Bass Interview #36 : Get In Step (Eng)

As Get In Step comes back this weekend fully charged with Tantrum Desire,
Culture Shock and Joe Ford, we decided to ask some questions
to the organisers of the event, who have also recently announced their brand new project : Composite


Hi Thibaud and Aurélien ! First of all, where are you from ? How did the people from the Get In Step team meet and how did this adventure begin ? 

Hi, I (Aurélien) come from Clermont Ferrand, the country of volcanos of cheese and of the pig (laughs). Thibaud comes from the Parisian region (which is less exotic). The adventure began at the Dame de Canton with Nathan (Lam-c) White whom we are friends for many years, then really quickly at the Petit Bain where Thibaud joined us in January 2014. He came to me with a message saying he was willing to put some nights on and we quickly met up with Nathan and me to finally give him his chance. Since then we do our parties at the Trabendo, our actual home venue with Thibaud, and Nathan went for other projects even though he’s there for every edition!

Mind Vortex destroying the Trabendo in the last edition :

Why the name Get In Step?

Get In Step for us means «enter the dance».
The idea is that anyone can come into our gigs, with their style, and at their rhythm. Some are more reckless and other more kind of shy, some people explode in front of the desks while others dance in tranquility isolated at the back of the room but that’s not all, some other stay in the smoking area to speak about their adventures and others drink at the bar…
In short, we had to choose a name that would represent every kind of person that comes to our parties.

One of the first flyers of Get In Step

You collaborated with the Petit Bain. Now, with the Trabendo.
What are your impressions on the evolution that the night took over the years? Have you had any regrets or remorse in regards to certain decisions taken in the past for example?

For us, the evolution towards a bigger venue was an evidence, and we have no regrets.
Beware though, our stage where we were at the Petit Bain was simply magical, the team is so professional and the room is well arranged, the rig is very cool and the sound engineer, Yann, is at the top of the top. It’s also for that that we’re coming back there with our new baby!

We wanted to evolve and to be honest, we haven’t finished! 😉
The team at the Trabendo is also great, the sound is perfect, it’s one of our favorites clubs in Paris. We also enjoy other venues but this one has a really appreciated balance.

The pit of the Trabendo

How do you organize the artistic direction on the lineups? What are the Drum and Bass sub-genres that are the most demanded in Paris at the moment? 

Hmmm, you’re asking us our granny’s recipe ? It’s a secret one still (laughs) !
The sub genres in demand in Paris is Neurofunk, but more and more people ask us for new stuff, no matter the style, but new stuff. Because in the end, we have a quite diverse public, it goes from fans of Deep to fans of Liquid and it’s for the best !
We always liked to search for newness and offer their Parisian gig to many artists such as A.M.C, Joe Ford, Whiney, Dossa & Locuzzed, Bensley, Dub Elements….
Next to this we also like to make beasts come as the headliner. I would say that a balance of all that is welcomed.

A.M.C for his first show at Paris in 2016

How do you perceive the future of Get In Step ? We like to let ourselves go and imagine a new venue that would be even bigger for example. 

It’s truly possible, we can just tell you that we don’t count on stopping ourselves where we are now !

We guess there is a lot of good memories but is there one of them that particularly marked you guys ? 

Aurélien : wow, it’s true that there’s a few, personally I could never forget when the whole Trabendo started singing happy birthday after Youthstar started it, it was just insane and so emotional, the hair that bristles instantly, it was mad.

There is also the moment where Mind VortexSynergy and Asco are on stage with me, Mind Vortex takes my faders after pushing me on the side and starts to mix the tune I was playing, it was also a moment full of emotion. I’m very proud of having shared these scenes with all those artists.

Thibaud : It’s hard to tell, I remember some particular moments like the Get In Step x RAM Records in 2015 where Teddy Killerz was dressed as a Russian pimp and Mind Vortex was just outside walking around talking to people, there is so many funny stories from this night but I could never put them in an article (laughs). The last of June Miller in November was also very emotional to witness her last moments with the public. Friction at the Petit Bain with everyone in the shoulders of everyone it was mad…

June Miller who atomizes his public for his last show

And the worst memory you had ?

Haha, we also have several…
Aurélien : On the first édition with RAM, my turntables bugged and I couldn’t play. Luckily, Nathan (Lam-C) was here and replaced me (thanks again !). Just so you know, he’s co organizer of Get in step, so everything began with the two of us and the good old time of collocation.

Thibaud : I think my worst Memory goes back when I lived in USA and I had the summary of our first party at Trabendo. Back then, we weren’t even sure we could keep going parties organization… Our mood was shit, it took courage and persévérance to do it again !


Could GIS have his own scene during a festival, just as Jungle Juice did for the Insane Festival ?

We sure count of that !

Your new Bass House/UK garage project is making people happy here in Paris. How did you got the idea ? Was it in your minds for a long time ?

Again, at the time when Nathan was still with us, we wanted to throw a party different from the Get. Thibaud on his side started working on a solo project, more TechHouse/Bassline-oriented. The name Composite came out quickly. When Thibaud finally came with the suggestion of this new Bass House project together, I immediately tilted, then I was like « Go ! ». It was the right time. The Drum and Bass is still our little favorite but, sadly for the Hardcore fanbase, it not as popular as it used to be! Thibaud is into Metal, and I am into Hip-Hop. It is the clash of the infuences (laughs).


How do you grasp and prepare that event ? Tell us more.

Listen, without any pretentiousness, we are quite confident. This is a genre that had not its assigned event in Paris, but so much potential.
We see the label of papa Tchami shining all around the globe, Malaa is literally exploding, and labels like Confession or Noir sur Blanc are wearing our colors fine. Then people are giving a very good feedback on the web, it keeps us going further. Can’t wait until June 16th, but before that: GET IN STEP !

What are the stakes of focusing on another scene, the House music, after being strong characters of the Parisian Drum and Bass scene? A new challenge?

The bet was far from won with Get In Step. I believe that we coped pretty well for now but we are not willing to stop there, far from that.
I think, as I told just before, that Bass House is carried by strong French stakeholders. We are lucky to have people that lead the movement onto an international scale : Tchami, Malaa, Habstrakt, Mercer
I believe that it is the renewal of the French Touch as we lived it during the 90’s with Daft Punk, Garnier, Etienne de Crécy, then during the end of the 2000’s with Justice, Yuksek, Gesaffelstein, Breakbot etc…

Tchami x Malaa – No Redemption Tour, Red Rocks Amphitheatre :

Finally, do you have a few words to say to your audience from Get In Step, and to the first fans of Composite ?

Humm, we always scream thank you out loud in the mic like a jackass at the end of the night, and it is more sincere that it may look like. I would love so much to have enough time to discuss with every single person in the public (obviously complicated). So first of all, thanks again to trust us. It gives us the strength to go further and further !
I also want to tell them to take care of each other, to maintain this social cohesion that compose the Get In Step audience, always together singing, kept together by music, that’s what makes us shine !

Last thing : hold the energy until tonight ! We are waiting for you !

Zorel and Thibaud with their public

Big thanks to Aurelien and Thibaud for this amazing interview. We hope that it will answer to your questions and good luck for them in this new show ! Now let us meet at the Trabendo tonight for this new Get In Step !


Crédits Photos : HarleyCassandra ColdeboeufWozniak

Tickets still avalaible HERE !


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