Spotlight on #18 : Lumberjvck

We find ourselves this week for a Spotlight on an artist that is really well known by the electronic public.
The announcement of this dj’s arrival for his first time playing in France was particularly exciting so we decided to present it to you.

We are speaking about Lumberjvck, present for a collaboration that looks already insane between 193 Records and 50HURTZ : which is one of the biggest Bass Music organisations of Holland, and the night will take place on April 15th at the Parisian venue named Le Cabaret Sauvage!

This artist comes from Arcadia in California.
After practicing guitar, piano and drums from an early age, he decided to deepen his knowledge of music production by joining a music school and began his professional career in January 2013.

A year later, he began to make himself known with a small appearance in the clip of « Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse » of Borgore and especially by winning the « discovery project of the EDC Chicago ».

Lumberjvck is known for its highly technical Hybrid Trap productions and its unique sound design.
He was well illustrated with sounds like « Madagascar » in collaboration with Therealboss.

A big Hybrid track with metallic sounds where his second drop juggles betwee Electro and Trap phases.
On the same plan we also remember « Kodiak » in collaboration with Grizzly whose sounds evoke and embraces Snails style.

There are also more “classical” Trap sounds like « Touch », his remix of PARTY FAVOR, or « The Block » a big trap track in collaboration with MARK INSTINCT as well as Strap Daez that raps on it.
In a kind of chill register, one will remember « War of the Roses » whi-ich is the only slow Trap track of the artist.

He is also known for some violent Dubstep productions such as « Isla Sorna » or « Reelfoot Lake ».
Enjoying mixing Trap and Dubstep, one will notice a clever version VIP of its track « Click Clack », originally just Trap, becomes a big and fleshy Dubstep track.

Although he enjoys trying out many styles, one did not expect to listen to « Wormwood » and « Trillemarka » and discover 2 productions of Deep Dubstep well bewitching.
Still in the diversity, his discography also includes Bass House tracks quite chill as « Deadwood » or « Angels » (bootleg Vicetone & Kat Nestel) which also contains big Hybrid trap sounds.

He also produced a large Hybrid Trap remix of 12th Planet & Tha Trickaz’s « Bless That » by Armanni Reign and also a very violent Dubstep remix of FIGURE’s « Pumpinkhead ».
We also note he did a lot of collaborations with other artists shuch as Kai Wachi with who he produces « Dukkha » or even a whole EP in collaboration with The Castle Vania.

His work has been widely recognized in the field.
It is now played in the mixes of Snails, relayed by influential channels shuch as and even releases sounds on big labels as for his track « Lost in the Thicket » released on Buygore.
Recently he has made a mark with his incredible collaboration « Name Brain » with 12th Planet as well as an excellent remix of Getter’s « Suh Dude ».

We can now find ourselves in less than a month for an evening that promises to be E.P.I.C organised by 193 Records and 50Hurtz to savour the set of this butcher!


To conclude, we decided to offer you a selection of the 3 best sounds of Lumberjvck according to the Stoner team.

(This classification is purely subjective and not exhaustive, it is the sounds that have made us vibrate).

1) « Bumpwood »…/lumberjvck-khemehk-bumpwood
2) « Cordwood »
3) « Name Brann »…/12th-planet-lumberjvck-name-bran

Facebook and Soundcloud of Lumberjvck


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