Spotlight on #17 : Fragz

This week we will focus on an artist of a register that is angrer than usual : Crossbreed.

It’s in Nova de Gaia in Portugal that Fragz was born in the late 80’s. 
Since his young age, he has shown an interest for music and especially for violent sounds such as Punk Hardcore and Metal.

His career began in 2007 and he was quickly spotted by the Yellow Stripe label and became one of the most promising producers from Portugal.

His music – consisting in a powerful mix between DnB and Hardcore – has seduced more than 5700 people in Soundcloud and 10000 on Facebook. 
We clearly feel inspirations coming from Deathcore or Metalcore on some tracks like « Rage Within » on which we hear Screamo or « This is Chaos » with similar voice but also a very saturated electric guitare In the background.

He also knows how to give big sick atmospheres in his tracks as testifies « The Ark » or again « Vigilante » in collab wIth Switch Technique. Handling the atmosphere of his tracks with a certain dexterity, he breaks with the sickness on his remix of Gancher & Ruin « Marzipan » which has Reggae sonorities.

Despite all this violence, he is also able to produce less heavy tracks such as « Mech Warriors » in collab with Zardonic, which draws near DnB and even more minimalist tracks like « Infiltrate ».

We can add to his credit his abilities to produce very evolutive sounds like« A New Breed » which starts softly to get angrier and angrier. We can notice the same thing on « Bounce » which starts with a Rap/Trap intro before spinning.

His tracks are however being released on very huge DnB’s labels such as Forbidden Society or again PRSPCT recordings.

During his sets, he enjoys playing huge Hardcore during the last 15 minutes. This is what we notice while listening to his sets, in particular the one from DnB Therapy in which he doesn’t hesitate to play « Statement of Disorder (MOH 2011 Anthem) » by Dyprax or again the famous « Raging in the Dancehall » from Endymion and The Viper remixed by The Outside Agency.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the best tracks from Fragz according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Bloodpath »

2) « War Ensemble »…/forbidden-society-war-ensemble-c-n…

3) « Break the Cycle »…/fragz-break-the-cycle-free-download

Facebook and Soundcloud of Fragz


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