Only one week left until RAMPAGE ! (ENG)

On Mars 2nd and 3rd, the biggest Drum&Bass and Dubstep Party in the world will be host as usual in Antwerp’s SportPaleis.

Rampage comes back again, for it’s 16th edition, during a crazy two days of party… Stoner made a summary for those who didn’t follow Rampage insane’s programm.

In a matter of line-up, organizers did make something special… Festivities will start on Friday, with a wonderful list of artists…

For Drum&Bass lovers, artists from the RAM Records Label will be here. Andy CKillbox and Doctrine will give us technical sets, but we can also count on Camo & Krooked to offer us a memorable show, as they did at 2017’s edition of Dream Nation Festival !

We all remember Pendulum’s «Witchcraft» or «Watercolour» tracks… well, the most nostalgic ones will be heard as the band will be there. Concerning Liquicity’s label, its co-founder Maduk is gonna rock the scene. Do not forget that Kings Of The Rollers will also be there to rule the SportPaleis !

But what would Rampage be without some Jump Up ? To fulfill this, Logan D, founder of the label Low Down Deep Recordings and author of great classics like «Giant Killa Bees» with Dominator (R.I.P) will be there. Also here with us Turno and Upgrade… Be ready to skank all night long guys !

Of course, Rampage didn’t leave behind the Dubstep part… the well known duet from Circus Records, Flux Pavillon & Doctor P will be at the desks for what will be a memorable show ! Into the redaction, we are really looking forward to hear tracks such as «Party Drink Smoke» or the mythic «Tetris»
And the one who will blow our ears out, only a few months after Animalz 8, SNAILS will be on! The Canadian Dj/producer is really waited on this one.

Without forgetting, of course : Hatcha & Youngsta who will present their brand new project named «Bloodline». To try and be patient we invite you to listen to the last EP made by Hatcha «The Last Imperial EP» signed by Disciple Recordings.

If after that Friday you’re still not fulfilled in terms of Bass Music, Rampage has put on a second massive line up for the Saturday night.

Let’s start with what we finished on, Dubstep, and hope you’re seat belt is well attached as Funtcase & Cookie Monsta are honourably on as well ! After their legendary set at Animalz 7, the two English devils come backs with their impressive technic and their heavy energie ready to make us headbang… ⚠️ warning : broken necks in our bombsight !

The Disciple Records label will also be represented by Virtual Riot, PhaseOne, Barely Alive and Myro ! The four DJ producers just released a new collaboration, exclusively for RAMPAGE ! Nicon, Franky Nuts and Lifecycle will have the honour to represent the Netherlands and the Subway Music label that organises Dubstep and Drum and Bass nights in Rotterdam ! France will also be represented for this edition of Rampage as the Dirtyphonics will be part of this crazy event ! They’ve lately made an incredible performance for the 10 years of Jungle Juice, the frenchies will definitely be showing us an hybrid set of quality !

Let’s keep on going through this line up with the Drum & Bass ! They are the night’s headliners for a DJ set going along with MC Rage : Chase & Status ! In terms of duos, we are served, with the Brookes Brothers side, the two siblings from London and members of Viper Recordings. On the other side we have Matrix & Futurebound, authors of big classics of the genre, such as «All I Know» or even «Control». The four guys will be playing along CyantificJames Marvel & MC Mota will also have their word to say during that night, a set that will for sure be explosive ! Some artists will be at the Rampage to present their audio visual show as well, Billain with Hyperbinary in collaboration with The Macula and Current Value with its CVAV. Two shows that are announced as palatial.

The Jump-UP amators will be pleased to skank on the set of the talented Hedex who just released his album, «The Weekend» ! You will also have to count on a group that has already made some mad shows last year like at Rampage, or at Animalz 8… yes, we’re speaking about SaSaSas ! Show that will sound a little different, after one of their MC passed away, Stormin (RIP). Let’s finish this line up with the one without who Rampage wouldn’t be what it is today, the obvious Murdock !

But Rampage doesn’t have such notoriety only because of their crazy line up…. We hope to see some visual effects who make it one of the most beautiful lights show in Europe, and we know that the sound quality will be stunning… And as going crazy means jumping everywhere and doing some kind of exercise, we will have all the delicious food trucks ready to serve their army of starving dansers ! Just as a reminder, 15 000 people are expected on each night…. so be ready for that extraordinary week end !

Photo credit : Rossumedia


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