Bass Interview #15 : Spag Heddy

For the occasion of the release of the first compilation “Ouhlalaa” from the Parisian label 193 Records, Stoner Music met a producer very appreciated in France, Spag Heddy.

1- You are going to release in a few days a track on the first compilation of the label 193 Records, can you tell us how was born the love story between you and this organization ?

A long time ago , it was a cold rainy day in Paris , in February 2014, there was a nervous little Dutch boy standing. He had no idea what to expect, but then got welcomed with open arms by Margo , and his heart was on fire. Haha. No kidding though, 193 are great hosts, every show or visit I have done to France have been amazing thanks to their good care. Weʼve always been good friends. Milas and me have traveled through the US together and played shows.

2- Can you tell us about your career ?

When Dubstep was still relatively new in the Netherlands in 2011, my roommates came back from a Caspa & Rusko show and played some of it and I instantly fell in love with the wobbles. Iʼd been making Hip-Hop instrumentals on FL Studio for a few years, and loved going to Drum & Bass events every now and then to get loose. Now Dubstep took over my life, I loved making it and dropped free downloads every week. (which nowadays is was a rapid growing Dubstep producers platform in that time, and once they started picking up my music it went really quick. Bigger artists started playing my stuff and asked me to release on their labels and so on.

3- Which software do you use to produce your music and what is your favorite VST ?

Iʼm on FL Studio 12.4 and my main generator VSTʼs are Massive, Harmor and Sylenth1. Favourite VST of the moment is Harmor.

4- Which artists inspired you most in your early days ? Are they those who inspire you today ?

This producer of Dutch Hip-Hop group Opgezwolle has been one of my biggest inspirations for a long time. When Dubstep came up it was at first Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P. Then Skrillex took over and heʼs still my main bae. The English Lads are still mad inspiring me on the daily though. Also like Trampa, Tisoki, Zomboy, LAXX.

5- For some time now, you have abandoned captivating melodies that made your success, do you think about releasing tracks again in the register of « The Master » or « Gift in Glass » ?

Absolutely. I donʼt have them in the planning right now, but I will never quit making melodic stuff. Iʼll be going in this or that direction for a while and then return for a bit or whatever. Just doing what I feel like doing.

6- We often saw you playing in France and especially in Paris but also more and more in the rest of the world, are you able to live from your music ? If not, do you practice another activity ?


Iʼve been able to live of music for a while now, and itʼs truly a blessing to have come to this point. Especially since Iʼve been touring in the US, where the EDM market is so much bigger than in Europe or anywhere else, it has become a true full time job. Which is amazing, but also exhausting. When you get bigger, the expectations also get higher and plans need to be made and deals to be closed etc. etc. So, if I even had other hobbies well now thereʼs no time haha.

7- Do you have any current projects ? Maybe an album after the significant number of your tracks, remixes and EP’s you’ve released ?

Thereʼs at least 10 projects going on at any time. Plans for a new EP are being made, in the meantime Iʼll be releasing some remixes and collabs.

8- What do you think about the Bass Music scene in France ?

Tres bien ! The French are absolutely crazy, no matter in what city. Iʼm always amazed by the energy from doors open till doors close. Next to that do the people actually know the artists and the music and recognise lots of stuff, which makes it all even more grateful !

9- Can you tell us an amusing anecdote that you have happened in your life as an artist ?

Talking about France, it happened in Paris once that I was backstage and during the set of a dj who played 2 hours before me people already started chanting « SPAG HEDDY SPAG HEDDY ». Not that he was bad but the crowd was just really hyped. That was amazing haha. In the US youʼll see the craziest stuff too, like in Houston where they had a little blow up pool filled up with cooked spaghetti and went wrestling in it. Or during my entire set a couple was practically doing each other right in front of me. Or in Australia where the club warned us to not evoke moshpits, and during my set there were 3 at the same time.

10- Several of your tracks have been and still are played by Excision, have you ever thought of making a collab ?

Absolutely !

11- Do you have any words for our readers ?

Drugs are bad, ‘mmmkay. Donʼt get lost in the sauce. Or maybe u should. Donʼt listen to me.


It is on this funny touch that ends our interview of Spag Heddy, hoping that our questions give you more about the character played by Mischa Reining. We meet up very quick for a second interview of an artist from the label 193 Records, this time he is French : SampliFire.

Facebook and Soundcloud of Spag Heddy

Listen « The Master » by Spag Heddy !


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