Spotlight on #31 : Jiqzy

This week, spotlights come back for the release of our all new website !
Today, the spotlight is dedicated to an emergent artist of the French Dubstep scene : Jiqzy, pronounced « Jeek – see » !

Currently living in Prague for his business studies, he came back in Paris for a week-end to unleash the Bass Kour #5 the last 3rd of february.

He started production and mix in 2015 under the name of State of Noise with his friend Skitear now known as Blayd.

They build together Exitzone which offered two major events whose second edition marked le Trabendo during summer 2015. Oriented towards violence, Deathstep and Heavy Dubstep pushed to their edges with 3 exclusives artists coming from the Deathstep scene.

Then, the split of the duo during summer allowed Jiqzy to start his solo project in september 2016 with « Roboscop ». He thrills robotical and heavy sounds, leading to a cadenced Dubstep with imposing snares omnipresent machine-guns. His vocals brings us back to the golden age of Code: Pandorum.

Gradually as the time and the tracks are flying, his style gets better and better taking the shape of a mutation of Deathstep and Riddim, mixing sound designs from both universes. The fusion between those two genres forms his style. Jiqzy however produces dinstinct tracks from time to time.

We can mention his remix of the notorious « Chosen » from Code: Pandorum, true hymn for machine guns with pure violence and a deeply robotic and mecanic sound design with a speechless end.

His first achievement is his collaboration a year ago with his ex-teammate Blayd with « T.B.O.A », a really technical and thin production. An elaborate intro followed by a first Samplifire-like drop and a second one filled with machine-guns.

Quickly the appreciation of Riddim Network Exclusive and JD4D had arrived. Two repost channels on soundcloud, mainly focused on Riddim. The effect of theirs reposts can quickly make the viewers count take off. It is with « Victory », reposted by Riddim Netword Exclusive, that Jiqzy had his biggest success with more than 30 000 listening.

A frankly Riddim track, not as heavy as his previous tracks, classic with Riddim roots but brings an unique sound design, even if the influence of the vocals and different robotic elements reminds his heavy tendencies.

On JD4D’s side, the track « Stuck in Madness » released 8 month ago offers us a true growly side, typical Jiqzy stuff. A dark atmosphere, powerful synths, machine guns as always, and a great production skill ensuring consistency. All of this with very worked introductions and more and more violent endings.

In the same perspective, we also suggest his last freebie « Enraged » with psytrance inspirations (sureley taken from his side project prog/prystance Osadora) a apocalyptical vibe, orchestral with the presence of choirs and pianos.

We will meet Jiqzy again with a release on the upcoming maxi EP of Pandabeat Records and we’ve warned you, this is Jiqzy business !

To conclude, we have decided to offer you a selection of the 3 best tracks of Jiqzy according to the Stoner team.

(This ranking is purely subjective and not exhaustive, there are the tracks that have made us vibrate the most).


Facebook and Soundcloud of Jiqzy


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