, we really went back to the dinosaurs era, it was awesome.
Thank you Excision, Thank you Lost Lands, WE WILL BE BACK!


Photo credits : Oh Dag Yo Photo – Stoner Music
Vidéo credits : Stoner MusicLost LandsGanja White NightSriker977
Aftermovies : day 0day 1day 2day 3


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