Immersion in South Africa at the Lighthouse Festival (24/02/2017)

Eclectic line up for an intimate festival in a paradisiacal place, Stoner music decided to take a turn at the Lighthouse festival despite the inexistant Bass programming.

To end our stay off in style, we went to this event which, already exists in Croatia has decided to be exported around Cape town for a first edition.

For our last festival on the southern coasts of the continent we saw things in big, minibus hire to take our whole flat and especially good to start the festivities during the transport.

The journey is as good as our expectations, we pass quickly from the city to the great green spaces, the roads that sneak into the mountains to arrive on the beautiful beach of Slangkop and its marvellous Lighthouse which decorates our skyline .

We discover a simplistic installation, large white tents and little light games; a little strange when we are used to enormous festivals of disproportionate budgets and this was one of the reasons that enlightened our interest to go to this festival : and you will quickly understand why !

lighthouse use now

The place is beautiful, having experience in festivals and having done some outdoor too, this one is by far located on the most beautiful place we could imagine, the ocean was at about 20 meters from the stage and mountains could be perceived on the other side : it was a magical feeling, one would almost feel in the arms of mother nature.

On the music side, one oscillates between House and Tech House for a relaxing afternoon on the edge of the beach, big sun and nothing better than to sit on a rock, to admire the landscape while being lulled by the progressive rhythm of a House set not too far away.

We let you discover the line up :

Andhim – PATRICK – HVOB – Marco Resmann – Wolfram – Kunkel – Tazz – Vinny Da Vinci – Terrence Pearce.


At the end of the day and at the approach of the sunset it is HVOB which enters on scene for a live of one hour. It is this moment that could be called the climax of the festival : a magnificent place with a public doped with positive vibes, smiles on all faces, the sun beginning to lie down and HVOB comes to seek us to invite us in his lullaby full of meanders of a deep Deep House.

use now 2

Planned productions supported by the aerial and soothing female voice of the band : an hour of traveling between Electro, acoustics and organic sounds, in an audience gathering in front of the stage to share this moment out of time (and to warm themselves up also).

It is here that the magic of the Outdoor is born, it begins to be a little cold outside and everyone gathers, heats up, it is a bubble of well-being that’s created in front of this small white tent supported by timid lights but so pleasant. HVOB was surely the best live I saw, today I still smile and feel bliss when I think back to those magical moments.

HVOB marked a break in the musical progression of the day since before their passage the rhythm accelerated, and it is after their last title that he resumed with Andhim !

We climb in the bpm for a late evening and more dancing kind of night, it warms everyone and delights house lovers, we are also very happy because it is a very good dj set that’s delivered to us ! We let you discover a production from their last ep « Tosch »:

Andhim – Tosch (ft. Piper Davis)

This festival conquers us all, with a programming and sets of a rare quality : many are the times where we turn to our friends and find out how good it is, well mixed and in harmony with the atmosphere of the evening. The paradisiacal place enchants us all and it is a real disorientation sublimated by a charming public in every moment : there was only happiness!

We strongly advise the lighthouse festival for the edition of croatia or even the one of South Africa, it fits in our top 3 of the best festival while it is far enough away from our first musical tastes … Thanks to their team and for their welcoming and all the friends who come with us, if we pass not too far, we will return with pleasure !


Credits: Aaron Polikoff, Quentin Ordoux.


Une réflexion sur “Immersion in South Africa at the Lighthouse Festival (24/02/2017)

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    Admirez la beauté naturel de Madagascar, ses faunes et flores, les piscines naturels, voyager à Madagascar pour des vacances de rêves.

    Le levé du soleil, le couché du soleil, profitez des moments aventureux dans chaque région du pays, dans les îles constituants également notre île. Observez aussi les différents us et coutumes lors de vos voyages et vos séjours.

    Merci pour le partage.


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