Bass Interview #26 : DJ FLY

In the occasion of the Dream Nation Festival, which is on saturday. We interviewed DJ Fly ! 

1) How did you discover Bass Music? What attraction did you find in this genre?

So, what happened was that at first, I come from the Hip Hop universe so, al the world of scratch and all. During that time I started to know many DJ s including electronic DJ s, and others more focused on Drum and Bass, and then I just found that interesting and enriching to discover little by little this type of music and apply scratch to it. This technique kind of comes from Hip Hop with something more fresh, on other types of sounds in short.


2) How did you discover scratch and why did you decide to chose this discipline ?

In reality it kind of jumped on me. I discovered scratch independently from media, I really met this discipline by the graffity universe, after some graffiti artists friends played a little bit with desks. So, I tried and really quickly I just loved it, the action of fiddling the desk in unconventional manners.. it just took me as a passion, I started to make scratch before I mixed.

3) Do you think the fact of having this title of champion of Scratch helped you gaining notoriety in your musical career?

It’s exactly what happened! The legacy of championships is the fact you confront yourself to other in a discipline that is an individual one, that has a goal of opening professional doors as well. I was already doing some parties in my region, with many dates but after that title, I was visible so this lead to me getting sponsors, contracts and international shows which lead me to even more visibility. It was a good springboard.

4) We could also see that after all that you started to produce. Was is a wish from you or did you kind of found yourself forced to produce?

No, in reality production came in a really natural way. After some time, I was bored of playing other’s tunes in parties. And I decided to culminate some little sounds and it came naturally for me to express myself with music. Other than technical performances but really more centred on musical creations.

5) With what artists did you do collabs?

I record zing another DJ who’s called Netik who is also world champion of DMC. We have a duo who turns around Hip Hop and Bass Music, it’s a good mix, it’s a musical journey in between many different influences. Next to that, I this many collabs. I always loved to join the individual side of the solo shows, but also the fact you can share a scene for example, with a collective that we built up and that still works but without me, it’s call Scratch Bandits Crew, that has three DJ s, well now they’re only two. It’s a group of DJs where we use the Scratch to make live music. And next to that there has been collabs with rappers from the region of Lyon that are called L’Animalerie, and I’m their DJ.

Scratch Bandits Crew / Cecilia Gonzalez – Ruedin Photography

6) You also did a collaboration with a DJ school ?

Yes , I’ve been a formative teacher in a DJ school in Lyon, sharing a collaboration with the UCPA that’s called the AMF. But I’ve put that on the side for a bit with all my projects I don’t have the time to assume all the repond abilities, but I’m still in contact with them and someday I’ll take classes again.

So you’re well placed to give advice to new born DJs?

Of course, but the only problem is that I miss some time, as I’m always in different places, but the teaching pedagogy is something I love, share the patience, it’s really inspiring for me.


7 ) Its sure that we stay in an underground space, that can apply for Djing in Bass Music and in Scratch.

The Scratch has been a little bit overlooked in the media , some groups have put it up to light but it stays a complicated discipline. You need the material, musical notions and technique before you can come out with nice stuff.

8) What are you personal goals?

At this moment work on an album with musicians, what makes a contrast with electronic music, in between Bass Music and the softness coming from the musicians. We are also working on an EP with Netik that is a future project. The objective would be that it continues to work how it works now.

9) In general what are your principal inspirations ?

I inspire myself mainly from movie soundtracks that influence me a lot, but also the Hip Hop universe , all that’s around Soul Funk etc… I really inspire myself from everything, all that moves me and touched me, I don’t really have a defined style of production, I don’t fix myself these limits. So I inspire myself from many things that have nothing to do with the actual music scene.

10) what kind of performance can we be waiting for with Elisa at the Dream Nation Festival ?

It will be a mix of everything, with essentially Drum’n’Bass, and I will add some scratchs, technical performances with accapellas. There isn’t a directive line we will follow, Elisa puts the base and I kind of put the rest in it. We are not looking froward in doing the things we use to do when we are producing alone.


