Welcome back to the Galaxy Of Dreams (ENG)

Last year we were off to Liquicity Festival for the first time, south of Amsterdam. Since, the event has become the place to be as part of the summer holidays.


For the first time, the festival is going to be two days long, and has a new location, in the north of the town of Alkmaar, still in the Netherlands, for the immense pleasure of thousands of Liquicitizens coming from the world over for the event. After almost 6 hours on the road, the change of scenery is intense as we enter into the Galaxy of Dreams, the trademark of the Liquicity universe: an invasion of smiles, pleasure, and performances to take your breath away, that’s the cocktail that defines such an unreal weekend, all of that topped with the omnipresence of Drum & Bass.

Liquicity lac

For the most sceptic amongst you, the festival doesn’t deal uniquely in Liquid Drum & Bass, as the line up (which is mostly in the image of what was a simple YouTube channel at the offset) is extremely eclectic. The Liquicity essentials (Maduk, Fox Stevenson, Feint, Hybrid Minds, etc…) are ever present, alongside legends such as DJ Marky, Brookes Brothers, or even High Contrast; passing by the Dancefloor of Sub Focus, Dimension and Mind Vortex; the Deep touch of 1991 and Alix Perez; or even the Neurofunk of the likes of Muzzy.

The festival bases its reputation on the amazing ambiance it throws out. Love and brotherhood almost take the hotspot above the music. The Liquicitizens we have had the pleasure of meeting are all as adorable as the next, but the same goes for the staff and the security crew. The feeling of joy is felt all they way through to the artists’ performances, like when MC Mota invited the crowd to take part in a group hug before chanting that the crowd is « the best crowd in the world, in the galaxy, in the universe ».
It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to play volleyball with NCT, T & Sugah and Zazu, or even have a quick chat with the producers who walk freely around the site of the festivities and even in the campsite.


As for the musical performances, although we would like to comment on all of them, we especially remember the B2B between Fox Stevenson and Feint to close the festival, even though both had played individually the night before, the same as for NCT and T & Sugah who played solo on the Saturday and B2B the next day. The same goes for Maduk, who offered us a second very special set of 1h45 as it retraced the history of Liquicity and its essential yearly mixes.
The name DJs were just as sublime, such as the image of DJ Marky who showed all of his mastery throughout a very mixed set, where we were blown away by his deck scratching performance.


It’s fairly emotional as we leave the Galaxy of Dreams, which we are keen to relive again as soon as possible, whether it be through the summer festival or the other events throughout the year.


Photo credits : Liquicity

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