Bass Interview #11 : The Unik

Last march 4th, during the last Code of season 5, Stoner Music has interviewed The Unik. After 10 minutes of Skism’s set, we came into the backstages to meet Adrien with his friend Guillaume (alias KTDR1) and Cookie Monsta. We focused on Adrien’s productions, with his nervous tracks which blow up, a remix of Excision and Space Laces, we’ve wanted to know more about him and we’ve questionned him.

1- Who are you ? Can you quickly introduce your project The Unik ? 

Hello, i’m Adrien (The Unik), i’m rather a Dubstep artist, even Bass Music to be larger ! 

2-  When have you started producing music and with which style have you started all this ? 

I started in a crew 20 years ago, at the very beginning of Trip-Hop. I was doing programming guitar and quickly after I turned towards Neurofunk and Drum and Bass .  

3- Which are the artists who gave you the need to produce ? Did you just found a Bass Music track and thought that was what you wanted to produce ? 

At the very beginning Noisia, Spor, Lifted Music, and quickly I also started to produce Dubstep after listening to Benga, Caspa etc… I’ve signed on Play Me at Los Angeles, things came after another and since people rather know me as a Dubstep artist even though i’m more Drum and Bass basically.

4- Who are the artists who inspire you the most for your Dubstep tracks ?

Today, i’m influenced by Exision for the big picture, the stability. But i’m influenced by so much artists 

I cannot quote them all. Cookie Monsta who’s here, SkisM who’s playing at the moment, everybody ! 

5- How could you explain the fact that big producers like Downlink and Excision have turned to you ? Or were you looking forward to contact them ? 

For the little story I first met Sean (Downlink) online, on AOL Messenger. 
By the time, I was about to go in Thailand for holidays, and he had done this trip before so we were talking about it. 
Little by little we talked producing and Bass Music, then he became a worldwide known artist with 500k followers on Facebook!

About Destroid it was also a combination of factors. I’m a mastering engineer, i’ve got a studio named X-Pand Sound Mastering and i’ve had several jobs for many labels from the Dubstep scene including Rottun recordings (Excision’s, Downlink’s etc label). I also worked with MC Messinian who’s the MC of Destroid, so naturally at one point I had to make a remix for them, and it was « Get Stupid » !

6- With which producers would you like to work?

About collaboration, I would love to work with Jake, aka Kill The Noise !

7- We listened to your remix from Tambour Battant : « Gepetto ». It really changes what we usually listen, what gave you the inspiration to make this remix, where did you get this idea?

About « Gepetto », which was made with Grems, it was a meeting between my Hip-Hop influences (it’s been 15 years I’m really into it) and my work in production. I really wanted to offer something new, compared to what I was doing in Dubstep before, putting the bass forward, with melodies and high sounds, but without making a nervous song, it was like a test !

8- Have you ongoing projects for The Unik ? 

Yes, many. It’s been 2 years and half I’m working on my album. During this time frame many things happened : I just finished my album and now I’m in negotiations with labels so I can’t tell you more, but releases in Los Angeles and on Buygore are coming.

9- Is there a favourite label in which one you would like to sign?

There are so many. With labels, all depends on the musical style imposed and agreements with them. Otherwise, my crush is Ninja Tune ! (But that will never happen because it has nothing to do with the music I usually make). We didn’t know Adrien, he well took the piss out of us, but finally we had a look on it and we advise you to do the same !

10- According to you, who are the French producers who will stand out in 2016 ?

Well, there is one just next to me, Guillaume alias KTDR1 with his Sumerz project with DJ Skillz who just became DMC world champion and he’s going to play with the king master of Fingerdrumming : Jeremy Ellis ! I think it’s going to hit seriously in the near future ! So for 2016 : Sumerz, KTDR1, Skillz and my buddy who rocks for a long time : Habstrakt !

11- Which live session strongly left a mark on your memories ? Which places could you visit during your lives?

I had the chance to play in Mainland China and I really keep an amazing memory. I played in a small town called Tianjin (Northeast China), next to Beijing, there are 8 million people as in San Francisco, but for them it’s only a village (laughs) : there’s not a soul out there. During the day there are 8 million people and at night the city is empty, there’s nobody and then you get a really indescribable feeling ! In Europe it’s something we don’t know. Once I arrived in a station as big as Bangkok Airport, there was no Chinese. I heard my steps ! It was an unforgettable experience. If you want to freak out, I recommend you Tianjin, North of China !

12- To close this interview, what could you tell us about your set tonight ? This is not the first time you play in Bikini, so how did it go ?

It went pretty well. Except when my laptop had some problems but otherwise it was perfect, I am glad that the public is still super responsive.
I went to the “Week End des Curiosités” with Glitch Mob, I Am Legion and Chateau Bruyant because I’m part of this label as a founder so I’ve played several times in Bikini but it was my first Code, anyway I love this hall to play and I set it in the top 3 of halls in France without problems.

Facebook and Soundcloud of The Unik

Listen « Break You Off » from The Unik !


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