Bass Interview #28 : Document One

The English duo Document One gave us an interview just before their next date in Paris at Get In Step !


Hey Document One ! Firstly, thank you so much to let us make this interview possible ! 

1. To start with, why did you choose this name « Document One » and where does it come from ? How did you discover Bass Music ? What was the thing that attracted you about this style of music ?

It’s the default name given to a song file when you click save on our DAW. I can’t remember why it ended up being our DJ name now.

We’ve both been into bass music from a young age. My first experience of DnB was Roni Size New Forms way back, it was one of the first albums I owned.

We really love the energy in DnB and other bass music styles, we particularly love how compatible DnB is with other genres like jazz and soul.


2. Where and how did you create this collaboration ?

We met at college at the age of 16, and went on to work on music together from there, we officially formed Document One around 5 years later.


3. Did you directly start to produce Bass Music or did you start with something else ?

Matt used to play guitar in a rock band and got into music production through an interest in DnB, I began producing after being inspired by IDM from artists like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, my music became more focused and less glitchy once I started working with Matt.


4. Why did you stop playing Dubstep and why did you chose to follow Drum and Bass instead ? What did you like the most about this style ?

We actually started with Drum and Bass, when we first started working together. And when Dubstep came round we loved the sound of it so started making that too. I’m sure we will produce some more dubstep but at the moment we are enjoying DnB too much.

DnB is more compatible with other styles of music we love like reggae and Jazz.


5. How did you start your adventure with Technique Recordings ? What doors did this label open to you ?

Our first Drum and Bass EP came out on technique and we’ve stuck with them ever since. Lots of doors have been opened, and it’s been a great journey for us.


6. Are you interested in joining bigger labels such as RAM or Hospital for example ?

We are really enjoying being a part of Technique Recordigs but we have massive respect for RAM and especially Hospital.


7. We can feel some kind of jazzy atmosphere in some of your tracks, is it an inspiration for you ?

Absolutely! I have been playing Jazz piano for almost 20 years so it’s great to be introducing it to our sound, it didn’t feel so possible with dubstep.


8. We also hear many different music instruments ?

Yes, matt is a guitarist and I a pianist so we record a lot, but you will also hear a lot of samples in our music as we are sample diggers !


9. Do you record them yourself ? If not how do you include them in your tracks ?

Yep we have a nice studio set up for recording and producing. So a lot of recording happens. We also use Kontakt for a lot of instruments we can’t play which we record live in a midi keyboard to capture some live essence. We love kontakt!


10. What are your feelings about your return in Paris ?

We love playing in France, particularly Paris. France has been a very special country for us throughout our career. Really excited for this show!


11. What do you think about the ancient vibes you had in the capital years ago when you were there ?

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world to play !


12. What is the best moment you remember from an event ?
What is the worst ?

Over the years there have been so many amazing moments. It’s always amazing when you travel away from your home country and meet people who listen to your music. Very surreal !

Document One at All Naked 2.0 in 2013

Thanks to you for letting us making this interview and giving us some of your time ! Do you have a little word you want to say to your fans that will come and see you at the Trabendo for the Get in Step ?

Can’t wait to be back in Paris! Get ready for a lot of new music!!

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