Bass Interview #34 : A.M.C & Turno (eng)

Only a few days left before Animalz ! And we managed to get some fresh news from A.M.C & Turno… Find out our new Bass Interview with this explosive duet which will be playing at the biggest Bass Music party in France !

First question, classic but unavoidable, how were born your scene names and why ?

A.M.C stands for Alex Mark Calvert and Turno is the end of Franko Moliterno, pretty simple (laughs). We first met many years ago after both of us worked in Spain.

How did you start your collaboration ?

We always knew that we worked in a very similar way in terms of the daw we use and the way we both approach making music so it was a natural progression really. We started working together on the «Collision EP» on Titan a couple of years ago and it’s taken shape since then.

It’s the first time both of you are producing at Animalz. What did you heard about this event and about the french public ?

We both played in France before and know the crowd to have a lot of energy. Everyone always talk about Animalz too so it’s great to finally play a show there. We can’t wait for it !

With all those explosive collabs, can we wish for an EP or even a LP 100% Amc & Turno ?

No plans for an LP but we just had our «Alliance EP» out on Drum&BassArena.

Do the fact that you came from two different styles makes it harder in your collabs ? Even though we hear that you guys combine those two kind of music in such a special way…

Well, we think that’s why it works so well. It’s the combination of contrasted styles which creates those sounds and feelings in the music that’s never been heard before.

How does the shows where you two share the decks go ? Do you feel more pleasure ? Tell us more about this !

Its very enjoyable doing our duo shows as we are both working on the mixes at the same time and creating journeys to take the audience. Expect raw energy and fierce power.

The DNB scene turns itself more and more towards hybrid productions joining Neurofunk and Jump Up such as Current Value has done for example. How do you percieve this type of evolution ? Do you think that Neurofunk could be brought to light even more in Belgium thanks to this kind of mixture ?

We don’t look at drum and bass in its sub genre format too much. For us growing up and even till now this music is just drum and bass and different tracks evoke different feelings. One of the reasons we started working together is to bridge the gap between sub genre categorisation. Its all D&B!

To finish this interview, do you have any words to say to your fans before your show at Animalz ?

We seriously cannot wait to play at Animalz as we have both heard/seen so much about it. We’re planning some brand new material just for the show so be prepared to have your faces blown off! Peace. A&T

We want to thank Chwet for the opportunity of doing this interview, and to the duet A.M.C & Turno for meeting us. Be sure to be there next saturday to enjoy their show !

Tickets still available here.


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