Bass Interview #20 : Phiso

There is not much time left until we step foot in the Dock Pullman for the biggest Bass Music night in the country, which promises to be crazier than ever ! For the occasion, we are so proud to present you our new interview with one of the most mysterious artist of this new edition who will perform his first show in Europe: Phiso !

01. So, firstly, why « Phiso »? How did you come up with that name ?

I kinda just came up with it on the spot when I was signing up for SoundCloud. I wish there was a more interesting story behind it lol. I’d probably be using a different name if I’d known I was gonna get serious.

02. Where do you get your inspiration from? How did you discover the world of Bass Music ?

Basically, I’m inspired by anyone that does “different” really well. There are the obvious names (Aphex Twin, Noisia, Space Laces, The Frim, Mat Zo, etc…), but there are also many underground producers that I feel don’t get the attention they deserve (Aweminus, Executioner, Sudden Death, Neonix, MurDa, Nacha, and many more).
My first introduction to bass music is tough to pinpoint – I think I heard « Fasten Your Seatbelts » by Pendulum in a YouTube video when I was young and loved it. When I first found dubstep though, I remember not really liking most of what I heard lol, but I did listen to bits like « Broken String » by Tek-One, and « Guided Relaxation Dub » by Borgore. I actually didn’t find out who Skrillex was until weeks later, but after I heard « Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites » I was hooked.

03. Did you go to any production classes or are you self-taught ? Have you ever thought about branching out from dubstep and riddim ? Do you play any instruments ?

I’m all self-taught (if you don’t count YouTube tutorials). I’ve tried to make drum and bass in the past, but I always tear myself apart about it because I’m even harder on myself than when I make dubstep. I don’t play any instruments, but I’d like to learn piano or something later down the road.

04. Can you explain to us a bit about the software and the plugin you use when you produce ?

I use FL Studio 11 and Massive, Harmor, Sytrus, and Serum are the basis for all my sounds.

05. How do you feel about your storming success ? Isn’t it scary sometimes as you are a very young producer ? Wouldn’t you have preferred to have had a more gradual success ?

I don’t really consider myself that big, but I think about this a lot. I believe in the journey being more important than the destination. I often wonder what it’d be like if I never received early support from producers like Getter, or if I’d never put up « Jotaro » – but I think things happen for a reason. A gradual success probably would have given me more freedom in some ways, but would’ve limited me in others. It doesn’t scare me too much, but it does bother me occasionally. For example, it’s not as easy to get billed alongside my lesser-known friends.

06. Do you have any words to share about « Wasteland » or « Jotaro« ? Do you feel any pressure when you are producing? After such a rise in the dubstep « game » aren’t you scared that your fans expect more and more from you ? Or even worse, turn their back on you ?

When I wrote « Wasteland », my goal was to create the ultimate generic “riddim” tune, and in that way I kinda ended up failing lmao. It turned out pretty unique I think, especially for the time. It’ll always be one of my personal favourites, it still puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.

« Jotaro » has allowed me to see the impact a hugely popular track has from the artist’s point of view. It’s gone from simply being “2 WIP’s double-dropped with each other”, to being the butt of jokes due to how played out it’s become. For a while after I made it, I actually WAS having issues writing new music because I kept trying to top it (didn’t want to disappoint my followers). I wasn’t conscious of that, so I kept trying to write new music anyways, which put me in a block. It took me a while to realize what I was doing, but I’m all good now.

07. You played live for the first time at Countdown NYE 2016, how did you feel before going on ? How did your gig go in the end ?

Before I went on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t have any opportunities up until then to actually use CDJ’s, so I guess I was hoping nothing went wrong. I remember trying to spin back a tune on the lowest jogwheel sensitivity hahah, but besides that it was a great experience. I’m very grateful to the wonderful people at Big Tooth for making that happen, and I’m stoked to be able to play for them again at Valhalla this July.


08. We are now seeing you on the Animalz line up as an exclusive artist, are you worried about the French public’s reaction or, on the other hand are you excited to play in our country ?

According to SoundCloud, France is among the top 5 countries that listen to my music, so I wouldn’t say I’m too worried 🙂 I’m absolutely excited to play in France (and at Animalz no less)!


Tickets available on Digitick

09. You seem to be a mysterious and secret person, do you play your mysterious side on purpose or is it a game you enjoy having with your public ?

I don’t do it for any particular reason – I was a pretty quiet person before I got into producing too, so I guess I’m still in a shell. I prefer to prioritize music over branding, so maybe that probably factors in as well.

10. You are still very young, how do you imagine your future ? Do you see music as a passion with other life projects on the side or would you like to make a life by playing ? What do your parents think about all that ?

I’m not sure, honestly. I love dubstep right now, but it doesn’t mean my tastes can’t drastically change later on. I’m kinda like that. But even if music doesn’t become my life, I know it’ll at least be an important chapter of it.

11. All this fame around you at your age, doesn’t it scare them? Do you receive a lot of support from your family ?

It’s all relative, I think. Obviously I’m not famous in the same way celebrities are. If I grow substantially from here, then they’re probably going to be a little more nervous – but for the moment, I doubt they’re concerned. They’re supportive of what I do, but they don’t try to get overly involved with things (which works for me).

12. How do you see the future of dubstep? Who is your favorite artist? Any favorite tracks ?

I can see the weird stuff getting really popular. Artists like Oolacile are already taking the scene by storm in that way. I’m definitely optimistic about dubstep’s future, there’s lots more innovation to be had. My favourite artist is definitely Space Laces – anything he makes is amazing.

13. What would be your dream country to play in live? Any particular event or venue that comes to mind ?

Japan, easily. Any event I can get my hands on, honestly. Promoters, get at me.

To end this interview, do you have any final words you would like to share with your French public ? Any special announcements for our readers ?

Thank you all so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy my set at Animalz! I’m working hard to make new music, and I want to be able to share it with you soon.

A big thank you to Phiso for according us his first interview to Stoner Music, now we are just waiting for one thing, seeing him get on the Animalz scene and finally discover his set that we have been waiting for a really long time !

Facebook and Soundcloud‘s Phiso

Listen « Stagger » by Phiso !


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