Bass Interview #39 : Mastadon (Eng)

During the last NIGHT GRINDERZ edition, in Antwerp, we had the chance to interview the young Australian Dubstep prodigy, a few minutes after his very first European show…

Here is our new Bass Interview with Mastadon !

It’s your first time in Europe, how do you feel?

The weather is very shitty (laughs) but people are very nice here!

How was the Belgium crowd tonight?

The crowd enjoyed the set, especially the Riddim. The Tear Out a bit less but it’s changing, we com far away since it being a huge banger in 2013, but it doesn’t equal the Riddim.

How old are you? Wasn’t it too hard to go to Belgium? Like visas, papers…?

I just turned 17. There’s no visas involved, the travel was good, like 26 hours.

Last year, at the first Ambassad, Nexu5 was playing for Mastadon. Lot of people were angry because it was’nt you, now people are very excited to see you, do you have any dates incoming ?

I do have some dates, in France. But I don’t know the exact ones yet.

Nexu5 playing for Mastadon during the first Ambassad

Why did you play with SubFiltronik tonight ?

It was only Fender’s (PARASITE, Dubtrip Events boss) choice. Because we make completly different songs and I think he just wanted to try something special. He payed a lot of money to fly me over from Australia.

When did you start to make Dubstep ?

I started in 2014, I was just making not serious Dubstep, which was childish. One day in 2015, I quitted producing because I was getting away from that. But at the end of 2015, I discovered Tear Out with the track «Jump Smoke» by Trampa, so I started making Tear Out and there it is.

What was your first big release ?

It was «Danger» on NSD: Black Label but the first successful one was my remix of «Black Hole» (Trampa/SKisM).

To finish, do you have inspiration in other music style ?

I was into Heavy Metal but I would’nt say it’s my source of inspiration. I would say Trampa’s music. (Laughs)

Huge thanks to Hamish, alias Mastadon, for chosing Stoner Music for his very first interview, and to Dubtrip Events team for allowing us to meet each other. See you soon for a next interview.


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