Bass Interview #25 : Pythius

One year after his Heresy EP and his last trip to the capital in February 2016, we had the chance to interview Pythius right before his time playing at the next Jungle Juice !

1. To begin with, why did you choose the name « Pythius », and where does it come from?

Years ago I was looking for an artist name, and then I thought Python would be a cool word to begin withm so I made a variation on that: Pythus. I googled that and then found Pythius. So, I kept that.

2. With what artists would you like to do a collab, or a b2b?

I would to do a collab with Rob Flynn from Machine Head because his vocals are amazing! Or with Ihsahn because that’s an amazing songwriter.

3. We witnessed or felt some Hardcore vibes in some of your sounds, how did this idea come to your mind ?

I just like Hardcore haha, so it kinda just happens without really thinking about it. Except in the collab with Sinister Souls I did on PRSPCT, I just went for 100% Hardcore on the second drop of that one.

4. Do you have an album project that will be released in the future ? Is it in your plans ?


5. How did you discover Bass Music? Is it a kind of music that is really present in the Netherlands or is it something more in the underground scene like in France ?

I just ran into it, it was a long time ago. But there are a lot of parties here in the netherlands. It still isn’t mainstream like in Czech but it’s definitely at a good place right now

6. What pushed you to become a producer ?

I just wanted to make the music that I liked! I’m playing music (drums) since i’m 8 years old so it kinda made sense!

7. We feel that in some titles of your tracks the universe of Star Wars is implanted, is it an inspiration for you? Are you looking forward to make as much track titles that comes from this universe ?

Haha, it is definitely an inspiration for the track names and the visual side of things! And I think it’s cool to have some Star Wars names, especially if they’re a bit vague. Like on the « New Order EP »  every track name was a Star Wars reference!

Pythius – Let It Roll 2016.

8. As an artist, what was your best experience, and your worst?

My best experiences where either playing at Let It Roll, or playing at Blackout Utrecht, both events are always amazing! Also playing at Jungle Juice a year ago was really cool as well! That was an amazing venue !

And worst experience would be when I had a very heavy fever and still went out to do a DJ gig. That’s not fun, but I just don’t want to cancel because I will hate myself afterwards.

9. Some of our readers would be keen to know if you will be releasing tracks such as « Wait and Bleed VIP » by BBY or, « Executor VIP »?

There is no « Executor VIP », and who knows maybe one day I will release the BBT VIP, or maybe not!

10. What is the place you’d like to play the most at?

I think TivoliVredenburg in the Hometown Utrecht! Amazing Venue and it’s always a good atmosphere.

11. As a big fan of Star Wars as your titles express it, with who would you most likely spend the night with: Padmé Admidala or Princess Leïa?

Ayyyyyyy, tough one (and weird since they’re mother-daughter). But I think I’ll go for Padme, she stole my heart when watching the prequels !

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