Bass Interview #35 : Soltan (eng)

For this new edition of Animalz, Chwet allowed us to interview another artist from the line-up. Thus we chose to ask few questions to the mysterious and intriguing Soltan, while his first show is coming closer.

How did you discover Bass music ? How is this scene or more widely how is the electronic music scene working in Iran?

I discovered Bass Music on the Internet, just like you.
When I started showing my music online there where not many others doing what I do. It now seems that there is a real community starting to take shape.

Does your family and friends know about your music, and do they support your musical project ?

Yes, my family with each success they grow more supportive, even if they might not quite understand the music itself. It helps put food on the table and they know I am just trying to make people dance and have joy.

What was the first musical style you swam into when you were a kid ? And what did you want to become when you were younger ?

I started experimenting with music as a child and today I even work with local musicians and producers here. Over time and with the Internet I moved more into electronic sounds in my own time until the Soltan project started gathering more fans. Now most of my time is making electronic music. I knew I wanted to make music from my childhood. I have taken on other work like programming to pay the bills, but music is my dream.

On other interviews you said you didn’t want to show yourself « yet » because you were concentrating on production and on your tracks, so we were wondering ; why now? And why Animalz ?

I am still very reluctant that Soltan is ready. But now that I see more EDM in Asia and the Middle East, I want to see if my music will resonate in people’s lives. Animalz is letting me do things to my comfort level and everyone knows Paris is a special place for art and music. If this works I may take Soltan to other places in the world.

How do you apprehend such an event for your first date ? Are you stressed ?

I cannot imagine these things. I only can do them.

Why do you keep your identity secret? Is it a manner to protect yourself from censorship ?

Soltan is not about me. It is about the music and what it can do to show the sounds and culture of the Middle East. My identity is only a small part of the message.

In what country, festival or gigs do you dream to play one day ?

I am still new to this world. But for Soltan it will not be about personal goals. We want to show the whole world our music and will stop once we have taken it all over.

Are you working on any upcoming project ? Can we learn some more about it ?

Right now I am working on a few collaborations I can’t discuss yet, but I am also working hard on my next season of music.

Does your music create an echo in the Iranian underground ? Are we going to see any other artists from your country appearing soon ?

This is what I am told. I still remain a very private person and have met a couple of local producers who are into Bass Music and other genres. I think you are going to see many artists from Iran. They all have a very unique perspective on the genres they are working in, just like me.

Are you still in contact with your first label SectionZ Records ?

I love Section Z. I still work with Z who is my manager and my brother.

Any last word for your fans you’d like to say before you reveal yourself live ? Anything special announcement to share with us today ?

Please be patient. I cannot wait to see everyone.

A big thanks to Soltan for having kindly answered our questions, we are even more impatient than before to see this little wonder get on stage. Thanks again to Chwet and see you on saturday !

Animalz tickets still available here.


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