Bass Interview #14 : Dr. Ozi

It’s time to end our partnership with this epilogue ! During the last edition of ANIMALZ, the Stoner Music Team met Dr. Ozi, a few minutes before his b2b2b with BadKlaat and Trampa in front of a crazy crowd, we had to ask him some questions …

1- How do you feel to play for the second time at animalz in Paris ?

The last time I played in Paris, at Aanimalz, was 2 years ago during the Excision show. I have never laid my hands on CDJs, that was the first time ever, and I was after Excision so I was scared. I really had to find my way to move like stop shaking, trying to put my USB on the USB-spot, it was surreal. But at the same time I’m coming back with an all new aura like positiveness. It’s really nice, because you can see how many people are enjoying this right now, and then you just take the inspiration and try to play on your decks. I feel fucking happy that I’m here right now.

2- Is it an honor for you to represent the NSD : Black Label tonight with Trampa & BadKlaat ?

Yeah yeah yeah, I think all 3 of us are gonna do a really good job tonight. We’ve never done it, a 3 pieces back 2 back, and something like this is probably the best way to do it, to do 3 pieces back 2 back, because it’s a bigger crowd and you get experience and try new things. But, I think representing my label, right now, is probably the coolest way to do it in Paris.

3- How was 2016 for you ? With a lot of releases on several labels.

I feel it amazing, my carrier has kind of took off in this past 2 years, because it’s not just I’m making music and I release it, it’s really a collaborated work with Black Label, and I try to see what song is the best to pull-out. When my Stampede EP became out I did « Youth In Asia », « D.O.G », « B0ss » and « Your Face », all these were handpicked by Black Label. That was really good, but the only reason I said it’s been 2 years, it’s I was before in previous labels like Buygore, Firepower Records, so I got to quit that for Black Label. I wanted to see if I can do something different, and I think honestly the Black label, so far, is pushing me really really well, so this is really good.

4- What can you say about your future releases ?

I’ve couple things going on. I’ve been early steady busy for like 2-3 weeks. But I have couple remixes out soon I’m doing one for NSD, I can’t say for who. I guess I will just let people to guess what it would be, and I’m doing one for another records. And I’ve 33 unreleased tracks right now in my pocket. There is coming soon soon.

5. Earlier you were 2 in Dr.Ozi, what’s happened ?

Yes, we were 2. I’m not exposing the truth because lots of people lie to wandering why did he leave and what was happening. I think there was lot of differences between him and I thinking what exactly do we want. He wanted school and I wanted to do music, and things didn’t connect well and we got a little bit of vectors like usual bands would get, that you don’t have your mainstay and honestly I wished him luck, for whatever he wants to do, he’s starting his new project which is really really really inspiring. But at the same time I think I did the right choice of doing it by myself, and I don’t regret anything.

A big thanks to Dr. Ozi for according us this interview, we hope we answered his fans questions and we will come back soon for a new interview of an highly anticipated dutch producer…


Facebook and Soundcloud of Dr. Ozi

Listen « Triple Six » from Dr. Ozi !



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