Bass Interview #38 : Audio (Eng)

At the occasion of the upcoming Jungle Juice, we went to ask some questions to one of the pioneers of the Drum and Bass of yesterday and today, Audio ! Always pushing back the limits of sound, Gareth Greenall talks to us about production, Killbox, and his relation with the French public. 

First of all, where do you come from? Tell us more about you and your history with Drum and Bass.

I come from south-east England in the middle between London and Brighton on the coast. I’ve produced and mixed DnB for nearly 20 years. I’ve released records on most of the major DnB labels.

Why this name, Audio?

I chose the name over 20 years ago. It sounded cool at the time, obviously didn’t know the problems that it would cause people trying to search my name on the internet… (laughs)

Audio on the decks, Rampage 2015

Drum and Bass is a style that is constantly changing. What do you think about the evolution of this style over the years?

It’s cool, things need to change to move forward. I don’t like the fact people seem to have a 3-minutes attention span when it comes to music nowadays; they want a drop, then 32 bars later they want another, like they’re bored already, which is a shame.

It’s apparently very difficult to produce Drum and Bass, and more particularly Neurofunk. How do you manage to create your productions and explore new lands in sound?

It is very difficult to produce any music to a professional level, but yes for me DnB really pushes the limits when it comes to production. The tempo alone is a challenge, then you add hard-hitting drums with earth rumbling bass, it certainly takes a fair amount of skill to reach that level.

Are you inspired by other producers, movies or any other kind of art for your tracks?

Always, and by everyone, I think you have to be a bit of a sponge when you’re being creative. You take it all in, process it, and then send out your creation.

Your collaboration with Ed Rush, Killbox, works very nicely. What did this duo bring you? Is it better to play b2b during shows?

Ben (Ed Rush) is a good friend so it’s a pleasure to work with him, and then you look at what he has done within the scene. I mean, he created Neurofunk alongside Optical with the «Wormhole LP» on Virus, so it’s also an honour to now have a project with him.

What are your upcoming projects for the future? A new EP? Tell us more.

A new Killbox LP will be released on June 8th on Ram Records, it’s 2 years of work and I’m very proud of it.


Is there any unseen featuring you have in mind for a new project anytime soon?

Signal – got a tune with the guy – we both love every tune he does, so that’s on the cards, as well as more Audio solo, and more Killbox.

Being so many years in this industry, you must have had such great memories but is there one that has particularly marked you?

I have been very lucky and have had some incredible times. Rampage party in Belgium, playing in front of 15,000 was great, to playing Virus Recordings shows in London.

What about the worst one?

I’ve been lucky not to have really bad ones, apart from technical stuff like ejecting the wrong CD or spilling a drink on the mixer.

Saturday you’re gonna play at Jungle Juice in Paris. What does this show represent to you?

Jungle Juice has a big place in my heart, not only having a very long-running relationship with the organizers dating back to my first ever European gig, but also having some of the best parties and crowds, so yeah I’m hyped for Saturday and my Parisian gang gang.


Finally, a few words for your fans who will come to see you at this party?

I can’t wait to play for you guys again, you always give me such a warm welcome, so this Saturday let’s smash it !!!!

A huge thanks to Gareth alias Audio for answering all our questions but also to Chwet for making this new interview possible. Don’t forget to assist to his show this weekend for the Jungle Juice where he’ll be alongside Delta Heavy, DC Breaks & Loadstar, Chords and Sound In Noise !

Jungle Juice tickets still available here.


Rampage photo credit: Fille Roelants Photography


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