[REPORT] Come relive Rampage 2018

One year after the 2017’s edition, Rampage came back with two times more fun ! One extra day, more light shows, more people : always more for the self proclaimed « biggest Bass Music event indoor ».

We were already really impressed by the previous editions and knew we had to expect something palatial. Stoner brings you into this night to live at least once in a lifetime !


rampage gert 3.jpg


The Pre-War


We embark in for the second day only (as we couldn’t assist to the friday’s night show) from Paris : Porte de Clignancourt, in the Greenmotion bus for a journey in direction of Anvers… And every one is already buzzing for this event !

Two breaks, two gas stations and some heavy speakers to ignite the places each time… The closer we get to Anvers, the more excitement can be felt.

When we got out of the bus, cigarette in our mouths, the group of friends get mixed together and speculate over the incoming event :  » What tracks will Disciple play ? At what time will they release their full light show ? Will there be some queue at the cloakroom? » Only one way to know !

We find ourselves in front of SportPaleis and the word « fluidity » will not even be sufficient to describe the fact that the queue was completely inexistant.


Rampage 4
La famille de bracelets s’aggrandit encore


Once our bracelet is around our wrist, it’s time to leave our stuff in lockers ; we don’t want to be crowded to live this night at 1000% and we can see that Rampage found a solution for this type of problems surrounding big events : the pending.

It was impossible not to think about the mess in the Dream Nation cloakroom in 2017 (To our lost stuff ; RIP)… After getting out from the lockers space we got directly to the SportPaleis pit. Stupefaction.

Flabbergasted. Each one of us will describe it as they want, but entering this venue can’t be done without emotions. We feel in the right place, in adequacy with this scene.

It is here that we will dance for 12 hours, that we will sing, and more than anything : share and exist. The biggest venue of Belgium dedicated to Drum and Bass lovers for one week end…


The news desk’s thoughts


Rampage 5


Rampage self proclaims itself as « The world’s biggest bass music event », and we will have difficulty to gainsay this fact seeing the number of people who were present and the consistent line up that was proposed.

However, we heard many critics about the line up. Many people would have loved a heavier poster, more precise and less mainstream in the genre. At Stoner, we are not really in favor of those critics as Rampage remains an event that’s goal is to bring together the biggest number of people….

What better way to do so than to bring the most influential artists of each genre ? Especially when they also purpose some sets for the most demanding spectators, we’re thinking about showcase Methlab who came to expose something really bold and really far from the majority’s tastes.

We also believe that Camo & Krooked proposed as a live was a huge effort appreciated by the artistic direction. So yes, maybe some artists such as SASASAS don’t « do » the unanimity but it is sets that please some part of that public and it takes for all the tastes…


Put the lights on




Showing up early is a good idea, as we have the time to get familiar with the venue during the warm-up executed on a Liquid DNB background.

This place in a semi bullring shape quickly looks like an anthill, getting gradually packed by the public. Like every year, to spot ourselves and not get lost, french people gave themselves a meeting point at the front on the right.

A place where it’s nice to be because it’s really near the scene but also to be close to our friends. But it gets really hot ; the fire eater’s controlled their show very well. And, because change is good, we wondered around the venue and we found ourselves on the last floor of the venue, in front of the scene…

It’s a proper show : The lights criss-cross the pit and the benches at a high speed which makes it hard for our brains to stay focused on one thing. The bass make the whole structure vibrate and our bodies with it…

The scene is surrounded by huge lighting signs, cut in little squares and were better used than last year, bearing in mind some notable bugs (green screens, stoppages…)

Many lasers come along with that show and dazzle us with an outstanding choreography. We still had a heart strike for last year’s light show, that the 2018’s edition didn’t successfully meet… And we’re not the only ones thinking that :

« The visuals were, as always, incredible even though I had a tiny preference pour the one from last year. But other than that, like every edition, it didn’t stop me from sitting down at the back of the room to stay stunned, like a child, in from of this huge show which was way too epic for my little eyes » Thomas, Basshead.


rampage tomo1


But we can just applause, encourage and thank these efforts made by Murdock and all his team to propose us something different and bigger each year, while remaining masters of their organisation.

Ready, SET, go!


rampage gert 4.jpg


Rampage presents a line up often composed at 70% of Drum and Bass against the rest which is Dubstep.

Despite this minority sometimes bemoaned, the Dubstep sets were so energetic, so violent and brimming with vivacity that we couldn’t just be passed by. We got a fair slap on the face during each set, especially those made by LifeCycle and Cookie Monsta B2B Funtcase…

We will have taken for our grade with Funtcase & Cookie who as always, offered one hour of full bangers, only big tracks, and exclusives that kindled the Rampage public. Finally, we don’t present them anymore as it’s always a sure thwack. We let you enjoy the link of the full set ->




The Disciple showcase was a feast as well, it’s also the prominent Dubstep set of the night… It’s well mixed, nervous and energetic as we like it. Many exclusives, the palace pleads on « Knuckle Sandwich » by Badklaat.