11) How did you come to collaborate together ?

It came by simple encounters. During some time we were playing at the same festivals, or concerts but each time on separate days or booked one after the other. And then there was that night at the Bikini in Toulouse, where she invited me to scratch and then during that same summer, we did a festival exactly in the same mood so we thought « why couldn’t we imagine something together ? » So as we have a lot of fun together and that we both love it, we are trying to make something out of this collab.

12) For you, what would be the essential points to succeed in a Dj set ?

It depends on all the stuff that’s around it actually. A good DJ set in club us different from a set in a night club or at a festival. But I’m really difficult and really perfectionist with myself, so with the others it’s the same thing. But a good set is based on technique, on the musicality and also on the communication with the public, this is the main thing we share, the fact you can share something by the help of sound. Many young DJs and producers that start dj ing play head down and go straight into the wall without thinking about what’s happening in front of them. There is also the extreme game of ego of artists where whatever is happening they will do what they want and if people don’t understand it will be the people’s fault and they won’t question themselves. After all that’s my opinion.
Like I said, It depends on the situation we judge that. Because in a festival where we ask an artist to be himself during an hour, it’s going to be a prepared set where he is maybe going to have 2 or 3 tracks to adapt himself to the public and other stuff. But it’s different from a DJ that plays in club in a room where you have to get people’s attention and where you have to « show yourself off ».

13) What is your best experience as an artist?

It’s not easy to resume this. But it’s obviously my first world champion title, it has been a crazy experience to live, it was a kind of dream coming true for me. After that I’ve got many dates, some sick nights, not obviously big nights but where the energy was massively felt and where there was a complicity in between the crowd and what I was doing. It’s hard to resume our best experiences, but I’d say 2008 and 2013 for the wold championships.



14) Would you still present yourself to the world championships today ?

Firstly to get access to the world championships, you need to be the national French champion what demands work and perseverance. The first time I won the world championships it was in 2008, after that many thing happened with many dates and shows, so it’s not that easy to defend your title. I went back there 5 years later in 2013 where I won again. In 2014 and 2015 i didn’t show up and in 2016 we did that team with Netik. We won as a team and as 2017 is a year full of stuff we didn’t get the time to work on it, even though we wish we could defend the title.
I don’t put a cross on it, that’s in individual or as a team, why not doing it again someday. But for the moment there’s alot of projects, its not that easy to put everything in. Now I’m part of the judges which is better !


15) So what can you tell us about your experience as a judge ?

It’s cool to still be enhanced by the discipline, it’s an honor to be called to judge, it proves that you’re still part of that style of music. But it’s far less stressful, it permits you to meet many DJ’s, young and old, that are jusdeges and with who you can share things.
It’s friendly and again far less stressful, even tough there is some stress, because you can’t make errors when you judge, but besides all that it’s rewarding.

 16) What is your worst experience ? It obviously already happened to you.

Never ! I’m joking.
Of course, and not only one. But after all i try to forget them in general, i don’t focalise myself on them. But yes, it can happen, some technical problems, some problems on stage. We use material that has to be on point and sometimes it’s not the case. I don’t blame everything on the material but it happens sometimes. Or sometimes it’s just me that’s tired and i don’t play very well even on a concatenation or on 2/3 scratchs it’s fine it’s not that complicated.
It also happened to me that I found myself in clubs completely out of the subject I’m in, where it plays only general music, clubbing. You just get there and your teeth are tight, you try to adapt yourself, but finally you just know you’re not in the same country, they don’t have the same landmarks as you do so, it’s complicated. But it’s part of the game, nothing is acquired.

17) Do you have a last thing to say to your fans ?

Many kisses to my fans ! There is alot of projects that are coming out, and the creation of a website that will be on social media. There is also an album in it’s way of being released and pany other projects with L’Animalerie. In short, there is many projects in stand-by, and just stay tuned and keep on following and for the DJ’s, never give up !!

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