Bass Interview #16 : Samplifire

While our friends from 193 Records has just released their very first compilation, we’ve interviewed one of their foals for whom you usually demonstrate a lot of love. We’re talking about the frenchie Samplifire !

1- You’ve just released a track on the very first compilation of the label 193 Records, can you tell us how is born this love story between you and this organization ?

Hi Stoner Music, thanks for the interview ! Well, it has begun quite naturally in February 2015 when they booked me for the Drop in Bass #13 in b2b with Ivory ! That was my first booking ! I’ve just released my collab with Ivory « Drug Dealer » and Milas really liked it so thanks to Ivory, Milas and Margo for this first booking ! In addition, play just before Da Force… it’s insane.

2- Can you talk about your career?

In my familly, we’ve always been interested in music, more specifically my father who already listened to Techno when I was young ! With hindsight, I’m convinced that the love for music came gradually and the defining element was undoubtedly the show of Rusko (thanks Dad for taking me) ! With a friend (dedication Clément) we clearly took a slap ! At this moment I started to produce, in part because I could not play football anymore because of a thigh injury. Of course I tried to produce Bass Music ! Things began to change when my little brother enrolled me in the « Dub vs Dub » contest where you confront track to other producers until the final ! I was in a finale with Axel Boy at the first edition and that’s what gave me publicity ! Then, things got faster and faster since I met 193 Records.

3- Which artists most inspired you in your early days ? Those which inspires you today ?

At the beginning (and it’s always the case), to be honest, I listened to EVERYTHING : film music, Bass Music, Techno, Beats … So the inspiration was multiple and difficult to target ! I really wanted to develop the Dubstep sound and find my sonority. I think artists like Phiso, Murda, Oolacile, Midnight T, Funtcase or Space Laces necessarily contribute to my musical choices, but I keep trying to stay the most original. Well, I try to feed me with many new ideas as possible in different genres like music from movies, OST of video games …

4- Your song « Misty » was chosen by Excision to be in his 2015 Shambhala mix, what does it mean to you ? Did it impact the number of your followers ?

It was a big slap for me *laugh*, I just had my first bookings, my first collabs, the followers were beginning to arrive ! I don’t think that there is a link with the numbers of my followers, on the other hand it made me earn support from other huge DJs in the middle (12t planet, Downlink …).

5- Talking about Downlink, not long ago you released a collab with Downlink, can you tell us how did you proceed ?

In fact, he also used to play « Misty » at this time, except that he was playing his version, an edit he made from the mp3 ! He asked me for more tracks by mail and showed me this video where he played my track as a set intro. I suggested him to collab on it to make a VIP and he was ok ! Then finally, we remotely exchanged the stems of the project several times until getting the actual track !

6- You have not fooled the world to play live yet, what is the country or the event in which you dream to play?

Indeed, my path begins, I’ve played in the majority of countries with a Bass Music scene (Europe, Canada, Australia) but I still miss a big chunk : the USA ! With my agency, we work on it to gather the necessary for a tour ! All types of parties could be crazy (from 200 people to 5000) but I admit that if I could play at EDC Las Vegas it would be a goddamn dream.

7- Can you tell us a funny anecdote that happened in your artistic life ?

Every time when we are with all the team of french buddies there is so many files that I will not start now *laugh* ! But in general, it’s all great encounters, friends, shows are delirium in-themselves !!! Wait for it comes back to me: the IvoryDance to the new year from last year !!!

8- Can you give us your opinion about the evolution of Tear Out in the world ? Something that you’ve largely participated in France with artists like Ivory or Ganon.

If you talk about all the underground artists in the Dubstep I am completely convinced that it is in perpetual evolution. I see this as a game. we almost know each other between producers and it is a little game like : who will release the best track ? Who will launch a new sound ? Who will impose himself in a few time … you know ? For example, lately my super friend Oolacile just blows everything, he is in Disciple and is booked everywhere and, especially, he has imposed HIS style so unique ! I love it, it’s ultra challenging !

9- Do you think that you are actually in the golden age of the French Dubstep, usually dominated by the Anglo-Saxons ? What do you think of this globalization of Dubstep ? Nowadays, we book DJs from all over the world, from Argentina to South Africa, is this a concrete answer to those who thought that Dubstep was going to crash ?

Dubstep evolves with its sonorities, its BPM (which goes up more and more, the standard is 150 BPM now), its aggressiveness, its loudness … But I don’t think that we’ve reached a golden age of French Dubstep. According to my opinion, it will continue to grow up (French producers and the influence of French shows in the world). A pallet of new producers is working hard at the moment and it’s great, it has to continue. I think to Graphyt, Ecraze, Vokt, Nacha, AnswerD, Madz, GFT and HighDude ! Ivory, Ganon, Dirty Zblu, Basstrick, Extra Terra are also sick ! We still have steps before going to compete with the Anglos-Saxons, but it is also related to the industry which is still implanted in the US ! « Dubstep Is Dead » has never been true …

10- Do you have a last word for our readers ?

Thanks to everyone for the support, the sharing, the energy at gigs, it is so sick … And it’s only a beginning !!

We thank a lot Samplifire for his answers. Run to get the famous compilation from 193 Records to wait before our next interview, again about an artist which is on this compilation.

Facebook and Soundcloud of Samplifire

Listen « Misty » from Samplifire !


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