Bass Interview #29 : Shiverz x Obey

For the occasion of the 9th edition of Animalz that is happening next Saturday, the Chwet team let us ask a few questions to Shiverz and Obey for this new Bass Interview !

01. To start with this interview, we’ll ask you the question we ask many artists : What is the origin of your artist names?

Obey : This all started way back when I used to DJ solely for my own pleasure – I used to have a set of decks at my house and used to play and make mixes for myself just for fun, because I got annoyed with skipping songs on my music device. At one point I got invited to play at a small party organized by a non-profit foundation ran by friends of mine. They used to throw small parties to give people a little audience and to make upcoming bands and DJ’s a chance to preform for a (small) crowd. One day the factory (where they had their little venue / office) burned down as a result of some construction work, and the fire took their entire sound system and everything they had collected over the years. The DJ’s that used to play at these small parties decided to throw a fundraiser party and make a small compilation CD to raise money which we could donate to them to help them get back on their feet. The track on that CD was my first ever production and I didn’t even have a name yet, because like I said it was just a hobby. I just bought some new clothing and one of the items I had was an Obey hat and I liked it a lot – then I figured why not just use Obey as my artist name. It’s a powerful word, and people actually obey you when you perform. I also didn’t think it was going to get as out of hand as it did – so I just went with that. Flash forward and now we’re here haha.

Shiverz : My dj name was actually dj mad one that’s when I was playing grime b4 I got into dubstep the name shiverz just came

02. How did you discover Bass Music and how has it became a passion for you?

Obey : Bass music has always been a part of my life. It started when I was very little (6-7) when I got a couple of tapes (yes, old-school) with old electro and house. As I aged I found out about hardstyle, hardcore and eventually drum and bass. Then, when I was about 16 years I had a job as a food delivery boy. One night I had to round off my shift and he manager was listening to Rusko Jahova as he was counting the till. This was my first encounter with dubstep. I literally remember it as if it was yesterday. Never before did I fall in love with a genre like this.

Shiverz : People like Hatcha, Artwork, Jakes, Benga, Skream, Mala, Coki, N-Type, Chef, Henny G, the list goes on but these guys are the ones that got me into things coz were from the same ends and know the same people and all thanks to the club plastic people up Shoreditch in London

03. You produce yourselves on really big Bass Music scenes such as Rampage or Animalz, what is the feeling that strikes inside you both when you are about to walk on these kind of scenes?

Obey : In all honesty (at least this is how it is for me) it depends on how I feel that day. I still get very nervous. One of the things that happens to me often when I get nervous is that I start yawning a lot before the set. It’s a nerve thing I suppose. Even sometimes when it’s for smaller crowds. It’s always a new experience. But usually once I press play on my first track and make my first mix and I feel the energy of the crowd and electricity in the air some kind of energy from somewhere deep inside of me unleashes and I feel 100% confident and I enjoy every single moment of it!

Shiverz : The feelings I get are butterflies in the stomach I panic sometimes if the crowd is large lol but it’s more overwhelming when you hear the crowd go crazy when your up next

Obey at Animalz 7

04. To shiverz : Do you sometimes introduce garage in your tracks? What do you have to answer to those people that say that Dubstep is dead in the UK? What do you think about the actual scenes in your country?

Garage I was mixing b4 I got into grime and dubstep.but the answer to the question about dubstep is dead in the uk? Well for the stuff They call RIDDIM theres not. The rave scene in the uk had changed as by shutting down certain clubs where u coz find riddim nights or straight underground music but the deep stuff is still going strong in the uk

05. To Obey : How good are the Dubstep nights in Amsterdam if we leave Ignition on the side? Do you like the public in the Netherlands and how would you define it ? And how did you experience this explosion these last years in the style ?

Shortly after I found out about dubstep it exploded in Amsterdam (this is about 10 years ago). I still remember my first ever big show I went to. It was Rusko, Kromestar, Vader and a couple of others that night and Rusko was playing along with his bass guitar. Those days used to be insane. All dubstep shows would be sold out and have insane queues outside. There used to be a lot of dubstep parties and the vibe was always amazing. The pits were no pushing or anything crazy like that, it was a pogo pit, one big massive jumping mass of people, it was amazing! This all died down a good couple years ago as the new sound used to get bigger and bigger more underground (less accessible for the masses). Now there is only a couple of parties left, every once in a while – like Ignition, 50Hurtz, Sonic Boom, Night Grinderz (with their recent Amsterdam edition) and once a year a Oi reunion party (Oi is the name of the party where I saw Rusko). But it’s nothing like it used to be unfortunately.

06. How do you guys explain the democratic explosion of Riddim since about two years when 5 or 6 years ago this genre already existed and it was nearly invisible ? To you, how do you explain the existant cleavage in between the anti and pro Riddim, cleavage that doesn’t exist in any other kind of Bass Music ?

