Spotlight on #20 : Volterix

After the article of last week on Rushdown, we discovered a whole flop of artists unknown but worthy to appear in this chronicle.

This week we are going to expand on the Russian artist Volterix.

This young producer of only 17 years old, comes straight from Moscow.
He has been able to have more than 5000 people following him on his soundcloud page thanks to his innovative and varied production. He refuses to classify himself in a definite style and proposes « all types of EDM ».

So we have found a majority of Brostep tracks very melodic like « Quantum » which even includes Drumstep phases.
He also produced a full Drumstep sound: « Nebulla » which was posted by Drop the Bassline.

We feel some great experience in the music in the intros of « To The Stars » or « Ascension » both released on Play Me Records.
On these two sounds, Volterix creates a magnificent instrumental tracks on the piano.

However, he does not only play in this register. Our artist nevertheless produced a significant number of big Riddim tracks like « Chip’em » or « Ganja ».
We surely remember a really violent bootleg Darkstep remix he did on »Smoke Funk » originally played by Coffi.
He also tried Drum’n’Bass with his superb track « Zero Gravity ».

This artist also like calmer and bewitching moods in the image of « Time to Fallin », a small Glitch-Hop ptofuction.
In the same register we also note « Disproof », a Futur Bass sound very soft and melodic.

To conclude, we decided to offer you a selection of the 3 best sounds of Volterix according to the Stoner team.

(This classification is purely subjective and not exhaustive, it is the sounds that have made us most vibrate).

1) « Gangsta »…/volterix-gangsta-500-followers…

2) « Planet Earth »

3) « Genesis »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Volterix


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