Bass Interview #13 : Chwet

For the first time at Stoner Music, we interviewed an event organization ! Learn more about the process of Chwet and their lovers of bass, to origins of Splash, Jungle Juice or Animalz !

1- It’s been some years that you are in the organisation of Bass Music events. Can you tell us the story of Chwet, the origins of this name, how the adventure has started and the evolution ? 

It’s a simple story : 2 friends who after a long time to organise Drum’n’Bass events in the south of France, came to the capital. After a checking point on what was made there. We met Hugabass who finished the adventure of the famous and regretted I LOVE JUNGLE, and he passed the hand to us. After have found the Jungle Juice name, we started on little capacities like Glazart or La Bellevilloise. The success, based on a radically different proposition of other events at this period was, immediate ! We decided to do other events with dimensions more consequent like at the Cabaret Sauvage. It’s there that our friendship with our brothers of Dirtyphonics, came to a head because they presented their first live, which was a huge buzz. We are frequently saying that we have born there on the same evening with them, there. 

For the name of Chwet : we were looking for a simple name which can symbolize our activity. The owl is an animal which, as well as an nocturnal animal (a little bit like us), and it’s an animal which throughout periods and civilizations has symbolized best and worst signs ! We liking this duality and it can remind to us that it’s important to take nothing for garanteed. For the spelling of the name, it was necessary that english people can read and understand it, simply !

2- Everyone is curious to know the behind the scenes of an industry like Chwet and to know how much you are on these projects ? And we keep in mind the fact that you call some exterior contributors during your flagship event : Animalz.

Actually, we are 2 working at Chwet, and it has always been the fact. But, we are really well surrounded; the company is a real familial hive of activity.

3- Are you living your music passion for a while ? Which advices you may have to tell to people who want to start a new events organisation of Bass Music in France?

We are living of the Chwet project but we would not be able if we didn’t make to Chwet a booking and advice agency, which is developing some 360° projects. We were surrounded by partners, which enabled this stability. The only thing that I could say is that it’s impossible, in France, to live with only the organization of bass music events, and we can do this thanks to the complete ecosystem we created. 

4- Do you take in count your educative role during the conception of your line up ? The fact that you give to many people the opportunity to discover artists ? Are you taking risk on certain bookings to give this opportunity to reveal some artists which you like their work ? 

We are always taking risks and it’s an important part of what generates our excitation ! We can’t count anymore the artists which we gave their first show (out of their country) and we are so proud of it ! It enables us to have a privileged relationship with them.

5- Can you tell us your best and, your worst experience with an artist ? 

For the worst experiences, we give up the sponge. For the best experience, which is more global : many artists like 12th Planet or Phace, to just quote them, became with the time some real friends and it’s a luck !

6- How do you do when you’re facing up to an unexpected at the last minute ? 

Handle the unexpected is a thing that you can learn with the experience. Learn to stay cool and to focus informations to formulate an efficient answer. We are taking a particular attention to the preparation, which can enable you, finally, to have the tiny probability to face these unexpected things.

7- What are you thinking about the recent evolution of the Bass Music in France ?  Do you think that we can have huge events like Toxic Summer or EDC in France ?

I’m a little bit proud of the current aspect : the Bass Music isn’t isolated anymore like in the past, I think that our professionalism and one of certain promoters showed to many professionals (club, festival etc.) that we are able to work. 

This contributed to smooth our negative image, and enabled to open some doors to certain places which were forbidden to us until now, to do new projects and to participate to the evolution of our current scene. The problem is that just one part of Bass Music public watch and dream of those festivals, and wants to see shows at this level in France. But, it’s often, this same section of the public which forgets to compare the prices of those events. EDC’s pass is 400$ for one night, a Splash’s line-up costs 35$ in Los Angeles and I don’t speak of the licences, which are higher than in France. Complicated calculations on events walls make often us smile : they are so far from reality and the real cost for the making of an event like Animalz in France. Same thing for the comparison with Belgian events : if we want to do an equitable comparison, it’s important to take every elements in count like the tax level and the cost of work. When we want to compare an event which is in Czech Republic, it can be judicious to compare the level of life and the cost of life.

8- Do you know another public in Europe or in the world ? Have you ever done some events elsewhere in France ?

Yes, I move a lot and in the course of time; I’ve meet organizers in the entire world. It permits to have a global vision of the scene and Animalz is the synthesis of this experience. For example, with good friends, we organized a Splash in Beirut in 2012, and it was an unforgettable and successful experience. And we can’t say more for the moment but, a lot of international projects are in the pipeline.

9- A recurrent question : is it possible to see Destroid or Excision coming in France or Europe with his The Paradox Show ?

For the same reasons as our answer to the 7th question, all the question is in the price that the public is ready to paid to watch this type of show. Simply !

10- Do you have an artist or a band which you would like to book however it’s impossible ? And for which reasons can’t you ?

Sorry but, same answer : Destroid and the Paradox Tour, it’s that same cost reason.

11- You might have some particular requests from artists, can you tell us ?

Thanks goodness for us : the quasi-totality artists of this scene are many far away from caprices and asking that Steve Aoki or Madonna could have ! So nothing particular at this level : as long as we have vodka, everything is going well !

12- With the success of Chwet, have you ever thinking to create your own Bass Music festival on several days ?

We were close to the festival project by organising the Border festival which nevertheless offered only one Bass Music night. However it’s still a project that Live Nation – our new partners – could help us to undertake !

13- We are coming at the end of this interview, do you have few words, informations to your fans about this new Animalz edition ?

We hard-worked to release a 20 artists line up, each crazier than the one before. They are as restless as all of you to fight. And especially the scenography : I think that many of still didn’t recovered from the work made on the last edition ! Get ready for somethiEng different but as colossal !



Thanks to the CHWET’boss for this interview, and for their answer to our questions ! Next meeting for another Bass interview, and until, rendezvous at Dock Pullman, this Saturday for Zomboy, Dion Timmer, Trampa and others !

Facebook of Chwet


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