The Liquicity Festival 2018 as an unmissable summer festival

Good news have been announced like rifles half a month ago with the progressive revelations about the next 4th Liquicity Festival‘s line-up. At the end of six phases, revealing the artists at this summer-like meeting for the Liquid Drum & Bass Music lovers, the event confirms more than ever its position as part of the festival season’s key moments. Always eclectic.


Open your diaries and note the 21-22 of July as a trip beyond the skies to reach « The Galaxy of Dreams », in other words, the Liquicity universe. The 4th opus of the label‘s and YouTube Channel‘s festival could play with the big boys yet, like Let It Roll, Outlook, Hospitality, Innovation and more festivals, and this without blushing.

Out with the preconceived ideas, the Liquicity Festival doesn’t stand only with its own very active community, but also with all the Drum&Bass Music fans in general. With a very diversified line-up, this annual festivity has nothing to venu as they are making us face the genre’s bosses.
Noisia presides with surprise the line-up. A strange booking you must think, but this choice is totally consistent and justified.
The Liquicity Festival is not all about Liquidfunk and the usual public can confirm that it isn’t rare that the Neurofunk resounds at the Geetmerambacht of Alkamaar. Who best then NOISIA can make this poster even more beautiful then it already is with its density of artists, and it’s organised at home.
The other invited names of impact are also seducing for any DNB lover : Wilkinson, Camo & Krooked, or even Danny Byrd who embarks in this galaxy of dreams.

Like at any event from the Label, we find a good bunch of the Liquicity army, for the biggest pleasure of all the Liquicity community. The symbolic Maduk, Fox Stevenson, Hybrid Minds, Feint, Muzzy and many others still sit aside the young and talented artists which deserve our ears to be open the listen to them : BoxPlot, Blue Marble, Voicians and the list is still so long…

The line up is already really interesting until then and we still didn’t mention the hidden part of that iceberg. The festival announces itself more diversified than ever, with artists such as The Prototypes and Tantrum Desire, the Dancefloor is logically really present on this program. But some other sub genres are also put forward, at the image of the Roller with Serum, the Deep Drum and Bass with 1991, or even a nice return in time with legends such as John B, Bcee and the guy that can do litterally anything : TC.
The list is again, so long, we let you discover, one by one, the six phases that bring up this complete line-up.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Only four tiny little months before this fourth edition of a Liquicity Summerfestival that seems to be, more than ever, a huge one. We let you go back to the feelings of last year’s edition, just underneath this, but we highly recommend you not to wait too long to get your tickets because they are flying away like hell this year.

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