Bass Interview #40 : oddprophet (Eng)

Around two weeks ago, the second edition of Ambassad took place. During the night we have spoken to the young and talented oddprophet. Take a look at his interview !

Hi oddprophet, how old are you and where do you come from?

I’m 21years old and even though some people think I’m English, I’m actually from Wales.

How do bear with stress before a performance?

I haven’t had that many performances to be stressed about, I guess except this one (Ambassad). Because it’s the biggest show I’ve ever played. Just under 2000 people have bought tickets to this event.


One lecturer in my university gave lessons on how to deal with performance anxiety, like breathing exercises and psychological tactics. You have to convert nervous energy into excitement energy since they’re sort of similar emotions. You can get carried away with thinking you’re going to screw up on stage so it helps to think rationally.

Can you tell us about your musical past ?

I used to do Jump Up/Drum n Bass Music, because Dubstep in the UK is almost non-existent today. I joined some small Jump Up labels in Cardiff, but really wasn’t my style. I wanted to do Dubstep because It’s my passion. So I just made the switch and the rest is history I guess… here I am!


How would you explain such a fast pace in your career?

It’s kind of happening very quickly right now compared to two years ago. If I can be honest, it’s kind of scary (laughs). I’ve been thrown in the deep end you could say, from playing two small shows to Ambassad today, I’d say that’s pretty quick for me.

You keep an eye on rising stars, such as Ecraze. Can you tell us more about that?

Ecraze found me through a «free download» when I was very small (a thousand followers on Soundcloud). I was listening to his tunes back in 2016, and when he approached me I was like «Wow, that’s crazy» because I went to Animalz in Paris and then London to see him! Ecraze is a very talented and kind person, with so much potential. We’re currently working on our third collab which you will hear tonight!

You and him share a lot of common points. You signed on NSD: Black Label and are part of the new wave of Dubstep, as we could also say about Svdden Death, for instance, mixing Riddim and Dubstep. What is your opinion about that?

That’s what people love, I need to start making more because I mix a lot of sub-genres of dubstep with my style. I need to dive into before people move on (laughs). Some of my unreleased tunes are Riddim. Maybe I could start an alias…

How do your parents react to your career?

My mom is very proud and supportive, but she doesn’t get the music at all, to be honest. She thought Dubstep was a band back in 2016, but no, it’s actually a genre (laughs). She can get worried sometimes because this is not a traditional job in her eyes, but she’s just looking out for me and wants the best.

To finish with, do you have some exclusivities to share with us?

I have about 12 unreleased tunes awaiting. I’ve been working a lot, and I think it’s the best work I’ve done, I’m very excited about this!


A big thanks to 193 records which enabled us to make this new interview and also to oddprophet for taking the time to answer our questions right after his set.


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