An upsurge energy is felt in the crowd : the dubstep sets breathe in this night doped with Drum and Bass. This set is also available on Youtube.



Now is the time for our favorite frenchies : Dirtyphonics ! An exceptional start with a good 10 minutes of Dubstep before we transfer to their predilection style, for our biggest pleasure : Drum and Bass !

A colorful set alike the programmation of the night wavering in between different genres and making the room breathe, enabling the amators of both genres to gather this set.

« Special mention for Dirtyphonics, who ripped our brains away » Thomas

On the side of Viper showcase, we spent a great time during this journey at the heart of a vitaminized dacefloor. A little bit like a « happy time », and it feels good, compared to the explosive sets that are announced for later, the really gloomy Drum and Bass of Methab showcase, we are happy to preserve ourselves for a little while.

Chase and Status, headliner of this saturday night starts his set with a double drop on their famous track « No Problem » : he announces the color for the rest of their set who will continue in this strain.

We are really happy for this choice of artist, as it puts forward a vibe that is not represented that much in the scene. Sportpaleis vibrates at the rythm of deep tracks, dancefloor ones or even unbeatable classics from C&S.

We will hear some tracks by Culture Shock such as  » Low frequency » or « Bunker » who, as always makes the sound systems burn.

We regret quickly the presence of the MC whom delivers a mixed performance : we think he is a little bit too insistant, with already made sentences not totally adapted, he was also ignored by the DJ when he asked for a rewind from the first track (and we don’t want it).



Now comes Methlab showcase, we are so impatient to see this show composed of 30 minutes of Current Value Audio Visuals and 30 minutes of Billain presenting HYPERBINARY.

We regret that cut of only 30 minutes for each of them but with so many artists on the line up it’s hard to be doing otherwise.

The shift starts with Current Value, faithful to his productions he proposes a coherent track-list completely in the streak of what he does usually. We are really happy to see that he isn’t looking to seduce the biggest amount of people but he plays some Current Value, a set obviously a little elitist.

We will hear some old classics or some tracks from his last album released on Invisible recordings. Current Value walks us in his particular world tinted with a dark and agressive texture.

In terms of visuals it’s complete Methlab and it’s really well in tune, with a precise Jeff lab at the controls. Too few lights to enjoy CVAV as a whole, we are still a little bit disappointed by the visual shows which aren’t as crazy as they should be.


rampage tomo.jpg


Then comes Billain, foal of Bad Taste coming to represent the Methlab stable, this one pursues in a vibe such as the one from CV, even though it is a little more inclusive.

Staying in the darkside, a set that responds to our bets, this Methlab showcase pulls out of the game. Tracks that we rarely hear, fanned by the plunging light returns : Billain marks and signs with CV the hour of the night for the amateurs of the genre.

Nothing like dancefloor bangers, no abused changes in the sub genres, it was more like witnessing the development of a theme, a tumultuous tale. We let you hear one of his tracks, representative of what he showed us :



This first « Weekender » edition of Rampage ends on a really symbolic set for the Belgian public (who, we know is really keen on Jump Up) that was there in a high number at home, with the show of an iconic duo : Hedex & MC Skywalker.

Even though we were waiting for more technicality from one of the leaders of the Jump Up style, the two friends know how to manage with perfection the art of a show and it’s what we needed at 5 am in the morning with nearly two whole nights weighing on our legs.

It skanks, it sings during an hour without a break on fresh tracks from « The Weekend LP », during a set dedicated at 95% on Hedex’s tracks.

The fan service is a success for a nation that strongly contributed to the emergence of that English guy, at the image of the famous triple drop mixing « Forever » from himself, « Willow VIP » by Jayline and the obvious « Mr.Happy » by Hazard.


The lights turn on, the flames are switched off taking with them a huge success immortalised by one last selfie from the two guys on scene and the numerous survivors, which you can look at below this article.


The Rampage Experience


Who says worldwide renowned, (often) says quality. At Stoner, we were not disappointed. Weither that was our first Rampage edition or not, the surprising effect is always unspeakable (but we tried)

A sound measured on point ( bearing in mind it’s a stadium which is really hard to fit with sound system) who made us vibrate, no matter what the style of music was on.

Despite the heat created by all those bodies in the crowd and the fire eaters, outside the coldness wave is felt, but even on that, Rampage took care of its Basslovers and installed little heaters in the smoking area… If this isn’t luxury, we don’t know what it could be !


rampage feu
Picture yourself in front of the scene, to the right…

No matter if you are in good shape, in crutches, in a wheelchair, alone or with friends, Rampage assures you a sick show that you can contemplate ( beware of your eyes) only sitting down.


We can just applause, and shudder of impatience thinking about the 2019 edition, which will be celebrating Rampages’ 10 year anniversary !







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All photos credits  : WozniakJamie Neirynck Photography & Fille Roelants Photography Gert-Jan Vanhoorde.beet Tomo photograpics

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