Bass Interview #17 : Ivory

After two interviews that had success in regards to the label 193 records (Samplifire and Spag Heddy) last december, we come back this week with an interview of one of the foals who has seen this label grow with him. We are obviously speaking about Ivory !

1-How did you get into producing Dubstep ? How did you discover this style and this particular world of Bass Music ?

It was at the first Dubstep show I’d ever attended that I realised that Ireally wanted to produce Dubstep !
I have friends that use to go to thoses parties a long time ago, before I did and when they made me listen to that kind of music at home or wherever, I didn’t get the hype *laughs* it was all new to me and one show was enough to make me love it

2- Who were your influences when starting your career ? Which artists influence you the mos tat the moment ? Have they changed a lot over time ?

I was influenced by Datsik and Excision because they were the first two big artists I was able to see on a night out, and it took a while before I discovered the artists who influence me now !

Among them would be Samplifire & Ganon, Graphyte and Ecraze, who didn’t just influence me but also helped me a lot by sharing their knowledge with me.

3- What’s your favourite software when you’re producing ? Have you changed or tried out others ? What would you suggest to those just starting out ?

Fruity Loops, hands up ! (FL Studio 11 & 12 to be exact).

I started out on Reason 5 but as soon as I discovered FL it was love at first sight.

I can’t really suggest any particular software given that I haven’t tried them all, but Ableton and FL Studio seem pretty simple to work with.

4- How did the crew, The Wizards come to be (made up of Monxx, Med, I-CON, Citrus, and yourself), which literally rocked the landscape of Riddim ? Apart from the collaborations, are you able to help each other out in the production or promotional aspects among others ?

I wasn’t part of the family when it was created about 4 years ago, if memory serves. The crew has known a lot of change among the members, we even got up to 13 members in total . It was at that time that we launched our first tracks, which managed to attract the attention and the support of artists such as Dubloadz or Getter !

As time went on, communication between all the members of the group situated all over the world became pretty complicated given the time difference, the productions became more and more rare and then some members became completely inactive.

So we decided to reform the group, keeping those who were free, and recruiting others who were motivated.

We help each other enormously and we exchange our know-how every day !

5- Can you explain to us the withdrawal of your track ‘93 Style’ despite the success it had ? Do you want to change up the track a bit, or keep it on the back-burner for a future EP/ release ?

I had to take it down because I was lucky enough to sign with a label, who prefers that the track go online only a short time before the official release.

6- When we see the quality of ‘Dead People’ with your compatriot Samplifire, where you mix Jump Up and Riddim sounds, have you got any other Jump Up tracks planned ? Seeing as it’s a style that you play in some of your DJ Sets.

I don’t really have any Jump Up tracks planned but I’m always working on different styles which stray a bit towards that kind of genre. I have some clips of tracks but never enough to make them into something serious.

7- Speaking of collaborations, which one has stuck in your mind the most; which made you the most proud ?

« Triplets Killer » with Emilian Wonk ! It wasn’t easy to do that collab, we restarted 2 or 3 times I think. The hardest part was the language barrier between the two of us. Me, I’m not as skilled in English as I’d like to be, and him, who still struggles a bit.

But anyway, the love of music made it happen, haha.

8- Your last two tracks ‘Retro’ on the compilation of 193 Records, and ‘Conflict’ appear with a fairly different style to your usual. Are you changing up your style, a bit less Riddim, leaning towards other things, or was it just your inspiration at the time of production ?

I make all of my tracks based on the inspiration that I feel in the moment, but recently I’m trying to limit myself a bit less to what I’ve always done, and to broaden my skill set, hence the change.

9- Are you currently able to live on your career in Bass Music ? At what point can we rely solely on a career in Bass Music ?

No, not at all, I still have a way to go ! I think you have to be in a lot of shows to be able to live well from it.

Online music sales don’t bring in much money unless you sell a tonne.

10- After having played in a few countries such as Canada or Holland, for example, which countries would you most like to play next ? Up until now, what’s the craziest show you’ve done, based as much on the atmosphere of the crowd as the technical success of your set ?

The US mostly, I’ll just go with the flow after that, haha.

Montreal will always be my best memory, the crowd is really insane over there.

11- What do you think of the current Dubstep scene, and more specifically, Riddim, where there are a bunch of talented producers emerging at the moment. We now see the success of really young producers in the space of just a few months. Do you think the popularity of SoundCloud is the reason for this ?

I think the Dubstep scene changes every single day.

The fact that there’s this recent hype about Riddim creates new variety, even some usually mainstream artists are giving it a go. I find that really cool !

I don’t know exactly if SoundCloud is the reason for the success of certain young producers, I’d more say the talent does the work.

12- What’s the funniest (or weirdest) anecdote that you’ve seen during one of your nights, apart from you and your Ivory Dance ?

AnswerD when he tried to do the same moves at New Years this year. The video must be floating around somewhere.

13- What is your final goal in producing Dubstep ? To live from it for the rest of your life, or simply to enjoy your youth and then go on to other things ?

I don’t plan to live on my career solely in Dubstep, but Music in general, I produce a whole bunch of other stuff on the side.

We can’t know what the future’s got in store for us but I don’t plan on moving on to other things after this part of the journey.

14- What do you think of the French public compared to abroad ? Even if your opinion is clearly subjective.

The French public is amazing, it doesn’t matter what night it is, or the setting, there’s always a good atmosphere ! I can’t wait for my next show in March !

15- Do you have anything left to say to our readers ?

‘Pâté en croûte’
Nah, but seriously, thank you so much to those who help me make my dreams a reality every day !

We thank Ivory for this interview and we will come back to you shortly with an express interview of a big Dnb trio !

Facebook and Soundcloud of Ivory

Listen  » Kung Fool  » by Ivory


Photography by Neouu

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