Bass Interview #10 : Squnto

For the occasion of the french biggest bass music party , the american DJ Squnto , half-human half-dragon, dropped his bags in our dear capital.

While he was preparing his popular set « Megashop », renewed for an avalanche of dual and triple drop, Stoner Music gets the privilege to sit with him and ask everything you always wanted to know.

1- Who are you ? What means your scene name « Squnto » ?

My name is Eric Roth and I’m from planet Earth in the Milky Way system ! « Squnto » is something of a joke … To “squnt” and “squnting” were words my friends and I invented in highschool. 

I chose “Squnto” to parody artists like Caspa, Rusko, Benga, etc, artists whos’ names seemed to be made up words!

2- You use many pics of dragon for your artworks and you even have a disguise, why this fascination about these creatures ?

There is something very special about Dragons. The image of the snake is found all over the planet as a symbol for power and knowledge in religious and mystic teachings, and many theorize that the alien overlords responsible for creating human kind are reptilian in nature. The spiritual energy at the base of the human spine is also known as the kundalini, or « fire serpeant ». Dragons are somewhat reptilian, like a snake, but they are also so much more ! I choose to use the symbol of the Dragon for my work with the Squnto project because of the spiritul messages I aim to communicate.

3- What do you do as work or studies ?

I am currently working as a musician full time !

4- What are your hobbies ? Do you have any passion except music ?

I am really in to downhill skateboarding ! I used to be more active with my skateboarding than music, but as the Squnto project as progressed, music has become #1, though I still skate for fun. Spiritual practices like kundalini, yoga and meditation, is also a huge part of my life ! I also really love rollercoasters. I am fascinated with the experience of riding them and love the amount of creativity and engineering that goes into creating them. Some day I hope to design and build my own ! Additionaly, I really love cinema, and also dream of some day creating my own full length films and video productions.

5- What is your favorite genre of Bass Music and what do you like the most in this genre ?

To pick a favorite genre is difficult … but easy at the same time. Drum & Bass. It is simply the most refined and engaging to listen and dance to. I enjoy the technical percussion based drum and bass the most, as well as Half-Step artists like Dub Phizix. The best set I’ve ever seen in my life was Dub Phizix with MC Strategy. That is not to say I do not like Dubstep… I really love both. There is something special about D&B though.

6- What makes you started to produce Dubstep ? Do you play instruments or have you already practiced music before ?

I have been a musician my whole life starting in about the 4th grade. I started playing the trumpet, then moved on to bass guitar, then a little bit of piano and drums before moving to electronic production as my main focus. I started working on creating Dubstep music when I heard Rusko’s classic «Woo Boost» I always loved the more bass guitar driven bands like Primus and Tool, so I was naturally very attracted to Dubstep and Bass Music, where the entire focus is on the bass line.

7- In which city or country do you dream to play in ?

I feel like a Russian or Asian tour would be amazing. I think my #1 dream show is the Outlook Festival in Croatia though. 

8- Is there a big artist who starts to take interest for your sounds and helps you to become more famous ?

I picked up a good amount of buzz last year when Excision was playing out my track « Yolo Gun » on his tour, and Trampa has shown be a good bit of love ! However, I’ve never really been « fully supported » by an artist in the way that you sometimes see.

9- Do you have a funny anecdote of something happened during a show ?

One time I dropped a track, then rewound it, then double dropped it, then double rewound it, then triple dropped, and instead of transitioning out of it I rewound all three tracks and started my next tune. That was the first time I ever played on 3 decks … I was a bit excited haha.

10- Which artists inspire you the most ?

The whole Dubstep underground is killing it right now, and really all genres of Bass Music ! To name my top 3 in no particular order : Murda, Oolacile and Code: Pandorum.

11- Except Bass Music do you listen to another genre ? Not especially in electronic music.

All sorts of stuff ! I listen to a good bit of classical music and enjoy a wide variety of bands and various styles. Spiritual chants and mantras are awesome. Lately I’ve been listening to a LOT of « They Might Be Giants, » they’re super awesome and creative and I’m always amazed by the variety of styles and emotions that they portray in their music, as well as their consistent funniness and happy vibes.

12- Do you have an artist with who you dream to work with ?

I’m in the process of collabing with most of my dream underground dubstep artists, who are all mostly my friends ❤

Outside of that, I woud love to collaborate and work with a full orchestra and choir, as well as some of my favorite bands. Muse would be amazing, and a collab with select members of my favorite Metal bands would absolutely brutal. Mostly Devin Townsend from Strapping Young Lad.

13- Do you have projects in progress ? An EP ?

Yes ! I just wrappd up a brand new EP that is set for free release within the next two months or so. I am also working on several other free EP and single projects, and have some big plans for general releases this year. 

14- What is the track which you are the proudest ? The one which asks you the most of work ?

« Prakata » by far ! And also « Prakata ». I am truly proud of this track. It is one of the only pieces of music that I have released so far that I feel is truly representational of me as person !

15- Last month, you published a photo with new pads, do you plan to use them in live ?

Absolutely ! I am working on some monster performence rigs. Stay locked.

16- What do you expect for the future of Squnto ?

Big things ! I want to become massive. My plan is to become really really big then use my power to help spread positive ideas and messages to help the planet ! Not many people use fame effectively to create positive change. It is unfortunate because there is a lot of potential to be had. I want to be the first celebrity to become someone truly positive and helpful to all of humanity.

17- Do you plan another music projects except Bass Music ?

I plan on making all sorts of music this year ! Not just bass music. It will all be released under Squnto, however.

18- To conclude this interview, do you have any words for the french Dubstep family ?


Seriosuly. Paris is one of the sickest places to play ! Not many scenes have the taste and knowledge of Bass Music that the French family has. I feel like everyone in the crowd is appreciating not only the music, but the skill and technicality of the DJ ! That is very rare, and not something I feel in many places. It makes me very excited to play Paris because I know that everyone will appreciate what I am doing ! So far I have only played in Paris, but I cannot wait to experience other cities and crowds.

Firmly, Squnto is determined to conquer the French crowd. It will be done without a doubt next Saturday since Animalz will give him a warm welcome beside of Noisia, 12th Planet, Mefjus and many others. For sure, Stoner Music will be there for that memorable mind (and eyes, apparently) blowing party !

Facebook and Soundcloud of Squnto

Listen « Sayim » from Squnto !


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