Dubtrip enthralls us with a flawless third belgian edition ! (Eng)

It is with heavy legs and shredded-brains that we came back from the NIGHT GRINDERZ in Antwerp, almost three weeks ago. Let’s get back on this memorable party with a new live report.

The young Belgian Trump gives the signal for this Night Grinderz. Unfortunately, the main room is a bit empty during his set (from 10pm to 11pm), but it’s full of Riddim gems like «Rumble» by Woodlock and CLOCK or the new bombs from FLIX and MOTUS. Good enough to warm us up for what’s next to come !

Here comes 5ohman, the brand new Monsters member, and shows clearly that he’s very sharpened. His multiple double drops are hypnotizing the venue and shaking it from top to bottom. The fight has well and truly started, as the young 18-year-old throws the very dark «Black Mass» by AD, double-dropped with «Insight» by SubFiltronik.

A very nice set delighting the audience, who’s asking for more ! 5ohman resumes with greater intensity, dropping a huge remix of «Jotaro» by Phiso, portraying the exact vibe of an electrified night from the start.

GANON, the only French ambassador of the party, comes after the young Belgian. Wasting no time, the Tours based producer also shakes the venue all over the place by playing « Frustration », an absolute gem from his last « Massilia » EP. The walls and the floor are quaking, we are completely in shock !

And as if this butchery wasn’t enough, that’s when GANON speeds up in the middle of his set with some Jump Up music, the other style where the young producer distinguishes himself. By throwing the huge «Orange» by Hedex or the hit «Ravioli» by Simula, that the audience is singing its head off, GANON fills all the venue. We even see a little part of the furniture falling down! A big French slap that we can be more than proud of !

The fathers Shiverz and Obey are showing up in their turn : still more impressive, and this is just the beginning. Their set is, as always, perfectly handled technically, pushing repeated moshpits. With «Drunk Zelda» remixed at so many different levels or even the gem by SubFiltronik «Psycho Blockz», exclusively taken over by BERRIX, the two Monsters prove to us again how talented they are. A flawless set which confirms even more our positive thoughts about both producers.

The American YAKZ is coming this time with more melodic sounds to continue with powerful and cadenced drops, both wonky and mechanic. He throws one of his new productions, «Timeloop», an absolute butchery. Following the double drop between «Dr. Boyball» by Svdden Death and «Rompa Stompa» by Badklaat.

We’re witnessing  a very varied set, where YAKZ strolls into the immense Bass Music universe, we even live a Grime time with the major «Bokeh» by Soloman. This rich set is a nice foretaste before the long-awaited and surprising b2b coming up.

They’re performing in tuxedos, like showing themselves off in their set: with class, they then pull out all the violence they can hold, between the undiscussed SubFiltronik’s knowledge and the intensity that Mastadon brings, from all of 17 years old.

Mastadon and SubFiltronik a few minutes before their set

It’s probably the best set of the night, at least the most varied one : with powerful endless double drops, throwbacks like the restyled «Gold Dust Remix» by Flux Pavilion or the classical «Tron» by Joker. Mastadon thrills us by playing his two biggest tracks, «RIP» and «Casket». But the more stunning is that the two artists make completely different styles usually and that’s why this b2b is kind of surprising, but both are completing each other and accomplishing a momentous set which will remain in NIGHT GRINDERZ’ history.

PARASITE, the Dubtrip boss, also turns the venue over with more wonky sounds and intergalactic references. The nice surprise of the night with the presence of Shiverz but also of the British Gurnzilla, one of The Unknown members. Even denser and overexcited, the belgian audience skanks at the pace of the artists, supported by DiggyRast, the MC of the night.

For the closing, the British MurDa doesn’t let us any minute, even a second to have a break. We feel like the volume has been especially increased to intensify the violence of this incredible set. From 5am to 6am, MurDa makes the venue explode, playing the most violent set of the night by far. The British boy keeps playing his tracks of the moment like «Ball Licker VIP», his «Wasteland» remix with Oolacile, originally by Phiso or his own «Mosh Pit» remix with Code: Pandorum. To end his set, he thrills the audience by throwing «Rise» by voyd, thus the young producer let all of us completely out of energy, as the room is wrecked.

The main room was a nice surprise. If the podcasts could let us think that the room is quite small, it’s an optical illusion actually : the stage where the DJ’s are playing is lifted and creates a big wall where the audience can get loose. There were a lot of people and it was warm, but the soundsytem was amazing and there was no technical issue to report. The other room, dedicated to Jump Up Music, was this time tiny and kind of unbearable because of it capacity and because of the heat. That’s why we stayed exclusively in the first one.

We’ve been more than delighted with this third NIGHT GRINDERZ edition in Belgium, even though it was the very first one for us. We would like to thank the Dubtrip Events team for the invitation, which waited on us hand and foot, and also the artists because they litteraly taught us a lesson that night ! We will be back !


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