Night Grinderz III : heading to Belgium for a mad edition ! (eng)

Besides the titanic Rampage, the Night Grinderz is one Antwerp’s party you can’t miss ! To do so, Dubtrip Events is moving forward (from the Netherlands) and invited international well known Dubstep and Drum and Bass artists to, at a reasonable cost, create an outstanding line up.

Two rooms : one Dubstep/Riddim and an other for Drum and Bass/Jump Up, to allow Night Grinderz to spit it (delightfull) venom in our bodies.

The first one will host an exclusive B2B. The young Australian prodigy Mastadon will perform his first European stage side by side with Subfiltronik, virtuoso of some classical Riddim tracks such as Psycho Blockz or Passout.

No time to rest, since one of our favorite ear murderer Yakz will be playing in Belgium. We remember his monstruous set at Animalz in april 2017, with Al Ross

Murda naturally comes along the line up. The British DJ/producer, from Disciple Records is undoubtedly one of the boss of Dubstep’s stage and will (re)prove it…

Belgium will be represented by 5ohman and Trump. They’ll make the crowd drop at the sound of their massives chops and their epic productions. Also count on Parasite, Dubtrip’s boss, to continue the carnage as MC Diggy Rast will be in charge to enliven the hostilities all night long.

Finally, something to expect, we will be granted a legendary B2B between the now mythical Shiverz and Obey, that we will not grow tired of.

The second room, entirely dedicated to Drum and Bass/Jump Up, offers us a heavy journey, and we will have to tool up our legs :

K-Motionz, Premium and Profile are three majors artists of the genre who will come, one after the other, shake the Antwerpian room, for the sake of Jump Up lovers.

Rawtee, also known and recognized for his Riddim productions, will come straight from the States to make the audience jump.

Other rising faces of the genre, Tesen and Captain Bass are designated to wear out the crowd, as the young and talented members of Jump Up Cave whom will also be there.

That year, the Stoner team will cover the event for the first time ever in order to discover even more the mood of the Flemish capital of Bass Music. One thing is already set : we will come out of that in multiple pieces, and so are you !


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