Spotlight on #19 : Rushdown

This week we will be interested in the foundation of a new collective / label.
The label concerned is Rushdown, created just twelve days ago.

The idea came from Chime.

Chime was looking for a place where he could release his most melodic sounds that would not fit in the Dubstep box of certain labels or chains such as youtoube and souncloud.

After discussing with his manager, the idea soon came he should invite other artists and make this platform a label that would offer free releases.

That’s why we find mostly emerging Brostep artists like Evilwave and the French duo Extra Terra.
It looks like a mix of Kinphonic, as the producers Brig and Rob Gasser are also part of this project, and Kill The Copyright is also part of the project along with the presence of Skyloud and Zetta!

All the artists on this label know each other.
The aim is therefore to follow the motto « unity is strength » by sharing their own networks.
This explains the very melodic record of all the tracks currently released on the label.

Although Chime is open to the promote other styles in the future, we feel that for the moment his plans are mainly focused around Bass Music in all its forms..
We also note the presence of Andromulus, an artist focused on a very melodic Trap followed by 28K people on soundcloud.

Some less-known artists are also present such as Guillotine who, from the top of his 16 years and his 3K followers, offers a varied Dubstep going from pretty minimalist sounds to very violent tracks on the doorstep of Future Bass.
We will also mention Bullseye, an American who produces the most edgy Brostep !

Followed by 6000 people, he made an excellent remix for the Teminite contest for his track « Senses Overload » with PsoGnar.
In an even more dirty register we find the Russian artist Volterix with sounds ranging from the most violent Darkstep to well-melodic tracks including Brostep and Drumstep.

Even though this collective is at his firt stage, the projects are drawing in the head of Chime who does not exclude future idea such as organizing nights with only artists from Rushdown.
We already know that they plan to release a compilation with new releases for the 18th of April and we will not fail to share it !

Thanks to Chime and Extra Terra for their answers !

To conclude, we decided to offer you a selection of the 3 best sounds released on Rushdown according to the Stoner team.

(This classification is purely subjective and not exhaustive, it is the sounds that have made us most vibrate).

1) Chime – Mini Monsters

2) Evilwave – UMD

3) Skyloud – Barbary Coast

Facebook and Soundcloud of Rushdown


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