Liquicity warms up the winter and our hearts

Winter can be felt and the end of the year is coming as well. Don’t pity on your fate because, like every year, Liquicity comes back harder to make us forget all our winter hassles with a new edition of the Winterfestival, on the 29th of December.


We were feasted last time the huge rally of the Liquid Drum and Bass community came together last July and its with so much excitement that we are waiting to leave for Amsterdam for this new winter edition of the Liquicity Festival. Half way in between Liquid, Deep Drum and Bass and Dancefloor, the line up of quality has everything to make the adepts groan of soft sensations through a selection of artists all as talented as each other, that you kind find right below.

Liquicity line-up
As much to tell you that we’re counting the weeks, the days, the hours, even the minutes…. until this event that guarantees its quality, as Liquicity is always concerned about its community full of love and always in the best of moods.

But what is the recipe of the Galaxy of Dreams to make us forget all the melancholy of the sad times of our world in the time of only one night ?
The 2017 edition where the warehouse edition is characterised by a symbolic venue: a warehouse in the heart of Amsterdam and its industrial port docks, by which the access is made in boat.
The Liquicity Universe exports itself towards the Antlantis to make us live a fairytale where conviviality reigns alongside Drum and Bass, with some major actors of this movement such as Matrix & Futurebound, Friction, or even the Depp nugget: Break, in a bunch of many others. The whole is sublimed by the unavoidable’s of the Dutch label: Maduk, Hybrid Minds, Feint, T & Sugah,, only mentioning them in the middle of many others.


Get ready to board, your ferry will soon be leaving the land to overtake the Galaxy of Dreams and to motivate ourselves let’s relapse on the summer edition of this year.

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