Bass Interview #37 : Ablaze (Eng)

Two weeks ago, during the Break The Bass 8, we have spoken a few minutes with the Italian Dj Producer, Ablaze.
Discover this artist who’s not that well known on the scene yet, who collaborated with names such as Monxx or Ghastly !

Welcome to your first show in France Ablaze ! How is it to play in our country for the first time ?

It’s an honor for me being there in France ! Playing out of my country was one of my main goals to reach for the Ablaze artist career. Paris will be forever in my heart. People are so much friendly and I’m feeling at home!

You are known more for your productions than your mix, is it a choice ?

I’m known more as a producer than as a DJ maybe because in Italy I haven’t had so many opportunities to play Dubstep at 100%, so I have not many shows to mix music in the clubs. I really love to mix.

Ablaze on the decks during the YOKI Season II Act 5

Your first productions, still available, are now 4 years old. Since, you still evolve to a Dubstep/Hybrid, that makes you known. Why ?

Yeah, the evolution of the Ablaze’s music didn’t change a lot over the years. I learned a lot of things every year but I prefer to « use » Dubstep to express all the energy I have. I made a lot of tracks of other genres but I never released them. This year I created a second artist project called « Whather », where I will release some VaporTrap/RnB music.

Talking about being known, one of your most known productions is your collaboration with Monxx. Can you tell us the story behind ?

About the collaboration with Monxx, and Ghastly too, all started with social networks like Snapchat and Instagram. I sent to Monxx an idea of GTA San Andreas Riddim remix and he went crazy, so I sent him stems and we finished the track the next day. Same thing with Ghastly.

Your «Fresh Jam» EP, released one year ago, is your biggest project at this point. How did you compose this EP ?

I had a contact at Play Me Records, it encouraged me to compose and produce for them and it’s then that the «Fresh Jam» story started. So I made a lot of tunes quite fast (laughs). I was trying to make 5 different genres of tunes to show my skills better.

Success is now incoming for you. What’s next ?

Success for me is doing everyday something new and cooler with music, so I am everytime down to make something cool for my fans and followers.
I haven’t got any rules and marketing strategies so I cannot say anything too certainly.


Thanks to Carlo aka Ablaze for having taken the time to answer our questions, but also to Hybrid Theory Project who made this interview possible.


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