Bass Interview #33 (eng) : Virus Syndicate

This weekend, the new edition of Splash is coming with some part of Disciple‘s team. For the occasion, we have asked a few questions to the Virus Syndicate group!

01. To begin with, how did you get to know Bass Music and how have you met with it ? What encouraged you to pursue into this style ?

Our journey with bass music began originally with Grime. We were always very influenced by the darker and more progressive sounds which lead us on a natural journey into dubstep and bass music.

02. Why did you choose to rap on this style, where vocalists are less put in the spotlight ?

I think this style chose ‘us’ before we chose ‘it’. From early on in our career, producers were asking us for features on bass and dance music tracks. After some of these tracks became successful. That’s what we became most known for.

03. Is there a specific genre over which you prefer rapping ?

We love anything at 140 bpm but we also really enjoy rapping on slower beats 90 to 100 bpm tracks. We did an EP with Dope D.O.D. 18 months ago and really enjoyed vibing with them on some of the slower tempos. The 90 bpm structure also fits with drum n bass which we have also been doing a lot of recently.

04. Who are the artists you prefer working with ? On what productions ? What are the other genres you’re listening to at home ?

At the moment we are really enjoying working with the Disciple guys and some other big names in the scene. We have a lot of new material coming out very soon as well as a new EP. At home we listen to all sorts of music as our taste is mad eclectic and I think a lot of our fans would be really surprised at what inspires us haha.

05. Why have you chosen Disciple ? How this adventure has started ?

We have known Rossy and Rob for a while. We hadn’t been working on Dubstep tracks for a while as we felt we needed a break from the scene for a bit. But the new Riddim and Dubstep that Disciple was pushing was really forward thinking and we felt it was the right time in our careers to take it back to our roots. We had a lot of conversations with Rossy and put a plan together. So far its really working out!

06. To continue with Disciple, how was your collaboration with Ivory on “93 Style” ?

Got to shout out Rossy aka Myro on this one. It was his idea, he sent us the track and said you need to vocal this just trust me. We heard the track and we were like WOW wtf is this its incredible!! We liniked with Ivory online and got the track done!

07. Have you planned another album after « Symptomatic » ?

Yes 1000% its all about the timing though. At the minute we are growing our fan base with EPs and collaborations. When we drop the next album we want it to do some serious damage!!

08. Which show did you like the most ? What was your best memory ?

We have done so many amazing tours all over the world its very difficult to say which was the best. Masquerade in Atlanta was amazing so was Paleo Festival in Switzerland.

09. Who are the best MC’s to you ? What do you think about MC’s performances generaly ?

MC wise we are big fans of Wiley, J.Cole, Kendrick, Sean Price. Recently been listening to Meyhem Lauren a lot. We have also signed an MC/DJ called Dyno to our label who you will also see Dj’ing for us at the Virus shows. He is a really talented artist too.

10. What’s your opinion on the current Bass Music scene?

Really exciting!! Its growing everyday and I think in 12 months time it will be more popluar than its ever been. Exciting times ahead!!

11. To finish this interview, do you have any words to say to your fans before your show at Splash ?

Thank you for the support, Thank you for listening and sharing our music. We love you!!


A huge shout out and thanks to Virus Syndicate for their time and Chwet for enabling us to make this new interview.
See you saturday for this set which looks epic !


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