Bass Interview #31 (eng) : Aweminus x Definitive

For the come back of Splash this week end at Yoyo we asked few questions to Aweminus and Definitive for this new interview!

01. After your explosive set at Splash about a year and a half ago, Chwet and 12th Planet have decided to include you in their line up for this new edition. How do you feel about it as the date comes closer ?

Aweminus : I feel warm and fuzzy inside and out !

Definitive : I am going to preface all of this by saying Definitive is a duo even though I, Alfonso, will be answering as I since Billy is handling the states right now.. I am beyond hype, I went to Splash last year with intention of proving a point, I am beyond excited that 12th and Chwet wanted to include me on this tour date, 12th has always been one of my inspirations since way back in the Los Angeles warehouse days. I can assure you this set will be far more explosive than my original Paris debut. I am coming for the kill !

Aweminus x Definitive, Splash. Photo by Olingue.

02. We genuinely find you together most of the time, that is on scene or in production. You look quite close, how is this relation born between you two ?

A : Alfonso and Billy found out I made Drum & Bass. That’s where they come from and its rare to be a dnb producer in the states so naturally we became good friends.

D : Aweminus and I have been room mates for a few years, and have been through a lot. Early on we discovered we both had a huge love for DNB, jump in particular, from there Billy and myself asked him to move in with us and the rest is history. No matter our up and downs I will always have immense love for Aweminus and look forward to keep working with him. I also feel like stating that our synergy can be unmatched behind the decks, shout out Royal Bass, Getorix and Chibs, I will never forget our Newcastle set together, it was probably the most insane insync set we have ever played, no one was ready for that, not even ourselves. I have feeling Splash is going to get it harder this time around…

03. After all these tracks in collaboration together. Have you got any projects in commun in the future ? Can we hope for an EP coming from this union?

A : -wink-

D : There was plans for one, but I am not so sure any more, only time will tell. Aweminus is my favorite producer in the scene so lets hope so.

04. You recently collaborated with Ponicz together, do you reserve us any surprises for this Splash ? Can we wait for any exclusives in your set ?

A :  That’s a good idea maybe I might make something special for Splash !

D : Personally I made sure I came out to Europe with tunes of exclusives no one has ever heard and Aweminus is a production work horse, I can promise everyone will hear a couple tunes that will haunt them for months before they can any type of ID.

05. With wich artists would you like to collaborate soon?

A : I would like to have the inspiration to make collabs with everyone I said I’d collab with !

D : FuntCase, Cookie Monsta, 12th Planet, Phiso, Ivory, Murda, Svdden Death. I already have some in the works with people not mentioned here

06. For you, what does the french public (or organisers) have more for us to be able to see you guys more often contrary to other countries in Europe?

A : France has a great Dubstep scene with sick parties and sick producers. Just all around a good place for Dubstep

D : ANIMALZ!!! Hahah kidding but I feel like personally my own fan base is just starting to grow out here, I feel like it has been to long since I have played in France; I am so excited to remind everyone why they call us « Savage » and hopefully be out here more often

07. For Aweminus
You were invited a few times to release tracks on multiple labels such as Firepower, Substrate or even NSD. Is there a new label that appears like a « goal » for you ?

I’m not partial to any label, really. I just want my music to actually come out haha.

08. You also produce some Jump Up. What does this style bring to you next to Riddim? Does Jump up give you inspiration for producing Riddim or the other way around, or are they totally different for you ? Can we hope for some 100% Jump Up sets alike some DNB sets played by Funtcase?

I tend to keep an open platform with the way I produce things. Sometimes I’ll start a Dubstep track and eventually it turns into a Drum & Bass track, or vice versa.
Shit, I hope I get some more DnB bookings. PROMOTERS HMU

09. For Definitive
You released a track on the Bassrush label « The Plug » in collaboration with Replicant. How and why did you release on this label? Can you tell us more about that track ?

Besides Savage Society, I rep the Bassrush team for life, which again shout out Bassrush and Tony Merino.

AND REPLICANT, where do I get started on Replicant, he has inspired me for over 10 years originally as Heavy Hittahz. He was about to quit producing and I did not feel like that was fair to the world, I pushed him and pushed him and this was a result from one of our projects, since then he has released on Viper and been featured on Noisia Radio and Friction BBC. Personally I have plans to do more things with Bassrush and will never cease to rep them

10. What was the first Dubstep track you listened to ?

A : To be completely honest I dont remember at all.

D : I do not remember to be honest, I was a big hater for a long time because of what it did to the jump up scene in the States, but I actually learned to love it. I need to shout out Tony Merino because if it wasnt for him and Future Events, I am unsure what I would be doing right now

Aweminus x Definitive, Bassrush. By Jake West Photo

11. Do you follow french artists that produce Bass Music ? What do you think about our promising artists such as Ivory or SampliFire ?

A : I follow a bunch of french producers and theyre all sick. big up Ivory and SampliFire. Big up Ganon, Answerd, and Nacha as well. And then aside from Dubstep the French are killing House Music right now too.

D :  Dirtyphonics at Jungle Juice I remember seeing that when I was young and that inspired me greatly. I think French producers are amazing, even the Hip Hop producers, Ivory, Ganon, Answerd, Samplifire, all are way sick!

12. To finish this interview, do you have a little word to say to our readers ?

A : Lasagna

D : You can achieve anything you want as long as you are realistic, a real and genuine person, I have producers surpass me in every way in a vastly shorter period times, be happy for everyones success and do not harbor resentment

Ive learn to adapt to the evolving sounds of dubstep and I am very happy with my new sound and direction my music is heading

Here are a couple shout outs to people in and out of music that mean a lot to me and apologies in advanced if I forget anyone

Billy, the hidden Definitive ninja

Aweminus, thick and thin I love you boy

Blankface & Maze, we are about to get it – 2018 SVG GANG

Tony Merino & Bassrush, I have no words, you are king

Savage Society – I love everyone on our roster and are only going to make stronger moves

FuntCase – Man is turning me into destruction machine

Paul & Daniel; Arcane, NSD, Buygore – GANG

12th Planet for repping Savage and having Definitive on some tour dates

Point.blank for being an overall G and good friend

Honcho from Simplistic Farms – Gain Green Green Gang



And to keep it short before I write a novel

Shouts to moms and family, Dylan, Janess, TC the Hammer, D, Grant, Josh H.R, Garrett of Hostile, the boy Chef and Shay and every other producer, promoter and fan that has given me and our music the time of day

A huge thanks to Aweminus and Definitive for answering our questions and we are also grateful to Chwet who enabled us to make this interview possible. Let’s meet on Friday at the Yoyo for the kill !!!
Tickets : here!



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