Obey : It’s all dubstep, and it has around for FAR longer than people realize or think. Even if you look at the old days.. People like Jakes, Cluekid, Coki (and Digital Mystikz for that matter), Skream and loads of others used to make this more dark swampy sound. It only evolved into the sound that is known today – and at one point people started calling it Riddim and a sub-genre was born. But at the end of the day you can say what you want, but it’s all dubstep. It seems like a lot of people just like to put stuff in boxes and categorize things (atleast that’s how I look at it) if you ask me this is not something from dubstep alone, but in lots of things in life.

07. Let’s speak about b2b. What is the value that you could find in a b2b compared to a solo set? Is it easier for you or opposed to that is it harder?

Obey : I personally think random b2b’s are not really a good thing, especially if the two artists don’t know each other (or not well). Usually it’s kind of stiff and you can definitely feel that harmony misses as they are still shadowboxing during the show and seeing how the other person plays. I tend to dislike going b2b at a show with people I don’t know, but then again, this might also be cause the human fears that which they are not familiar with. However, there are times where random b2b’s produce magic. Going b2b with someone you’re familiar with is a completely different story though. I personally feel more confident and it’s always a nice little.. I wouldn’t say battle.. but there is always an exchange between the two DJ’s. It’s nice, and it’s always awesome to be able to share the experience you are having at that moment with a fellow DJ friend.

Shiverz : Well it all depends on the person you go b2b with there’s levels in this game and if your not up to standards then it’s not going to work plus there has to be a vibe u can’t just put any 2 djs b2b so a b2b set is harder for sure

08. How did your b2b which is the worldwide reference in Riddim come to light ? Are you conscient of the notoriety of your duo?

Obey : Before I played shows, and even to this day, Shiverz was and is my idol. I used to, and still listen to EVERY single mix he puts up. He has been my inspiration to become who I am today (not that I’ve made it, but you get what I mean). I used to go to every show and watch every stream and just literally study. Study what he does, why he does it, at what moments, study the music and his techniques and at one point I think I started developing the same thought process he has when he plays. We went b2b once, I can’t even really remember what show it was, but it was amazing and it worked extremely well. Forward like 6-7-8 years and now we’re here haha.

Shiverz : Me and Obey are apart of Monsters Obey has been my student for many years now and he has become a very sick DJ so then it came to my mind that we should be called team butcher and ever since then the people have been asking about the duo

Shiverz b2b Obey at The Black Box in Denver

09. What makes your b2b work other than the well known technicity of your duo?

Obey : That’s the thing. I feel a lot of b2b’s are b2b’s (sounds silly but it’s true) it’s just two dj’s taking turns in playing. We know each other so well that we don’t move as two single DJ’s. When we play we are one. The amount of times where we predict the tune he or I am going to play, or even select the same tune at the same time is amazing. Next level.

Shiverz  : What make our b2b work the chemistry plus we think as 1 person it’s crazy we pick the same tunes when we go b2b it’s actually mad lol

10. You play an outrageous number of tracks in your sets, Do you have an idea of the maximum number of tracks you play during your passage on scene ? An idea of what is waiting for us at Animalz?

Obey : It’s rather impossible to put a number on the amount of tracks we can maximum play. It depends on so many things. We always improvise and sometimes it’s more than the other times. Sometimes a mix or tune needs to be backspinned and played again because it goes off so hard so it varies. I can say one thing about our set at Animalz and that is that we’re going to go in sideways, no messing about !

Shiverz : Number of track I’d say about 50 track if not more lol !

11. How to you see the future of bass music ? Do you think you will experience new kinds in your time to come ?

Obey : Definitely! I can assure you that there’s always going to be people innovating and trying new things. New genres will flourish and old genres will perish. No question about that! Only time can tell what the future holds though!

Shiverz : There’s always room for new kids if they put in that hard work and grind for it

12. Your best memory together ? You obviously should have a worst experience, a moment you wish you wouldn’t remember? and for what reasons ?

Obey : Ah I seriously can’t choose. We have played together so much and experienced a crazy amount of stuff together that I can’t possibly pick one. But I do think the Shelling Season tour we recently did really was a special something. And this I going to sound cheesy, but I don’t think we have ever had a bad experience.

Shiverz : The best moment was shutting down the shelling season tour and to be honest there hasn’t been a bad moment..

Shiverz & Obey at Shelling Season

13. Is their a country where the Riddim public is different from the general public for you? What do you think about the french public ?

Obey : Oh hell yes. Some countries or even cities like it more than others. Some countries or cities are more spoiled than others, and thus will be more critical about what you play. There is always places that are more responsive than others. France however is amazing all around the country. The French people, and Paris in particular goes SO hard!!

Shiverz : Playing Riddim in France has to be one of the best for me tbh you guys know how to party lol

To end this interview, to you have a little word to say to our readers ? An announcement

Obey : If you’re reading this and you’re a starting DJ or music producer: believe in yourself. Work hard. Grind when they sleep, work when they party, believe in yourself and nothing is impossible. I have experienced it first hand and I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am that I am able to experience all these amazing things!


Thanks again to Shiverz, Obey and the Chwet team for making this interview possible. We are just so excited about one thing now , it’s to find them Saturday in a dock Pullman full of animals!!


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