Ganja White Night, back to the basics with The Origins! (Eng)

This February starts with the new release from Ganja White Night, the album The Origins. It is the seventh time that the Belgian duet pleases our ears with musical trips of his own… They share their thoughts once again, and did not hesitate to reveal themselves. Back to their origins!

Ganja White Night : the origins

Benjamin Bayeul and Charlie Dodson, to call them from their real name, are used to work on their production during actual white night – hence their artist name – to give us their substantive marrow. The «wobble brothers» are reigning as masters over their empire for twelve years now, and they had quite a journey since then. They come back to the origins of their first album that offered really original experimental productions. Today, they feel like they have the right public to give themselves more time and details in their tracks. Throughout all the album, we encounter with old school Dubstep sonorities, that reminds us of the initial starting point of the origins of Dubstep. This confirms the huge come back of the Belgium duo.

«This album in a way goes back to te roots of our sounds. Melodic builds, wobbles sounds. We feel we’re currently in place now that we can explore our soud deeper.» GWN for Billboard

The introduction sets the theme

GWN says it : they like to produce. But producing means creating and documenting themselves… but also takes imagination into account. The imagination goes in pair with a very particular universe that the duo knew how to implant in their music. This is why, from the first minute of their first track «The origins», we hear feminine vocals nearly chanted.

It’s impossible not to be mesmerised by those intros that stays on a constant all along their album. The ethnic vocals are not chosen by accident, because the aim of GWN is to take us «in the journey of their ideas». It has to be said, they always managed to show their astonishing diversity on their vocals chosen to introduce their music. And now, they feel free to take us on their cosmic journey, not hesitating in doing intros of two minutes alike in «Tengri» and «Chak Chel».

«We think that our first albums have not reached as many people as it should have done, because we explored way more experimental ideas. But now we have more control and a solid public, we can take people on the journey of our ideas.» GWN

A character, a story

The « wobble brothers » say it themselves, Mr. Wobble gives even more deepness to their tracks. Even more broad minded, as it’s an obese character. The design is signed by EBO, a friend and collaboration of the two mans of the nights. But Mr. Wobble will not stay by himself for long, because The Origins will bring many new super heroes to this world… for instance, the previews of the graphic animations announce characters full of darkness and that look quite badass…. But GWN insures it, we will know more about their superpowers very soon ! For that, don’t hesitate to go and watch the videos on Wobble Master or LFO Requiem alongside with the teaser of The origins tour.

«We always wanted to make music that would be strong in its meaning. The Origins is a continuity of this trip. EBO is incredible and understands what we want to achieve. We continue to develop together our characters since then.» GWN

The power of the Chak Chel

A special attention was needed for that track. The male vocals subtly mingled to the smooth female whispers are introducing a strong rise in power… The most sensitive ears will notice the story told, a story about a being screaming to life, sometimes finding impulses of joy, peaks of will… Until the second drop, where determination take over the stunted body to lift it with his strong arms, above the world. The electric woobles are creating that feeling of true power, and even omniscience. Anyway, you can find this kind of energy in the tracks Tengri and The Origins.

Tempting partnerships

And we greedily find the cherry – what do I say, the fruit basket! – on the cake! A featuring with Boogie T., one more! For the GWN lovers, you will surely remember their title «Flava», which seduced most of us :

«It is exotic and fresh, their track with Boogie T. makes us want to wake up in the morning on a sunny day, ready to face up to the day, happy!» Kristen, a GWN’s fan

Well the partnership was put up to date, with their track «Reminisce», which remains entirely tied up to their red thread.

Otherwise, we face with pleasure to «No Escape» with the great Dirt Monkey that we waited for a year! Then again, back to the old-school dubstep wobbles, with «round sounds» and marked mechanics. «No place to run, no place to hide»: here we are facing the fact, unable to flee.

«These guys have been on top of the bass world for years now and hold some of the truest classics of the genre» Zed Deads

How to not speak about their collaboration with Zeds Dead…? It is at the occasion of a mutual live performance for a b2b last year, that the four artists realized that they had some sort of energy in common, which deserved to be capitalized on. For our greatest pleasure! Then the «Samurai» comes to save us, after a few mellow piano notes and a two minutes intro, we can hear the fruit of the successful labor between the two duets. GWN mainly focused on the background and intro, that they describe themselves as a «dramatically long intro», and let Zeds Dead complete the sound with their well-known drops and their «iconic» signature.

«I think we both are interested in incorporating different emotions into Bass Music and figuring out how to create a journey through more than one energy and feeling.» Zeds Dead

The lil’ final word

One shall understand, Ganja White Night, they are in love with Dubstep, hard working passionate, whom are playing with the preciseness of every little detail to give their audience the same satisfaction that they get from their music production white nights. On the album, we also find a collaboration with Caspa, and a featuring with Simona Brezanova, which leaves only one message: «leave or stay». And we stay!

«Don’t try to imitate that, find your own way, find your own voice, find your own feelings, and that will give you a unique opportunity…» GWN

Album available on all the platforms here.



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