Bass Interview #12 : Dirtyphonics

Stoner Music managed to get an interview with Dirtyphonics, the iconic and legendary French Bass Music band.

This lenghty interview with our frenchies allowed us to learn more about that trio’s history, formerly a quartet, mainly based in Los Angeles.

1- It’s not usual to meet four members in a Bass Music band, can you tell us more about the production and mix at this stage ? And how is it that you are more just three ?

We are not the only ones having a dynamic atmosphere in a band. Pendulum, Bad Company are other examples of iconic bands of Bass Music, but it’s true that it’s still quite marginal. In the studio, there is no pre-defined method; we have a workflow based on feeling. Sometimes we start songs separately, sometimes we’re get together and begin something on a mutual idea. Over time, we’ve quickly learned to write in airplanes, hotel rooms, backstage … We are also trying to answer this interview while flying above the Atlantic. 

Thomas left the group in 2013 to focus on his painting and to spend more time with his family. Living on the road is a super intense life where you meet a lot of people and where you live magical moments but you are so far from yours, your friends, your family …

2- Do you live in France ?

We (Charly and Pitch) moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Julien still lives in Paris, where we still have a studio. Every time we play in Europe we try to find some time to go to Paris and get together to make music.

3- What are the reasons that led you to live in Los Angeles ?

Most of the people who work for us are there, and it made things easier for us to get closer to our team. The past five years we’ve been there so many times and we started to play with the idea of moving there. Most of our musician friends live here too, and when you want to do something you easily find enough people to participate and work with you. In France we have heard too many times the answer « no » when we tried something new – that’s why we started working with other countries from the get go. And the Californian climate … getting up and checking your emails by the pool, in January, with 25 degrees celcius : that’s priceless.

4- Do you feel a difference between American and European public during your shows ?

Yes of course. They don’t listen to the same music at the same time. Genres evolve differently depending on whether they are created in Europe or the US. Dubstep was born in Europe and everything like Hyrid Trap in the US. American have a much shorter attention span than people in Europe (though it is rather than generational than geographical) and a huge culture of the latest electronic music. It’s pretty cool to play in both continents and make different sets.

5- What are your passions outside of music ?

Music takes most of our time but we’re still skating.

6- In 2014 you had the honour to join Excision during his tour with iLL Gates, what can you tell us about that ? Special memories, anecdotes to share ? Did this tour had an impact on your reputation ?

65 dates in 3 months, 2 buses, 2 trucks full of equipment and production, 24 guys : for sure we have countless memories and crazy stories. A tour like that, you just live it. It cannot be told. Playing in front of thousands of people every night definitively has an impact on your reputation and it’s lit as fuck !

7- What do you hope in 2016 for Dirtyphonics ?

The year has started very well ! We won the DJmag award for the best French Electro group. We went on our “Neckbreaker Tour » with Funtcase and Habstrakt. We played over 25 shows in the US and Canada, then went back and forth between Europe and the US during the summer for the festival season. Music wise, after releasing “Neckbreaker » and « Holy Sh!t” we are finalizing our next EP and jumping on a world tour for the release starting in Australia and in New Zealand. We also have a bunch of musical surprises coming up -which we can’t talk about yet- so we’re very busy.

8- You are booked all over the world and traveling a lot, what is your favorite destination ? Is there a country you still dream to visit ?

There are so many places we fell in love with it’s hard to pick one … Places we would like to go and play : South Africa, China, South America (Argentina, Chile Colombia) …

9- We came to see you during the latest edition of Animalz, where you were three. It was great to celebrate the Animalz 2 years anniversary and you offered us an exclusive, it was a special date for you, wasn’t it ?

Paris is always a special date for us. It’s home, family, and homies … And obviously the Animalz are insane ! 6000 people in love with bass music gathered for an evening in Paris, it was a crazy dream when we started our career !

10- When you were still four, you performed in live set, why did you switch to dj sets?

The answer is in your question. We are no longer 4.

11- How do you see your project « Dirtyphonics » evolve over time ? Julien is also a producer for Tha Trickaz. Pitchin and Charly : do you want to create a side project or to invest with other types of music ?

We have always written music outside Dirtyphonics, who said we hdon’t have a side projet yet ? 

12- When you started Dirtyphonics, did you think that your group would grow that much ? What are the tracks that you remember the most, those of which you are most proud of ?

When we started we didn’t think to go that far but at the same time we never set limits. We don’t stop ourselves from trying anything we like and we work a lot. The most emblematic tracks of Dirtyphonics are : “Vandals”, “Anonymous”, “Where Are You Now”, “Walk In The Fire”, “Quarks”, “Scary Monsters Remix”, “Power Now” …

13- We loved your « Deviance » remix from Excision and Datsik, do you think that one day you could work with any of them?

Datsik calls us every week to make a collab in his studio ! Our schedules make it complicated to be in the same city at the same time, but we will make it happen. The same goes for Excision, we need to take the time to do it.

14- Do you have an unknown producer that you would like take under your wing ?

Habstrakt, does that count ? Hahaha. We receive tracks from young producers all the time and some of them make pretty cool stuff. Muzzi is doing some cool stuff at the moment.

15- What are the Bass Music productions that have impressed you the most in 2015 ?

Phiso – Jotaro
Decimal Bass – Work For Nothing
Ephwurd & Jauz – Rock The Party
Mind Vortex – Future Fold

16- What are the French producers you prefer now ?

Tha Trickaz, Creaky Jackals, Habstrakt, Bad Joke, Niveau Zero.

17- What is the producer with whom you’d love a collaboration ?

Flume, Pendulum, Noisia, Daft Punk …

18- After releasing « Irreverence » in 2014, can we expect a new album soon ?

For now we love EP format. It allows us to release our music faster, and the way of listening to music has evolved so much that we don’t feel the need to make an album at the moment. But never say never.

19- Is it possible that one day Dirtyphonics release a Crossbreed or Jump up track ?

We’re open to all genres. As far as  Jump Up goes, take a listen to Dirtyphonics & Funtcase –  Neckbreaker.

20- To end this interview, would you have a message for your fans ?

Thank to all of you for supporting us, to give us so much fun at our shows with your energy and to make us laugh online big time !


You guessed it, after passing a milestone in 2016 with their Neckbreaker Tour, the Dirtyphonics will sustain their momentum with for instance their new EP which we’re waiting resolutely here at Stoner Music. 

Thanks to Julien, Charly and Pitchin for your time and your answers to our questions.

Facebook and Soundcloud of Dirtyphonics

Listen « Walk in the Fire » from Dirtyphonics !


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