Bass Interview #42 : SQWΛD (Eng)

A little week before Composite’s return with its second edition, we had the opportunity to speak with SQWΛD, a duet you couldn’t miss in the Parisian’s clubs. Enjoy your reading!

Hi guys, and thanks for being available for us as Composite #2 is incoming next week.
You’re a Parisian duet, quite well-known by the French public. How did you two meet? Why did you choose to work together on this project?

Hi, and thanks for having us. We’re Etienne and Antoine, and we’re from Paris.
We’ve known each other for ten years and we both come from Toulouse before we moved to the capital. We’re doing music since we met, both together and by ourselves. We even had a rock band when we were in highschool ! So we were kind of «naturals» since the beginning, we looked at each other and did some music, even if we didn’t release this at the time. We did that for fun.


Bass House music took a long time to grow in french culture. Still, you decided to work on that style, despite this constraint. Why?

Our roots are bound to Bass Music, especially to Dubstep, but we’re fans of traditional styles like House Music. Putting those two styles together was really something we wanted to do: bass music’s sound design and innovation and house’s groove, bouncy and federating power.
When Bass House started to come up with artists such as Habstrakt who released new hybrids tracks, we dived in this ! This style is a mix of what we really enjoy, and it has endless possibilities. But it’s true that France isn’t the country that craves for Bass House, even though the style is starting to explode on an international scale, therefore we really hope that the French public will follow.

You did a lot of opening and warm-ups, for Bass Music events, such as ANIMALZ or Getter & friends. How do you manage to open up those kinds of parties ?

You have to not ask yourself too many questions and love what we do, even if it’s kind of a «cliché». We’re trying to bring the public with us, in our world, while playing Trap and Dubstep to represent the French scene, which starts to be well known.

This time, you’ll be dealing with a public fan of BassHouse, how do you feel about that?

We’re so excited !! It’s the kind of event we’re really waiting for because we’re gonna be in our jam, this is a purist night! We’re gonna play our friend’s ID and our own ID for a public who comes for it and that’s dope. We’re really impatient to do this. And the line up is awesome : a mix between UK, and the waves of Night and French Bass House, so it’s gonna be great.


Let’s talk about your prods. Your firsts releases are signed on Chateau Bruyant, how did you get there so fast ?

To be honest, we were already in touch with Chateau Bruyant before we began as a duet. When we decided to be the SQWΛD, we asked to Fref (Niveau Zero) if he knew a label interested to sign one of our Bass House tracks. He told us he’d listen and see what he could do. A few days later, he suprised us by telling us he found a label willing to sign us : his own ! So we began our collaboration, which is still on the table today.

Since, you’re closer to the labels Gold Digger and Sans Merci. What is the story behind all these changes ?

We didn’t really switch labels… To be an artist those days, it’s important to be known to make your project grow, so being signed by several labels is a way to increase our exposure. With SQWΛD, we love working as friends, and whether it’s with Fred from CB, Nico from GD, or Tony from Sans Merci. We’re working with people that we personally know and trust. It’s very important to us.

Those productions are mainly original mixes, versus non-original remixes. Do you prefer the first one over the other ?

Usually, we like better producing originals than remixes, it’s like we have a blank page and we can draw whatever we want, and it allows us to be more creative and do more personal tracks. But a good remix is really efficient, even though you have to find the right capella, or the right stem package, you must have the copyrights… so it’s a lot of work compared to producing originals!

Last one ! Currently, what would be your playlist ?

For that, you have to come to Petit Bain on Saturday !

Thanks a lot to the SQWΛD for these answers, and don’t miss them tonight at Petit Bain for one of their funky sets! Thanks to Get In Step’s team that allowed us to do this interview.

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